25 Best Passive Income Apps To Make Money | Doing Nothing [2022]


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25 Best Passive Income Apps To Make Money | Doing Nothing

Passively winning is the ultimate desire of most people, regardless of their age or status. It’s something I focus on as I embark on the path to financial freedom. Now a days, It is easy cutting expense than to increase your income. Moreover, I am much more income oriented to improve my finance.

Imagine that you also earn money when you sleep or just go on vacation? Who would really hate that Passive income?

Well, while it’s a lot easier said than doing, there are a Many apps that have been designed to make things a lot easier for everyone.

Today, we take a detail analysis at some of the apps to make money, we have on the market and how they can improve your finances. Investing can be done by many different forms, Such as from investing money to converting everyday tasks like shopping and watching online videos into side hustle that can help you. help earn extra money.

In this article, I’m going to explain the 25 best apps that pay you to help you select the ones that suit best according to your lifestyle and financial goals. Earn up to $45 by investing your few minutes to download an app. Save more than $35 on your cable bill and other utility bills. Receive your complete money back to your account effortlessly when the price of an item you’ve purchased drops. These best Passive income apps have made all of this and more possible. If you’re eager to earn some extra dollars, try this list of passive mobile best apps to make money available for iOS and Android phones. You can also find many options for making money at Jooble

  • Fundrise

Fundrise app with passive income apps

Unlike many of the other how to make money doing nothing apps mentioned, which are loyalty programs, cash back, or apps with lock screen reward, Fundrise is completely different. The platform focuses on the profitability of real estate investments. With Fundrise you have the clarity to invest your hard-earned cash in a portfolio, Including one of the Top and attractive real estate projects according to your vision.

Every project in these portfolios is selected logically and developed proactively to fuel growth in your net worth. That’s Why This is included among the best apps to make money fast that can help you easily achieve the financial freedom you want.

  • M1 Finance

M1 Finance app passive income apps

With M1 Finance is included in passive income apps, you can create your own investment portfolio from stocks and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). You can also buy fractional stocks which allow you to invest in high reputable stocks without the high prices. M1 Finance also offers a diverse range of automation tools that you can use to turn multiple investment into a passive income stream.

  • InboxDollars

InboxDollars app - passive income apps

If you’ve ever interested to know how to make extra income stream by doing easy task, InboxDollars is the one of the perfect app that pay you. In addition to offering cash purchases and offers, this cash back app rewards you for watching movies, taking online surveys, and more.

In other words, InboxDollars is a rewards application that pays out passive income for daily routine task. You can make real money by buying, browsing the web, watching videos, and taking different surveys. This one is the top rated mobile app that you can consider for earning app.

You won’t be making a lot of money, but it’s small wins like InboxDollars that can be use to earn some extra money for little extra work. InboxDollars is a B2B top rated company and included in legit apps to make money. Since its fame in 2000, it has paid members over $ 59 million for daily online activities. You even get a $ 5 bonus just for signing up.

  • Trim

trim passive income apps

Trim is an automatic financial manager that tracks your expenses. Automation identifies multiple streams for you to extract expenses from your monthly budget.

With these passive income apps, you’ll instantly reduce your utility bills. When your bills need to be negotiated, Trim is going to do all the work for you and help you lower your bill.

Registration is completely free. If you want to save, Trim will only charge a portion of the savings as an expense. There is no straight money out of your pocket. With these free apps to make money is completely automatic because you don’t need any work. So, This is also one of the best money making apps.

Once you’ve signed up for Trim, you’re on your way to saving money. It’s far too easy to save money.

  • Public.com

Public.com one of passive income apps

Public.com not only does provide the opportunity to invest in a diverse variety of stocks, it’s also allow you to connect with other same-minded investors, just like you would on social media.

It offers theme packs in which you are able to invest in several companies that have common share. These kind of app include women entrepreneurs and green businesses. You can also buy frag-mental stocks to invest in large companies without spending the money to buy a whole stock.

  • Swagbucks

Swagbucks included in best passive income apps

Swagbucks is the ultimate money making app included in the list of best passive income apps. You can make money with Swagbucks by watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, etc.

The apps to make money is generally on the semi-passive income scale because you cannot earn without at least some type of work. It’s a great way to earn extra income when you’re bored on the go. You restore your balance by doing some of the more routine tasks on the go. Another great part of Swagbucks is that you get a $5 bonus for just signing up.

An added benefit is that you can earn a lot more money just by transferring the app to friends. For more on the site, check out our full Swagbucks review. Another passive earning app to make money with Swagbucks is researching Swagbucks. Only set Swagbucks on your mobile and desktop browsers as the default search engine (which uses Yahoo search results) and any time you search the site, you will be rewarded.

  • Robinhood

Robinhood new top rated best passive income apps

One of the best apps to make money that gives the average American the best tools to create an investing portfolio is Robinhood. The account for the basic entry level is $0 and there is no minimum limit Account. The apps that pay you has an award-winning design and allows you to invest in a variety of ways, including cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and stocks listed on the US Stock Exchange.

  • Airbnb

airbnb another passive income apps

Airbnb is probably one of my free apps to make money. Airbnb also has the greatest potential. You can make a lot more money with Airbnb than with any other money making apps. For me, I was making at least $300 a month just by renting an extra room in my house which is applicable for apartments near Phoenix.

Airbnb is a great option for people looking to make some extra cash. You have instant access to a database of millions of users who can become customers. In the same day, you will list your room and have guests.

In no time, you’ll have income in your wallet. Transactions are paid through PayPal, so you can move the cash straight to your bank account or savings account quickly.

  • Wikibuy

wikibuy best passive income apps

Wikibuy has great deals on online and local shopping. There’s also a browser extension that automatically applies discount codes when you checkout at participating outlets, which can save you money on your regular purchases. For using one of these passive income apps, There are plenty of stores and products to choose from, saving you money on a lot of different things. Wikibuy is one of the apps to make money.

  • Drop App

drop app top passive income apps

This is a free earning app which can be used to earn money for shopping at your favorite sites and stores. With the Drop app, you can earn money on every purchase you make, from morning coffee to ordering late night groceries.

Buy and earn simply through the app.

The main advantages of this application are:
Apps that pay you on almost every purchase you make. Whether it’s food, travel or regular groceries, you have the ability to recoup the majority of your expenses. Earn points with minimal effort. For every purchase you make with the Drop app, you will immediately receive points. Points accumulate quickly and are easy to redeem. The rewards are as good as money in your wallet. Indeed, you can spend them in almost any store or brand.

List Of Brands:

dosh get automatic cash back use passive income apps

Dosh is another app on our list of apps that make you money for smartphones. You can use the Dosh app as an earning app that can pay you Cash Back for every purchase you make at participating stores and outlets.

However, the purchase must be paid for using a credit card in order to receive the rewards. The platform is popular for automatically sending a certain percentage of your earnings without the usual issues that occur on other platforms. Another cool aspect of the app is that it doesn’t deal with points or coupons. It’s just a matter of money.

How to win with Dosh:

Have your cards connected. This means that you can receive money on any payment that you pay with this related card. Get up to 10 percent cash back on your purchases or restaurants in over 1000 shops and restaurants. Buy or dine and earn cash. Refer friends to this earning app and earn cash. For each user you refer to Dosh, you earn a $ 5 bonus. Move your money through PayPal or straight to your bank account as required.

  • S’Mores Lockscreen App

Earning passive income with these money making apps has never been easier than with the S’Mores app. This is a lock screen app that can be used to passively earn extra dollars by showing content and ads on your phone’s lock screen.

If you just install the app on your device and give them permission to place ads, you will win no matter how many times you swipe your screen.

A great aspect of this earning app is that you don’t have to do anything more to earn more. In fact, you don’t need to display more and more ads to make money. Just do what you normally do on your phone and you’ll be ready to report it.

Here’s how the S’More app works:
  1. They display relevant ads and content on your smartphone’s lock screen
  2. You slide your finger up, down, right, or left to unlock the phone
  3. If what you see is what interests you, you can find out more
  4. Earn points every day that the app stays on your device
  5. Redeem your reward points as gift cards

Paribus is one of these apps to make money, will sync with your email to verify recent online purchases. The price you paid will then be compared to the going prices and a negotiated refund if possible. If successful, the price difference will be sent to you. They follow more than 25 of the biggest retailers, including Target and Best Buy.

  • Mistplay

Mistplay is an earning app with Incredible rewards service exclusively, especially for game Players. The platform is making its way into our list of the best passive income apps because you can make money for what you always do. For gaming enthusiasts, this will just add flavor to your gaming routine. Besides playing games as part of your entertainment or leisure activities, you can now make money with these money making apps.

To start earning, here’s what you need to do:

In your Mix List, identify new games
Choose Games and Enjoy
Gathering Points (play more, earn more)
Redeem the earned points
Invite more mates and gain even more with the app

Take part in competitions to rank better

  • Acorns

Finally, our full list includes acorns in best money making apps. This application is a combination of micro-investment and micro-economics applications. Acorns work in a special way called “cobs”. For example, if you make a purchase worth $ 5.25, the app rounds the number to $ 6. The seller will receive $ 5.25 while $ 0.75 will be deposited into your account.

Once that amount rises to $ 5, the app transfers the amount to their Acorns robo advisor. This is where the money is invested and managed for you. The app allows you to spend a little more and invest some extra money for yourself.

  • Rakuten

Rakuten is perhaps one of the most famous apps that pay you offer users rewards for their purchases. Rakuten acquired Ebates in 2014, but the full integration of the two came much later in 2018. Despite the integration, the new Rakuten app works the same as the old Ebates app.

This gives you the ability to connect with a wide variety of online businesses that will pay you cash rewards, especially when you shop. The first rewards received go to Rakuten, from where they are then distributed to the various users. With Rakuten, you get rewards for your purchases.

The money making apps are incredible source of cash rewards for your shopping activities. Don’t just shop. Make your shopping activities fun by earning rewards.

The best passive income apps receives the revenue it uses for the rewards program primarily through various affiliate network links. By connecting to over 2,500 stores, those stores pay Rakuten for introducing buyers, and Rakuten shares the commission with its users.

This is not a points app and does not require any form to register. Plus, they don’t charge any fees. Join us, buy and receive passive cashback for doing what you always do. All of your favorite stores are at Rakuten and you can earn up to 40% cashback. Best part? Rakuten has a $ 10 bonus when you just sign up.

  • Honeygain

If you are looking for an excellent and legitimate passive income app, Honeygain is one of them. This apps to make money is a great source of additional income and requires minimal effort on your part. This app allows you to unleash the full potential of your unused internet by turning your device into a gateway.

Data scientists will use this platform to access the internet while the app will manage all scientists’ connections and strictly protect them. If you allow the app to use your device as a gateway, you’ll earn $ 1 for every 10 GB of data usage.

One thing that is evident in their usage patterns is that some nights they use more data and less data on others. The use depends entirely on the requirements. In a good month, you can earn $ 40- $ 50 and redeem that money through PayPal. The platform also includes a coupon code called “secret5” which newcomers can use to receive a $ 5 bonus.

Honeygain is one of the best passive income apps that can help you make money easier.

  • Neighbor

The neighbor allows you to rent additional space from the neighbors for storage. As a P2P (peer-to-peer) storage platform, the app offers an average of 50% savings on rental storage space and is 14 times more secure at the same time. This has the potential to make it a popular alternative to leasing commercial space.

There is also a $ 1 million host guarantee and a $ 25,000 tenant guarantee. Payments are automatic and secure, and app users are vetted for added security, making Neighbor a good app to generate additional income.

Rental of storage space
Offers guest and tenant guarantees
You can earn over $ 1,500 by renting your garage

  • Seated

If you love to eat out and earn passive income by using these money making apps, Seated might be the app you are looking for. Gift cards will be issued to you when you book at one of the eligible restaurants.

You can also get up to 30% cash back when you eat. There are over 1,500 participating bars and restaurants, and you can choose by price, location or cuisine.

  • Get money while you eat
  • Choose from over 1,500 restaurants and bars
  • Redeem rewards for Uber, Amazon, Delta and other brands

This includes browsing over 1,500 of the best bars and restaurants and choosing your favorite. You can choose a venue based on location, price, or cuisine. Simply book in advance or use the apps that pay you walk-in function if you want to dine spontaneously. When you have finished eating, take a snapshot of the receipt. After that, you will be able to earn rewards in the form of cashback which you can use for different brands such as:

  • Uber
  • Amazon
  • Delta
  • Airbnb
  • SavvyConnect / SurveySavvy

This earning app is a branch of the SurveySavvy survey page which offers users the opportunity to earn passive income. SavvyConnect can save you $ 5 per month by installing the app on your phone, or around $ 60 per year.

The best thing about the applications you pay for is that you can run them on multiple computers, such as phones, tablets and laptops. You will receive about $ 180 in passive income per year if you can update the software on at least three accounts.

The app collects data about the different activities you do and sends you surveys that are best for you.

These tasks will cover:

  • What items are you shopping online?
    What software are you installing or using?
  • Your entertainment style
  • Send surveys direct to your inbox once your profile is ready.
  • When you want to be able to earn
  • more, just refer more friends to SavvyConnect.

Each time you refer a friend and they complete a task, you will receive a bonus between $ 5 and $ 15.

Best of all, for every friend they refer you to, you’ll also earn a bonus of between $ 2 and $ 6. What better way to generate passive income?

  • Fronto

Fronto is another great app that shouldn’t be missing in the list of best passive income apps. The earning app is at the forefront of apps that pay to use your lock screen, especially when it comes to payment.

And although it has been difficult to determine exactly how much you can earn, we can still make an accurate estimate. Some users of this app claim to earn $ 5 per month while others claim to earn up to $ 20 per month. If we calculate this average, we can say that the app can earn $ 10 per month.

This annualized figure shows that you can just add $ 120 to your passive income stream each year. It’s not bad at all. Especially when you consider that you are not investing anything to earn this money. The main difference between these apps that pay you and the others is that you can increase your income by getting more involved in ads.

  • Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel

Download one of the money making apps and continue to use your computer or phone as normal. That’s all we can say about it. You can earn up to $ 50 per year with it. And if you reside in the United States, to sweeten the pot, join the sweepstakes. Where chosen, these prize draw are extra cash. The company gives $ 10,000 per month to 400 winners. Not bad for an income side!

  • Media Insiders (up to $14 a month plus a $5 bonus after 12 weeks)

Media Insider pays you monthly to download their app to measure your click and download activity. TV shows are also listened to to measure the programs you watch most often.

All you have to do is download it and you will be rewarded for it – so this is one of the best passive income apps for 2019! You can also download the app on up to 3 different devices and thus triple your income.

  • Ebates ($10 for Signing Up)

Ebates is a great option for earning app with extra income from your purchases. Ebates lets you earn up to 38% Cash Back on your orders on some of the most popular websites like Amazon and Macy’s. Ebates also has coupons and deals on some great products.

You can use these vouchers to earn cash on your purchases and earn cash the same way you would with gift cards to earn points which give you discounts.

  • Cross Media Panel ($111 per year)

Cross Media Panel was created by Google and participates in market research and one of the best apps to make money. It is used to measure the way people buy things online. Cross Media Panel is a browser extension that can earn you $ 8 per week for your first week and $ 2 per week thereafter if you just have one extension – a completely free extension that I want to add – in your web browser installed.

Now, of course, neither of these methods is enough to make your full-time job unusable and earn passive income. In reality, the income from these money making apps is relatively low, but the work you need to do is also very, very little.

If you download these apps that pay you and have them checked, you can cover some of your weekly expenses, such as: B. Occasional meals / trips to Costa with a friend. Alternatively, you can deposit all of those weekly earnings into a savings account and let them accumulate over time.

An intact amount of $ 500 per year could generate enough cash to fund your summer vacation every 5-10 years. It pays off for me to do almost no work once in a while and to be able to fund vacations from time to time. There really is nothing to lose. So don’t wait any longer and discover these awesome apps now!


Nowadays and with our technology, it has become much easier to earn passive income by use of the earning app. There’s so many best apps to make money open to you that, without making a sweat, will help you do this.

You do need to define, however, the applications give the best incentives or returns. This detailed list brings you some of the best money making apps that can really help you get a solid cash flow.

Pick the one that’s right for you, or a combination of several, and increase your passive income streams. Many variables depend on the response to this issue. Most applications, however, take the required measures to deter fraud and protect the records, privacy, and money of their customers. There are many applications that offer passive income out there – and being selective is critical. That’s why I’ve compiled this list for you.

Some of these apps that pay are very safe and even get a high score with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Other money making apps may promise you something they just can’t deliver. It’s also always a good idea to take the time to fully understand the app and look to reviews like ours for what to expect. Not only will this help you stay safe, it will also allow you to plan better and avoid disappointment.

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