20 Best Asian Action Movies [2017] To Watch


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20 Best Asian Action Movies 2017

With martial arts wars and violent brawls, car chases and super-powered devastation, action films come in different flavors, and Asian action movies 2017 has seen a treasure chest of good to great ones. The story lines are a mix of revenge-seeking characters, running characters, and Nazi-fighting characters, but they all offer knuckle-bruising items along the way.

Those intriguing plots paired with incredible battle scenes that have the potential to captivate you are just something very enjoyable about 2017 Asian movies. While expecting the next beautifully choreographed battle scene, you follow the story intently. You were just waiting to be blown away by those stunning hand-to-hand fight scenes, or those soaring outrageous punches. You may also like comedy movies have a look at Japanese comedy movies.

So, if I have arranged a list of 2017 Asian films to overtake your thought with my motives for loving Asian action films, check out these 20 Asian action films you will certainly enjoy. Some people like war movies and we have a collection 20 best Korean war movies.

20- New Trial

Asian Name:     재심

Directed by:     Kim Tae-Yoon

Produced by:    Yoon Soo-Jin, Park Sung-Il, Yoon Ki-Ho

Cast:                 Jung Woo, Kang Ha-Neul, Kim Hae-Sook

Release date:   February 16, 2017

Running time:  119 min.

Ratings:            6.8/10 IMDb ,8.2/10 MyDramaList ,55% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: The Asian action movies tells the tale of a man who lives was robbed when he was accused of a murder of an uncommitted taxi driver and had to admit to crime when he was tortured during questioning by police. Ten years later, to clear his name, he sought support from a lawyer who had financial debts.

Therefore, He is a Financial Debt Campaigner. He becomes conscious of the case of Hyun-Woo. His intuition informs him that his condition might be a good chance to progress his career. Moreover, He becomes excited by a sensation of judgment after Joon-Young meets Hyun-Woo and Hyun-Woo gains hope.

new trial asian action movies

Why: With their acting, Lee Jung-Woo & Kang Ha-Neul wowed me. It was my first time watching the best Asian action movies of Lee Jung-Woo, and it had a profound effect. Again, this film is based on the true story, so you can’t help but think about the events that happened in life and some of the ugly truth uncovered as you watch the film.

In short, You get into the zone where it’s starting to feel real like you’re in it like it’s going to happen to you. Towards the end, there was this scene where Lee Jung-Woo and Kang Ha-Neul have this short yet intense dialogue exchange.

Above all, It was an emotional scene where both of them came in terms of truth and circumstance and tried to keep their tears back, but they couldn’t and let it out at the end. I recall bringing tears of my own with them. It was very well scripted and directed top Asian action movies.

19- Confidential Assignment

Asian Name:      공조2: 인터내셔날

Directed by:       Lee Suk-Hoon

Produced by:     JK Film

Cast:                  Hyun Bin  , Yoo Hae-jin, Kim Joo-hyuk, Jang Young-nam

Release date:    January 18, 2017

Running time:   125 minutes

Ratings:            6.6/10 IMDb ,62% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot:  He is an agent of North Korea’s special investigation unit. His team goes to a warehouse riot that prints counterfeit currency. Superior Cha Ki-Seong (Kim Joo-hyuk) of I’m Cheol-ryung, and his team are there to steal the master plates to print the falsified money. A shootout catches site, and Im Cheol-ryung is shot, and others are eliminated in the process.

In addition, Officials in North Korea later realised that seong had left to South Korea. Im Cheol-ryung is ordered to recover the stolen master plates and apprehend Cha Ki-seong. He is only given three days to complete his assignment.

Moreover, South Korea and North Korea have agreed to collaborate for the first time to apprehend a suspect. However, South Korean officials have questions about whether Cha Ki-Seong is indeed a murderer. Seoul Detective Jin-tae is commanded to view ryung while he stays within South Korea.

Confidential Assignment best action asian movies

Why: This movie from list of 2017 Asian films is worth watching. It’s an action movie that has always captured my spirit. With Hyun bin’s cool gesture, I can’t move on. He was too lost in acting of his own. His co-star, Park Hae Jin, was funny, but he was committed to this role simultaneously.

They’re a good buddy, I’ve been watching them many times, and they’re going to watch them again. However, If you’re in love with Asian action films, Hyun Bin is so cool, and Yoo Hae jin still manages to put humour into the air if you have to watch Confidential Assignment. Moreover, I hear there’s a sequel that can’t wait any longer! You’re never going to regret it.

18- Extraordinary Mission

Asian Name:      非凡任务

Directed by:       Alan Mak , Anthony Pun

Produced by:     Perfect World Pictures

Cast:                  Huang Xuan, Duan Yihong , Lang Yueting

Release date:    31 March 2017

Running time:     122 minutes

Ratings:            6.2/10 IMDb, 80% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: The best Asian films 2017 follows the story of Lin Kai, a surreptitious police leader, which admits an appointment from under to carry down a drug trafficking organization. His quest takes him to the Golden Triangle, where, for ten years, a drug grower has kept a police officer hostage.

Extraordinary Mission asian action movies 2017

Why: As the most top part, I liked this best Asian movie 2017. In the ’80s / ’90s, I cut my teeth on Hong Kong action with directors including John Woo, Ringo Lam, Tsui Hark, Cory Yuen, etc.

The secret cop tale has been arranged a thousand terms, but what makes it deserving watching is how you say the story. This flick began back of the early eras the retro “Heroic Bloodshed” vibe. There is a back story for all the main characters that gives them the justification for acting as they do.

Here, who they kill, who they save and what they give to accomplish their mission has real significance. The protagonist is a more conflicted, larger-than-life human who has suffered almost as much as his victims.

This best Asian action movies 2017 crack All barriers to a wise storyline. The heroes, ready to sacrifice anything for success or salvation, are determined and steadfast. Over-the-top, but never repetitive, are the action scenes.

17- The King

Directed by:       Han Jae-rim

Produced by:     WooJoo Film

Cast:                  Jo In-sung, Jung Woo-sung

Release date:    January 18, 2017

Running time:   157 mins

Ratings:            6.8/10 IMDb, 86% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: Born in a low-income family, Tae-soo chooses to become a prosecutor after learning that authority is the most important thing in life and, in the ’90s, the greatest sign of power.

Moreover, He eventually achieves his dream of becoming a lawyer after attending the most prestigious law school, facing political opposition in Korea. Still, his life is no better than a salaried guy.

He joins a clique of prominent prosecutors with money and influence by chance. Finally, he gets a taste of the life of the top hierarchy, but he still sees the offensive side of it, as he enjoys the sweetness of dominance.

the king top asian action movies

Why: I feel like listening to a fascinating story from someone. It’s not at all a traditional law/crime film. I like the Asian action films main trade show. The script is well written and narrated.

Although it is said, I felt convinced and not dull or soap opera. Similarly, The writing is very pleasant, and the cast was well chosen. The specifics are highly humorous. Oh, I hope that the director will earn an award for this film.

Moreover, He was the director and the scriptwriter at the same time. And the feeling is a good one after watching. How awesome! I love how this Asian movie 2017 conveys to us that in the end, being greedy for power and gaining it by leaving your ideas in life behind will chase you.

16- The Battleship Island

Directed by:       Ryoo Seung-wan

Produced by:     Cho Sung-min

Cast:                  Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub, Song Joong-ki

Release date:    26 July 2017

Running time:   132 minutes

Ratings:             7.1/10 IMDb, 64 % Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: This Asian action movies 2017 Revolves Around 400 Koreans, who were overcome into Battleship Island to mine for coal, endeavored to flee during the Japanese colonial period. Lee is the Kyongsang Hotel’s bandmaster.

He chooses to go to Japan to protect his daughter, but by force he is drafted to Battleship Island, being fooled by speaking to take him to Japan. Moreover, He does all he can on Battleship Island to protect his daughter. Choi Chil-Sung is Kyongsang’s top warrior. On Battleship Island, he is in danger, but man has a compassionate spirit. It belongs to the Korean Liberation party, Park Moo-Young.

However, To protect a fragment of the independence party, he sneaks into Battleship Island. Set during the colonial occupation of Korea by Imperial Japan during World War 2, a group of over 400 Koreans suffer from extremely forced labour on Hashima Island and venture their lives to endeavor a brave escape.

The Battleship Island 2017 asian movies

Why: I guess that is whole of the biggest 2017 Asian movies I’ve ever viewed coming out of Korea. Therefore, I suggest this movie if you all prefer action, struggles for survival, and overall exciting content.

In addition, The central character is likeable, the acting is fantastic, and the story is so intense that certain parts almost sound like a film reel of “found footage” that was filmed during a shooting or a massacre. Watching some scenes of this Asian action movies is very hard, but only because it feels so genuine!

15- God of War

Directed by:       Gordon Chan

Produced by:     Well Go USA Entertainment

Cast:                  Vincent Zhao, Sammo Hung, Yasuaki Kurata

Release date:    June 2, 2017

Running time:   1h 57min

Ratings:            6.4/10 IMDb, 80% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: Japanese pirates proliferated along the Chinese coastline throughout the 16th century. In 1557, Cengage in Zhejiang was moved secured over by robbers. Commander ultimately defeats them below the newly expanded General Qi administration, after months of futile advances. The Pirates manage to flee, however.

This best Asian action movies Circulate Around pirates regrouped in 1561 and raided the waterfront capitals of China already more. With both Xinhe and Taizhou cities under attack, the army of Qi is trapped between two flames.

Although most of his soldiers’ family members are in Xinhe, Qi makes the difficult decision to go to Taizhou and abandoned his wife in charge of battling Xinhe’s pirates, realizing that the defeat of Taizhou’s elite pirate squad will bring long-lasting stability to the coastal areas.

God of War movie list of 2017 asian movies

Why: Excellent cinematography and fight scenes, Good writing and characters. If you like medieval battle scenes or Kung Fu films, it’s a nice little romp, but the plot loses focus about halfway through, the ending is super ambiguous, and I don’t know what the filmmakers were striving to tell.

Before watching the top Asian action movies, you can watch a documentary on who Qi Jiguang was to understand who he was, the ending sequence, and why the film’s name was. Before the Qing Dynasty took over in 1636, he was an individual of the Ming Dynasty’s leading generals and was best known for defending and improving the Great Wall of China.

14- The Golden Monk 3D

Directed by:       Siu-Hung Chung, Jing Wong

Produced by:     Co-production Hong Kong-China; Mega-Vision Pictures

Cast:                  Kar-Ying Law, Junjie Mao, Yi-Lin Sie

Release date:    Nov 17, 2017

Running time:   1 hr. 48 min.

Ratings:            4.6 /10  IMDb

Plot: Town of Hangzhou, Southern Dynasty of Song, 12th century AD. The capital faces an attack by evil spirits, causing the number of skilled demon-hunters to increase suddenly. A wealthy couple employed a Taoist monk, Murong Zhongyang, who scorned another demon-chaser, Jingjing, who offered his services free of charge.

Another ghost-hunter emerges is fighting: the young Buddhist monk Butong from Xuanguang Monastery. When a massive toad monster appears, Butong and Jingjing manage to destroy it separately, and Jingjing takes the monster’s spine as payment.

The Golden Monk best asian action films

Why: A tragic fantasy folklore movie in list of 2017 Asian films is oversized and underdeveloped with an inspiring story of a Buddhist priest. He claims he has magical powers to support the poor and face oppression, rendering “The Golden Monk” a tale of origin, with a cliché novel and a horrible impact of comedy slapstick.

Oh, yeah, it’s not amusing or romantic, finding itself instead as a classic case of a toxic mix of Good scripts, with CGI bombastically stylish, awful, and Wonderfully direction. It’s as Good as compounded by the best Asian action films of them because it was suggested to be epic when it’s anything but an epic Success.

13- Gunpowder and Lead

Directed by:     JR Hatchett

Produced by:   JR Hatchett

Cast:                JR Hatchett, Alexis Arnold, Ginifer Ree

Release date:  4 November 2017

Ratings:           6.2/10 IMDb, 80% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: The year is 1890, and three cowboys set out on an adventure to discover if there is any integrity in a treasure map hidden inside an old leather journal or whether it’s all a complete decay of interval.

Austin, his good friends Reid and “The Gambler,” set out from Virginia on their quest, leaving behind the prosperous society they have become accustomed to.

In the level foothills of this vacant Oklahoma scenery, they are armed, starving for lost Gold, and oblivious of the dangers and the real adventure that awaits them.

gunpowder and lead best asian films 2017

Why: McKidd’s enthusiasm is tangible, as are the blood and gore of the Catholic purges when James I came to power, the dust and dirt on costumes, the primitivism of lifestyles—all seem as plausible as they may be.

one of the most reliable best Asian films 2017 historical dramatizations I’ve ever seen: We have, of course, nothing but the literature of the time to record what life was like, but this appears to me to do an adequate vision of the vulgarities, barbarisms, discomforts, passions, and brutality of the time.

I can’t think of a better best Asian movie 2017 to expose young people to this tumultuous period’s history—undoubtedly, it’s going to get their attention!

12- Love Off the Cuff

Asian Name:       春嬌救志明

Directed by:        Pang Ho-cheung

Produced by:      Subi Liang, Pang Ho-cheung

Cast:                   Miriam Yeung, Shawn Yue, Paul Chun

Release date:     April 28, 2017

Running time:    120 minutes

Ratings:             6.5/10 IMDb, 100% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: Pang Ho-Cheung retaliates with Love off the Hem to the Jimmy and Cherie saga, following the excellent and much-liked original 2010 Love in a Puff and its 2012 sequence Love in the Buff.

The best Asian action movies 2017 discovers that Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue’s involvement has moved on somewhat. This time, the two stars are accompanied by Paul Chun and Jiang Mengjie (Sword Master) as the estranged father of Cherie and Jimmy’s impossibly young and beautiful godmother.

Having had its Hong Kong Global Film Festival premiere, this has begun playing at other events worldwide, proving Pang once again to be one of the numerous prominent and auspicious directors currently working in Hong Kong.

Love Off the Cuff best asian action movies 2017

Why: The new Asian movies 2017 opens with a fan-node with an incontiguous scene that will make you wonder if you have entered the wrong cinema again. I like the opening horror scene because it implicitly shows Cherie’s relationship’s insecurities, personified by a Gat Gat Gang, a giant monster eating kids.

This ridiculous-looking Monster books the movie in an acceptable way. As with the previous episodes, there are cameos plentiful, but I wanted the filmmakers to pick household names that I would recognize.

In Love at the Buff, nothing beats getting Ekin Cheng to play himself as Cherie’s boyfriend. This is the third outing; the movie quickly falls into comedy territory because of our familiarity with the characters. A raunchy one that recalls a cop from the first movie is the first gag.

11- Once Upon A Time

Asian Name:      三生三世十里桃花

Directed by:       Zhao Xiaoding, Anthony LaMolinara

Produced by:      Sa Zhilei, Zhang Yibai

Cast:                   Liu Yifei, Yang Yang, Luo Jin

Release date:     3 August 2017

Running time:    1h 49m

Ratings:             5.2/10 IMDb, 7.2/10 MyDramaList

Plot: Seventy thousand ages before, the fox goddess Bai Qian was a disciple of the God of War, Mo Yuan. Bai Qian fell in love with her master using the name Si Yin. Mo Yuan sacrificed himself during a fight with the King of the Demon Tribe to safely seal the Demon King.

His spirit was dispersed, and in a block of ice, his body was preserved. Bai Qian took Mo Yuan’s body back to Qing Qiu, a mystical land where her family lives, waiting for her to awaken and return eventually.

In this Asian action films Bai Qian visits a festivity one day, wherever she rescues a boy named Ah Li from being kidnaped. She also meets her dad, the Prince of the Tribe of the Sky, and her betrothed.

He calls her by the name of a mortal woman he had fallen in love with 300 years before, and Ah Li’s girlfriend, Su Su, after seeing Bai Qian. Ye Hua and Ah Li arrive in Qing Qiu shortly afterward to reconnect with her.

Once Upon A Time asian action movies

Why: The graphics and cinematography are outstanding. It was lackluster music.  The script, which is not easy to understand and needs re-watching and paying incredibly close attention to specifics, is the weakest point.

The tale is fantastic if you understand it. For instance, this is a reference to the original story, in the scene where the plant grows around her arm and into her chest, where blood needs to be drawn from her heart to sustain the body. In the Asian movies 2017, if you pay very close attention, you can see blood being drained. But the film doesn’t clarify this fact.

10- Trapped by my Father’s Killer (2017) Orignal Title Eyewitness

Directed by:      Andrew C. Erin

Produced by:    Stuart Acher

Cast:                  Lindy Booth, Craig Olejnik, Jon McLaren

Release date:    3 January 2017

Running time:   1h 28min

Ratings:            5.4/10 IMDb

Plot: The Asian action movies 2017 begins with Diana’s (Lindy Booth) discovery that his father and fiancé Brian has escaped from jail. Louis was the murderer who came to confront her.

However, the twist in the plot comes when we discover that Louis did not come for revenge but needs Diana to realize that she put away an innocent man in jail.

At first, Diana rejects the notion and attempts to hide from Louis by calling the police. However, Louis tries, with all his sincerity and conviction, to make Diana know that someone else is the murderer.

He responds to Diana’s claims that Martin, a family friend who had large shares in her father’s company, is possibly the murderer.

Besides, Louis poses some crucial questions relevant to the crime scene and discusses how the evidence against him was gathered to be held accountable.

Both Diana and the audience believe that Martin eventually had a strong motive of greed for money that pushed him to do the double murders.

Trapped by my Fathers Killer 2017 Orignal Title Eyewitness

Why: I very much enjoyed the 2017 Asian movies. It engaged in the excitement and the build-up of action right to the end where you could not stop watching. Not the most dynamic of plot lines – but still entertaining.

In general, I enjoyed the film: the plot is persuasive. Indistinct, the two main roles are excellent at acting. The best part is the finale. You’re not going to be bored since there are no times where the pace slows down. I recommend it to you.

9- Death Note

Directed by:     Adam Wingard

Produced by:   Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Masi Oka, Jason Hoffs, Ted Sarandos

Cast:                Nat Wolff, Lakeith Stanfield, Margaret Qualley

Release date:   August 24, 2017

Running time:  100 minutes

Ratings:           4.5/10 IMDb, 38% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: High school student Light Wright stumbles from across “Death Note” in Seattle, Washington, a mystical leather-bound notebook with directions that say that by writing down the name of a person inside it, the person will die in the prescribed manner.

The Light next conflicts with the god of the afterlife, Ryuk, the owner of the notebook. Ryuk persuades Light to use the notebook; Light writes down the name of a bully and soon sees him being killed in a mutation accident.

Using the name of his mother’s murderer, Anthony Skomal, Light tries it again that night, and discovers the next morning from his father, James, a police detective, that Skomal deceased as Flash had signed. Light teaches Mia the book at school and illustrates by murdering a known criminal felon during a hostage crisis.

Death Note asian action films

Why: I don’t know why people make such a big deal that when it’s much better than the anime, the manga, and the Japanese film version, this movie is a big mess.

It has more suspense, more plot, more action, more tension, more dramatic ultimate choices, good music, and not as severe as the other adaptations, the darkness of death.

You should nominate this asian action movies for an Oscar or an award. Plus, in the other adaptations, the character Light’s personality appears more merciful and more robust than the pure evil Light.

I understand people avoid it because it has annihilation to do besides the manga or the anime. Still, I think this version is better than the original and gets rid of the manga and the anime from the Evil Light version.

This light is more substantial, and this should be the official and original adaptation of the Death Note.

8- The Prison (2017)

Asian Name:     프리즌

Directed by:      Na Hyun

Produced by:    Choi Ji-yoon

Cast:                 Han Suk-kyu as Jung Ik-ho, Kim Rae-won

Release date:   March 23, 2017

Running time:  125 minutes

Ratings:            6.5/10 IMDb, 40% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: At night, inmates flee the jail for the perfect crime. Ik-Ho (Han Suk-Kyu) is a prisoner who wields authority like a king in prison. Yoo-Gun (Kim Rae-Won) is a new prisoner charged with hit-and-run, proof destruction, and bribery.

He is an ex-detective with a criminal record of 100 percent. Yoo-Gun, which owns a powerful will and a fiery rage, pays attention to Ik-Ho.

The Prison 2017

Why: For those who love crime and action, this movie is inspiring, it will keep you on your toes, and you will not feel bored at all. It’s distinctive in its way.

You will be attached from the first minute of the best Asian action movies; the cast is fantastic, and the story couldn’t get any better An Undercover Police Inspector, posing as a Prisoners To find more about a murder case in jail.

A GOOD MOVIE, CRIME SYNDICATE, DEEP COVER COP, AND ALL Jail STUFF, a fascinating tale for those who enjoy crime and action. WORTH WATCHING. It NOT A Mere ACTION MOVIE BUT ALL IN BALANCE.

7- The Villainess 

Asian Name:       악녀

Directed by:       Jung Byung-gil

Produced by:      Moon Young-hwa

Cast:                   Kim Ok-vin, Min Ye-ji, Shin Ha-kyun

Release date:     May 21, 2017

Running time:    129 minutes

Ratings:             6.7/10 IMDb, 85% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: A highly qualified and skilled unidentified assassin enters a corridor in the opening scene. It kills various people among her gun and knives are being besieged by cops and smiling a grim smile.

The assassin is seen in an unnamed facility in a room. She is drugged, and plastic surgery is performed. While healing, during a breath-holding exercise, she has a flashback showing an unnamed man with a mustache attempting to resuscitate her. Oh, he calls her Sook-hee.

The facility turned out to be one of the intelligence services of South Korea and is run by a woman named Kwon-sook. Kwon-sook informs Sook-hee that the agency faked her death to give her a fresh start. Kwon-sook tells her that Chae Yeon-soo has given her a new identity and name. She says Yeon-soo doesn’t matter and wants to die.

The Villainess best asian movies

Why: This is a real masterpiece of villainy! From the beginning, I enjoyed watching this. The battle scenes are very unusual from other action movies. In addition to an action-packed thriller, this Asian action movies 2017 also revealed how the protagonist’s character in real life & as a lovely single mother who is looking for love.

Go stream or download this for those who haven’t seen this movie yet, so you won’t regret watching it! One of my list’s Best Revenge Adventure thrillers.

Start with the Strong Action series. Storyline Path and, above all, positive feelings. All so good, particularly Action Choreography. Action lovers, I enjoyed A must watch this film.

6- Who Killed Cock Robin?

Asian Name:     目擊者

Directed by:     Cheng Wei-hao

Produced by:    David Tang

Cast:                 Kaiser Chuang, Hsu Wei-ning, Ko Chia-yen

Release date:   March 31, 2017

Running time:  118 minutes

Ratings:            7.1/10 IMDb, 50% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: Nine years ago, Hsiao-chi, a journalist, escorted a fugitive accident on a hill road when his car crashed. The driver was instantly killed in the crash that occurred on a wild night, and the female traveler, Hsu Ai-ting, slipped into a trance.

Moreover, Hsiao-chi had taken photographs of the fugitive car registration plate in a panic. However, the pictures were too fuzzy to be used as evidence, so the details of the accident were never known.

Years later, Hsiao-chi learns that the accident is related to his second-hand car, and he begins his quest for the truth behind this long-forgotten case.

Who Killed Cock Robin

Why: I expect to see an emotional ‘chase the killer’ movie at the beginning. As it continues to grow, I am filled with several doubts and find it harder to grasp the reality before all fragments come together. And the storyline, which is a little like “The Invisible Guest,” ends up reversing it.

I’m glad we have that excellent Chinese director who can decently tell a dark side story other than Korea and Spain. Moreover, The 2017 Asian movies Who Choked Cock Robin is behind the inference through the traditional nursery vowel-chime, echoing the film’s core, since the robin expresses the conscience but sadly killed by violence.

However, The rest of the animals represent distinct positions, each with their sinister intentions, wishful thinking, and actions devoid of conscience.

5- Wolf Warrior 2

Asian Name:      战狼2

Directed by:      Wu Jing

Produced by:    Wu Jing, Jiang Ping, Zhao Haicheng, Li Yang, Zhao Jianjun

Cast:                 Wu Jing, Celina Jade, Frank Grillo

Release date:   27 July 2017

Running time:  121 minutes

Ratings:           6 /10 IMDb, 69% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: Leng Feng and members of his special-ops unit escort the remains of his comrade back to his home town and his comrade’s family for his funeral after the events of Wolf Warrior, only to find it on the verge of being torn down.

During the funeral, a real estate firm takes down its house and that of the family of its comrade. Moreover, The real estate company’s manager threatens them with a pistol and sneers at them to show the families remains, only to knock the boss to the ground.

Above all, The owner put on his lieutenants to strike them, but Feng and the other soldiers all easily disable them. Shortly afterward, the police arrived and asked Feng to put down the pistol that the boss had confiscated.

Moreover, The boss gets back up and boasts that he’s going to “make the family wish they were dead,” enraging Feng to the point of kicking the boss in his stomach, sending him crashing into a police car’s windshield, and killing him.

Wolf Warrior 2

Why: I enjoyed the top Asian action movies so much! I watched it mostly because I loved watching Zhang Han in all he did, and that he was only three years old. But Wu Jing had my focus from the get-go.

All through this movie, I yelled and screamed a swore too! Again, I would turn it off if Wu Jing, Zhang Han, or another veteran soldier were killed. I loved how they stood by the Chinese employees married to local women and refused to abandon their loved ones!

So, everyone reading this review will watch this best asian action films, and you will enjoy it! I hardly ever leave feedback but put one in for this one. It’s worth a ten ranking!

4- Steel Rain 

Asian Name:      강철비

Directed by:       Yang Woo-suk

Produced by:     Park Joon-ho, Kim Tae-won, Sun Young

Cast:                  Jung Woo-sung, Kwak Do-won, Kim Kap-soo

Release date:    December 14, 2017

Running time:   139 minutes

Ratings:            7.1/10 IMDb, 75% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: In North Korea, Eom Chul-Woo , a retired North Korean Special Forces agent, is given the task of executing Gwang Dong-Park, Supreme Guard Commander, and Du-won Kim, State Security Department Minister, by Ri Tae-Han, Director of the Bureau, after he receives intelligence that the two heads are preparing a mission.

In this best asian films 2017 Meanwhile, Kwak Chul-woo, the senior South Korean administrative manager for external affairs and national security, parted from his wife, Su-Hyeon, receives a telephone call and compliments Kim Kyung-young, the South Korean regulatory selection.

Moreover, When he finishes speaking on the phone, he discovers that his ex-wife has packed up his children and left without his knowledge. Eom induces a KPA truck at night in Pyongyang and moves an official state car off a cliff with the State Security Department Minister within the vehicle. Both of them slip into the freezing water, but Eom can get out.

Steel Rain asian action movies

Why: This movie works on both sides of the divide. North and South Korea aren’t the rebels. They’re the men who run them. We also get a tense, high-action, and shrapnel thriller with a dual-layered best Asian action films balanced by what Koreans do best: characters that give you the ‘feelings.’

In the short time they spent together, the relationship between our separated, overweight South Korean diplomat and his charge, a patriotic, determined and desperate North Korean soldier, is naturally established and credible. They both felt genuine. And so were my wet eyes when the war was over at the end—worth the time for you.

3- Memoir of a Murderer

Directed by:       Won Shin-yun

Produced by:     You Jeong-hun, Won Shin-yun

Cast:                  Sol Kyung-gu, Shin Ki-joon, Kim Nam-gil

Release date:    6 September 2017

Running time:   118 minutes

Ratings:            7.2/10 IMDb, 77% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: So, in list of 2017 Asian films, It Stand on No 3.  Byeong-soo started to believe some people deserved to die after murdering his violent father as a child. He conquered his victims in a bamboo forest he gained during his killing spree.

After killing a woman, he got into a car accident and injured his brain, resulting in degenerative Alzheimer’s disease. He stopped killing, resumed his veterinary practice, and continued to look after his daughter.

Beyond-health soo’s has been worsening over the years. At rising frequencies, vast chunks of memories are lost. Byeong-soo strikes up an unlikely relationship with local policeman Byeong-man after many trips to the local police station (as he forgot where he lives). Byeong-soo uses a recorder to maintain its routines at the behest of Eun-hee.

He types everything he can recall into a memoir and stores it on his laptop. He also goes to a poetry class, where he impresses his teacher and classmates with his poetic representations of killings, who think they are metaphors. For him, Jo Yeon-Joo, his classmate, creates a crush, much to his dismay.

Memoir of a Murderer best asian movie

Why: Just when you thought you understood how the story would unfold, you’re going to be hit with another twist in the plot! There’s such a fascinating plot in this Asian action movies 2017 that I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like that.

Moreover, There was casting on point. Kim Nam Gil, who attracted me to watch this film, was a terrific antagonist. Much like a traditional love team, Sol Kyung Gu complimented his acting.

However, Their on-screen chemistry was so equal to each other that it carried the film into a box office success. I especially love how the ending left me in distress. Did it always stop the way the dementia guy said it did!?? Hey, did it!?

2- Blade of the Immortal

Asian Name:       無限の住人

Directed by:       Takashi Miike

Produced by:      Misako Saka, Shigeji Maeda

Cast:                   Takuya Kimura, Hana Sugisaki, Sota Fukushi

Release date:     29 April 2017

Running time:    141 minutes

Ratings:             6.8/10 IMDb, 86% Rotten Tomatoes

Plot: After following his superior’s order to destroy a crooked lord and his followers, Manji is a samurai on the run. Manji selected to take custody of Machi, his now crazy sister. While being on the run, Machi is found to be being kept captive by a large group of rōnin on Manji’s head for a reward.

Moreover, The rōnin continues to kill Machi until Manji complies with the rōnin’s demands. In this 2017 asian movies Manji kills every member of the party in revenge, but he is mortally wounded. He admits his death as there was limited left to live for, but Yaobikuni implants “sacred bloodworms” into his body, curing him.

Similarly, Fifty-two years later, now an immortal eternal, Manji is confronted by a girl named Rin Asano, who asks for his aid as a bodyguard to help take revenge on a family member, Kurose, at the hands of Kagehisa Anotsu and Ittō-ryū, the samurai-killer society he leads.

Blade of the Immortal

Why: Must for obstinate fans of the style is this blood-soaked action epic. Blade of the Immortal is powerful from the very start, and here is visible from the beginning contest itself: gory combat at its most delicate! For his captivating, brutal performance as the hero Manji, I’ve got to give Takuya Kimura props and would love to see much more of his works.

However, Hana Sugisaki and Sota Fukushi are also deserving of praise, nailing their respective characters with ease. Being the 100th film by director Takashi Miike demonstrates the consistency you expect from a professional and revered director; he directs the best Asian movies 2017 with finesse. Blade of the Immortal, considering the unexpected father-daughter bonding between the two lead characters, is in a right way reminiscent of Leon: The Specialist.

1- Midnight Runners

Asian Name:       청년경찰

Directed by:       Jason Kim (Kim Ju-hwan)

Produced by:      Kim Jae-joong

Cast:                   Park Seo-joon, Kang Ha-neul, Park Ha-sun

Release date:     August 9, 2017

Running time:    109 minutes

Ratings:             7.2/10 IMDb, 8.7/10 MyDramaList

Plot: The students at the University of the Korean Police are Ki-Joon and Hee-yeol. They experienced an abduction at about midnight one night on their way back from the bar.

However, the local police station’s missing person department is busy with the kidnapping at the time of a son of a business mogul and is unable to investigate the case. They embark on their inexperienced investigation, aware that they are in the crucial hours after a kidnapping.

For instance, Continuing this Asian action movies It seems like the gang is working an unfertilized egg gathering ring when Ki-Joon also Hee-yeol hook up with the abductors, and there are several more girls locked up at their hideout. They try to rescue them but are battered and locked up instead.

Midnight Runners best asian movie

Why: On No 1st in list of 2017 Asian films it makes its place. The film begins with the struggles young men face to be accepted into police services. When they went to concentrate their love lives later on and that night after the unsuccessful effort to get a girlfriend from the club turns unique when they see a girl being kidnapped in her 20s.

Moreover, The lead boys’ hard work and dedication help open up a significant crime done by some gangsters by supplying fertile girls to hospitals to give eggs, with a tiny clue of the girl. For More Connect With MajidSaleem

In addition, They realize their real goal of being in the force on their road to this and that the experience they learn during their practice can be a bit amusing, but later on, it determines to be very convenient. In short, a Asian movies 2017 of high inspiration and a little humor must to be watched.

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