10 Best Korean Dramas of [2015] You Watch Right Now


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At the end of 2015, the fans took some time to take a look back at the top kdramas 2015. I was looking back on all the happenings in the Korea Drama 2015 when this year arrives at an end.  Since the first year of my blogging, writing about what I enjoy, Drug Addiction,  and interacting with other drama fans has been a wonderful experience. I’m looking forward to more exciting things in the year ahead.

Presenting you with the Top 10 Korean drama 2015 list, I hope you like it based on my opinion.

These Best Korean Dramas 2015 You should Watch Right Now

10- Mask

korea drama 2015 mask

Starring: Soo Ae as Byun Ji Suk, Ju Ji-Hon as Choii Min Wo, Yeon Jung-Hoon, and Yoo In-Young.

Story Line: Between two replicas, one will die. Ji Sook, who is continually in debt, was forced to take on the position of wealthy Eun Ha after her death due to a series of mishaps. Can Ji Sook come out of this unscathed? Through a variety of occasions, she eventually takes on her look-alike’s identity as her own. Mask was the go-to melodrama of the Korea drama 2015. Their story is just love and hilarious, and that’s why I liked this drama Korea 2015, because it was different from others.

9- Sassy Go Go

top korean drama 2015 Sassy Go Go

Starring: Jung Eun-g as Kang Yeon-doo, Chae Sooo-bin as Kwoon Soo-ah, Lei Won-keun as Kim Yeol, Ji Soo as Seeo Ha-joon, Cha Hak-yeon as Ha Dong-jaee

Story Line: This drama concerns a very competitive school, which only cares about grades and income. Neither has Kang Yeon Doo. Her mother cannot afford to give money to the school, and she is also 198th out of 200 fir grades. Set at Seoul’s renowned Sevit High School, the drama follows five students’ lives. They strive to survive in a vicious system where academic elitism takes place. This show is marvelous and can be considered in the top Korean drama 2015 because I sometimes felt anxious and butterflies jumped out and in my stomach.

8- Yong Pal

korean drama 2015 list Yong Pal

Starring: Jooe Won Kiim Tae Hyun , Kem Tae-Heee as Han Yeoo Jin , Chaee Jung-An and Jo Hyun-Jaee.

Story Line: Kim Tae Hyun, the main character, is drowning in debt due to his sister’s kidney dialysis. He becomes a doctor for hire to all sorts of convoluted clients. He adopts the Yong Pal name and decides to deliver his services to criminals, completely changing his life. I found this as the best 2015 Korean drama, which is very amusing. Still, it also had some suspense that fascinated me even more.

7- Kill Me, Heal Me

best korean drama 2015 Kill Me Heal Me

Starring: Jii Sung as Cha Doo Hyun , Hwang Jung-Euun as Oh Ri Jiin , Park Seo-Jon, Oh Miin-Suk, and Kim Yoo-Rii.

Story Line: “Kill Me Heal Me” is about a man who suffered immense trauma and has psychologically developed seven distinct identities. It’s a must-watch, pretty decent, just another thriller, tolerable or outright boring. It is a secret love story between an identity disorder guy and a first-year doctor. I have been thoroughly interested in this best Korean drama 2015, as I couldn’t have been waiting to see what Cha Do Hyeon’s characters would do and how he’d clean them up.

6- High Society

top 10 korean drama 2015 High Society

Starring: Ueee as Jang Yon-haa, Sung Joon as Choii Jon-ki, Park Hyung-siik as Yo Chang-so, Lim Ji-yeeon as Lee Jii-yi

Story Line: Jang Yon Haaa is from a prominent, elite Korean family. However, she dislikes being treated all special and wants people to like her for herself. This Korea is so generous that’s why it gained a position in the top Korean drama 2015 List. She meets Choi Joon Ki, a man who is so focused on gaining riches that he can do so by dating rich people.

5- She Was Pretty

best 2015 korean drama She Was Pretty

Starring: Hwaang Jung Eumm, Park Seo-Jon, Go Jon-Hee, and Choii Siiwon.

Story Line: A romantic comedy Consisted is about a formerly sexy, self-esteemed boy and girl. Life divides them, but when they take on opposite roles, they reunite several years apart. This top kdramas 2015 was utterly incredible because it revealed how a person would treat you differently simply because it looked like you. A beautiful young girl becomes an ugly duckling while her insecure best friend and childhood sweetheart returns overseas as her boss. One of the hit romantic comedies of the year 2015 was “She Was Pretty.” All the way through, it preserved some wonderful charm and humor.

4- The Girl Who Can Sees Smells

best korean drama 2015 The Girl Who Can Sees Smells

Starring: Park Yo-Chunn, Shiin See-Kyung, Naamgung Miin, and Yon Jiin-Seo.

Story Line: Basically, I loved everything about “Girl Who Sees Smells.”  First, this is the best 2015 Korean drama as it has an excellent romantic comedy between our leading couple, and they are just too adorable. A man lost his younger sister in the “Bar Code” murder case 3 years ago.

He has been losing his senses ever since. Many victims and their affiliates work together to discover the murderer, a tale around a “Barcode” serial killer. Girl Who Sees Smells is not precisely grand or radically distinct. Still, to establish an enjoyable trip from start to end, it gets right what it needs to make its way to the best Korean drama of 2015. There’s a comedy, romance, a murder mystery, and an entertaining lousy guy portrayed by Nam Gung Min.

3- Oh my Venus

drama korea 2015 Oh my Venus

Starring: Soo Ji-Subb as Kim Young Ho, Shin Min-A as Kang Joo Eun, Jung Gyu-Woon, and Yoo In-Young.

Story Line: An overweight lawyer and a personal trainer overcome their physical and emotional wounds together as they fall in love. This kdramas is absolutely fabulous. What’s more, is her old classmate turned rival has gone from being an outcast to a beautifully accomplished lawyer hell-bent on making Joo Eun miserable. However, that changes when she finally becomes an adult as she is now overweight and ignored by her co-workers. She meets Kiim Yeoong Ho, who’s a secret celebrity personal trainer. Is Yeong Hoo able to help her recover her previous looks earlier in the best Korean drama 2015?

2- Scholar Who Walks the Night

top kdramas 2015 Scholar Who Walks the Night

Starring: Le Jon-Gi, Shim Chang-Miin, Lee So-Hyuk, Le Yu-Bii, and Kiim So-Euun.

Story Line: Scholar Who Walks the Night is a great drama that fits it into the best Korean drama 2015 list. A daughter from a fallen noble family, set in the Joseon Dynasty, seeks to hit ends by dressing up as a man to sell books. During her endeavors, she meets an attractive scholar who turns out to be a vampire.

By acquiring position 2 in the top 10 Korean drama 2015 will be remembered for a long time. I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect, tortured vampire. He submerged himself partly, as all the actors did. Also, I was introduced to Lee Soo Hyuk as the evil vampire Gwi, and I was thoroughly happy with his performance.

1- Producer

top kdramas 2015 Producer

Starring: Kim Soo-Hyun, Chaa Taee-Hyun, Goong Hyyo-Jin, and IU

Story Line: The proof is that most viewers of the top Korean drama 2015 list are possibly interested in seeing what’s happening behind the scenes. This popular drama , took a unique approach with an experimental documentary style. A group of individuals working under the Diversity Unit of the Network are at the core of this best Korean drama 2015 is in the KBS building because of conflicting personalities as they strive to juggle the struggles of real-life and work. Even after the format change, this was always riveting in that it never establishes a precise essential pairing of any of the four characters. The four characters’ Sensations for each other develop as the show progresses, and in many ways, they become more confused.


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