20 Best Japanese Zombie Movie List [2022]


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For years now, zombie movies have owned the silver screen. Moreover, while zombie movies fluctuate in popularity globally, Japan has been going high! Here are best Japanese zombie movies of all time.

Just like or dislike them, But in a movie script, zombies do have so much potential! In addition, this is one genre where logic will fly out of the window right away. This gives way to some of the most bizarre plots, lots of horrors, a lot of action, and occasionally even a few laughs sneaked in with a little bit of romance. What’s not to love Japanese zombie movie?

We will present you our top 20 Best Japanese Zombie Movie list that worth watching.

Best Japanese Zombie Movies List

20- One Cut of the Dead

Japanese title:   カメラを止めるな! [Don’t Stop the Camera!]

Directed by:       Shin’ichiro Ueda

Produced by:     Koji Ichihashi

Cast:                  Mao, Takayuki Hamatsu, Harumi Syuhama

Release date:    November 2017

Running time:    97 minutes

Box office:         ¥3.12 billion With a Budget of  ¥3 million

Ratings:            IMDb (7.7), Rotten Tomatoes (100%), Metacritic (86%)

Why: There is a reason why One Cut of the Dead is getting high praise because it is truly a masterpiece. I can say that this Japan zombie movie like nothing you have watched before and is the freshest concept to come out of the cinema in a long time. There are no villains, no romantic love story, no political statement, and no action scenes, just a film about a man’s ambitious endeavor. The comedy all hits its mark, and they are genuinely creative with the way it’s handled.

Japanese zombie movie - One Cut of the Dead

Plot: This low-budget Japanese zombie movie has an exciting plot. The crew and cast of a low-budget zombie movie called One Cut of the Dead shoot at an abandoned water filtration plant in the first chapter. The producer debates and finally leaves the actors. To the joy of Higurashi, who demands that the camera operator continue to film of an actual zombie apocalypse suddenly begins.

The director has only one piece of advice for the crew as the zombies go about their usual zombie behavior: Don’t Stop the Camera! The middle segment contains the personal lives of the One Cut of the Dead film production’s real cast and crew as they plan to make the one-shot film.

19- Versus

Japanese title:   ヴァーサス  [Vasasu]

Directed by:       Ryuhei Kitamura

Produced by:      Ryuhei Kitamura

Cast:                   Tak Sakaguchi, Hideo Sakaki and Others

Release date:     October 29, 2000

Running time:    120 minutes

Budget :              $10,000

Ratings:              IMDb (6.4), Rotten Tomaotoes (71%),

Why: Imagine you are down to watch a gritty, humorous action movie. You have got a really lovely lead character who has a secret background, of course. He shoots someone first, and suddenly the dead person becomes a zombie and has weapons. This is already the finest in the Japanese zombie movies of all time. The music is the best, and the camerawork is fantastic. It is like a horror/action video game turned into a movie, with lots of blood and huge action to sum up the film.


Plot: This Japanese zombie movie was initially intended as a sequel to Kitamura’s Down to Hell but was later developed as a stand-alone film. Principal photography was initially designed to last three weeks but was extended to 7 months due to weather and financial issues. As we know it, the main story revolves around the human world, and there are pathways to the other side of the world. Somewhere in Japan, known as The Forest of Resurrection, lies the portal to the other side.

Different plots carry to this place an escaped prisoner, a Yakuza fighting gang, and a mystery child. The door to the portal will open when the buried dead wake up like zombies, but why and what will happen when the gateway opens? This forms the zombie movie’s plot as a mystery.

18- Junk – Resident Zombie

Japanese title:   死霊狩り[(Junk: Shiryōgari]

Directed by:       Atsushi Muroga

Produced by:     Isao Kurosu

Cast:                  Nobuyuki Asano, Tate Gouta, Yuji Kishimoto

Release date:    January 22, 2000

Running time:   83 minutes

Box office:        Unknown

Ratings:            IMDb (5.4), Rotten Tomaotoes (42%), Moviepilot (4.4)

Why: It is a good enough movie, compared to many other Japanese zombie movies that have way too much comedy in them. If you enjoy zombie movies and haven’t already seen “Junk,” it is well worth watching, and it is good entertainment.


Plot: Junk is a Japanese Zombie movie and a remake of a Japanese mafia movie called “Score,” this time with zombies is getting in the way of being paid for the heist. The film pays tribute to Re-Animator, Reservoir Dogs, and the original Dawn of the Dead. The Story began. Along with a Japanese scientist, the US military stationed in Japan carries out medical experiments on dead bodies.

The facility is finally closed, but a few people are still carrying out the investigations independently. During the experiment results, one of the dead bodies wake up as an undead zombie; as he kills the scientists, they too turn into zombies hungry for human meat and thirsty for human blood! As some greedy thieves use the old, abandoned building, the zombies emerge and attack them. How the jewel thieves manage to fight with the zombies out there to kill them forms the Story’s crux.

17- Kwaidan

Japanese title:   怪談 [Kaidan, Aka “ghost stories]

Directed by:       Masaki Kobayashi

Produced by:     Shigeru Wakatsuki

Cast:                  Rentarō Mikuni, Tatsuya Nakadai, Tetsurō Tamba

Release date:     December 29, 1964

Running time:   182 minutes

Box office:         Unknown

Ratings:            IMDb (8), Rotten Tomaotoes (90%), Letterboxd (4.1/5)

Why: This is one of my favorite zombie Japanese Movie, and I daresay one of my favorite films in general as well. Anyone who doubts that a horror film can be great art ought to give this one a try. A slow-burning treasury presented in a magical reality and incredible art design and cinematography. I recommend you to watch this zombie movie.

Japanese zombie movies Kwaidan

Plot: In Kyoto, An poor swordsman gets divorced his wife and leaves her to gain greater social standing as a woman of a rich background. However, despite his new wealthy class, the swordsman’s second marriage proves to be unhappy. It is shown that his new wife is cruel and greedy— the swordsman repentant leaving his ex-wife, who is more dedicated and supportive.

The second wife becomes angry when she finds that she was married by the swordsman to gain the money of her family and always aspires for his old life with his ex-wife in Kyoto. The swordsman refuses to go into the chambers to reunite with her, stating his plan to return home and reconcile with his ex-wife. He points out his foolish behavior and poverty as the reasons why he reacted the way he did. The swordsman informs the lady-in-waiting to tell his second wife that their marriage is over, and she can return to her parents in shame.

16- Onibaba

Japanese title:   鬼婆  [Demon Hag]

Directed by:      Kaneto Shindo

Produced by:    Toshio Konya

Cast:                 Jitsuko Yoshimura, Nobuko Otowa, Kei Satō

Release date:    November 21, 1964

Running time:   102 minutes

Box office:        Unknown

Ratings:            IMDb (8), Rotten Tomaotoes (83%), Deep Focus (4/4)

Why: It is one of the most original and best Japanese zombie movie I’ve ever seen. It’s truly breathtaking. It grows to a fever pitch of fear by the finale. The black and white photography is also excellent. I loved this Zombie movie, but I never watched this horrible movie again. I keep having nightmares of that image of Onibaba, But Still, I loved it.


Plot: This is a Japan zombie movie, set in the fourteenth century during a civil war. The story starts with two women who kill soldiers to rob their belongings and a man who eventually comes among them. Women’s loot the dead soldiers, strip them of their armor and weapons, and hide the bodies in the field. The next day, they take the armor and weapons to a merchant and trade them for food.

He tells the news of the war, which is driving people across the country to fear. As they leave,  The two women ask a neighbor, who returns from war, about the older woman’s son and younger woman’s husband. The Neighbor tells them that they abandoned the war, and he was killed when stealing food from farmers. The older woman warns the younger woman to stay away from him, whom she blames for her son’s death.

15- I Am a Hero

Japanese title:   アイアムアヒーロー [Ai Amu A Hiro]

Directed by:       Shunsuke Sato

Cast:                   Yô Ôizumi, Kasumi Arimura,

Release date:     2016

Running time:    126 minutes

Box office:         Unknown

Ratings:             IMDb (6.8), Rotten Tomaotoes (90%),

Why: One of the best zombie movies ever made with horrible visuals that put other zombie flicks to shame. It is a little campy as you’d expect from something from Japan, but it fits in well here. It’s a hidden little masterpiece that’s well worth the watch this Japanese zombie movie.

Japanese zombies movies I Am a Hero

Plot: One evening, a manga artist witnesses a fatal traffic accident on his way home from work, but the victim is killed on impact. A while after, when the corpse stands up and walks away. As he wonders if it’s an illusion, unusual things are starting to happen around him. There is a breakout of a virus that turns people into infected people. Infected individuals are being transformed into zombies that wants humans to eat. He armed himself with his shotgun and left to battle the zombies around him with no other options. As he always dreamed of being a hero. Now is his chance!

14- Audition

Japanese title:   オーディション  [Ōdishon]

Directed by:       Takashi Miike

Produced by:     Satoshi Fukushima

Cast:                  Eihi Shiina,Ryo Ishibashi

Release date:    October 2, 1999

Running time:    113 minutes

Box office:         $131,296

Ratings:             IMDb (7.2), Rotten Tomaotoes (82%), Empire(5/5)

Why: As this movie is based on a novel which is a masterpiece by itself, it went beyond my expectations. I find the screenplay, the scenery, the music bizarrely unique. In contrast, some people might see this Japan zombie movie as “slow-paced” or “boring”; others may find it thrilling in conclusion: it’s a movie that’s not for everyone but depending on who you are, you might rewatch it a few times.


Plot: A middle-aged widower who is forced by his son to start dating again. His friend, who is a film producer, arranged a mock casting audition at which young women audition for the “part” of Aoyama’s new wife. He agrees to the plan and is immediately fascinated by her, attracted to her apparent emotional depth. His friend develops misgivings about the lady after he cannot reach any of the references on her résumé, such as a music producer that she claimed.

However, He is so enthralled by her that he pursues her anyway. She lives in an empty apartment containing a sack and a phone and decides to join him at a seaside hotel after many dates, where this smitten man dreams of proposing to marry him. She shows burning wounds on her body at the hotel, and before having sex, she insists that he promise to love her and no one else. A profoundly moved man accepts, and she is nowhere to be found in the morning.

13- Wild Zero

Directed by:         Tetsuro Takeuchi

Produced by:       Kaichiro Furata

Cast:                    Masashi Endō, Guitar Wolf

Release date:      August 8, 1999

Running time:     98 minutes

Box office:          Unknown

Ratings:              IMDb (6.4), Rotten Tomatoes (100%), Letterboxd (3.4/5)

Why: This Japanese zombie movie is silly in some perspective, to be sure, but it’s done with such unbridled enthusiasm that it makes you want to go along unquestioningly. I was really amazed after watching this Zombie movie.

Japan zombie movie Wild Zero

Plot: Ace, the protagonist, is a massive fan of the Japanese rock band Guitar Wolf. Once when he helps the group, he is given a unique whistle. The Guitar Wolf calls him their ‘blood brother.’ They tell him to blow the whistle whenever he is in trouble. Trouble is close at hand as soon there is an alien invasion. And the dead start rising as flesh-eating zombies.

12- Cure 1997

Japanese title:   キュア [Kyua]

Directed by:       Kiyoshi Kurosawa

Produced by:     Junyuki Shimoba

Cast:                  Tsuyoshi Ujiki, Kōji Yakusho

Release date:    1997

Running time:   111  minutes

Box office:        Unknown with Budget of $1,000,000 (JPY)

Ratings:             IMDb (7.4), Rotten Tomaotoes (92%), Metacritic (70%)

Why: “Cure” is a true masterpiece that transcends the borders of the J-horror and zombie Japanese by combining it with several philosophical comments. Although there are a lot of Zombie movies, this is a must-see for every fan of cinema.

zombie Japanese Cure

Plot: Kenichi Takabe is an emotionally repressed police detective with a mentally unstable wife. He investigates a sequence of unusual murders in which each victim is executed in the same pattern, with a big “X” carved into his throat, but each time the criminal is different. The killers are found close to the crime scene in every case, and while they readily admit to committing the murders, they never have a significant motive and cannot describe what led them to murder.

Takabe finally learns, along with a psychologist, that one guy is the common link among the murders, as shortly after that, every person he comes into contact with commits a killing. There seems to be serious short-term memory loss for the man named Mamiya; he still seems puzzled about which day it is, what he is doing, and his name. This drives “Takabe” nearly insane as he gradually loses his initial calmness. The case’s futility starts to affect his psyche as he becomes more and more volatile, exploding into violent fits of anger.

11- REC 2007

Title:     [•REC]

Directed by:       Jaume Balagueró

Produced by:     Julio Fernández

Cast:                  Ferrán Terraza, Manuela Velasco

Release date:    23 November 2007

Running time:   78 minutes

Box office:        $32.5 million With a Budget of $2 million

Ratings:            IMDb (7.4), Rotten Tomaotoes (89%), Filmaffinity (6.6/10)

Why: What a great found footage film with a suspenseful and intelligent plot, especially for a zombie horror/thriller. Many people believed that this copied quarantine even though this was made first and is better worth watching Japanese zombie movies.

Japanese zombie movie rec

Plot: The Zombie film focuses on a news reporter and at her cameraman covering an intervention by a firefighter at an apartment building. The firehouse gets a call about an older woman that she stuck in her apartment and crying as they are filming. As a lethal virus spreads among the building’s inhabitants, what started as a routine emergency assignment escalates into something much worse.

The older woman becomes violent when they approach along with police officers, and attacks one of the officers, biting his neck, transforming him into murderous cannibals. Escape is impossible as the government has surrounded the building to prevent the virus from spreading beyond it. The pair continues to record the events that unfold inside, of which the film itself is the final result.

10- Zedd

Directed by:       Teppei Nakamura

Cast:                  Eric Feliciano, Thomas Downey

Release date:     October 2014

Running time:    54 minutes

Box office:         Unknown

Ratings:             IMDb (6.4)

Why: This zombie movie has an exciting twist in the storyline that makes it a great watch. The performances by all six lead stars (they are Cross Gene singers!) are excellent! Watch it for action, humor, dancing, singing, all in one 54-minute movie! Worth watching this Japanese zombie movie.

Japanese zombie movies Zedd

Plot: Six young friends have been falsely charged with a crime they have never committed. As the world is in the middle of a zombie outbreak, they are trapped, and one of them gets infected. They have really no choice but to find an antidote or risk themselves being infected. What are they going to do to avoid propagating the zombie infection?

 9- Miss Zombie

Directed by:         Sabu

Produced by:        Yoshiki Kumazawa

Cast:                     Ayaka Komatsu, Toru Tezuka

Release date:       September 9, 2013

Running time:      85 minutes

Box office:           Unknown

Ratings:               IMDb (6.3), Rotten Tomaotoes (44%)

Why: The movie has exceptional performances. Even though some themes depicted in the movie can be disturbing for some audiences, it is a very maturely made film from other Japanese zombie movies. Moreover, the ending will leave you speechless!. I appreciated the concept but must recommend watching this movie.

Miss Zombie

Plot: This movie starts somewhere in Japan when a wealthy family buys a zombie to be their housemaid. They understand it can be deadly, so if the zombie becomes violent, there is also a gun in the “zombie’s kit” along with the user’s manual. But they were informed that, since there are many forms of zombies, this particular zombie is peaceful; it depends on the degree of their zombie infection. Does this sound odd?

Well, this movie is weird! Nevertheless, the point where it uses the zombie dilemma as a metaphor is also impressive! It does not have anything to do with any zombie movie I’ve ever seen. It’s almost a poetic film about zombies! The shot of this Japanese zombie movie is completely in black and white, which enhances the impression of sadness and poetry.

8- Ringu

Japanese title:   リング  [Ringu]

Directed by:       Hideo Nakata

Produced by:      Shinya Kawai

Cast:                  Hiroyuki Sanada, Nanako Matsushima

Release date:    January 31, 1998

Running time:   95 minutes

Box office:         $19.4 million

Ratings:             IMDb (7.2), Rotten Tomaotoes (97%)

Why: Many friends convinced me to watch this Zombie movie, but I regret it because it kept looking back as I felt that somebody was behind me. I didn’t sleep well for a long time and kept on having this terrible nightmare. I never watched such a horrible movie ever, and if you want to damage your life, go ahead and watch it. Haha, That’s was a joke. An excellent ghost story with believable characters and a compelling mystery, even though the third act’s impact is lessened due to over-exposure in pop-culture.

Japanese zombies movies Ringu

Plot: Two high school students, Masami and Tomoko, speak about a video recording supposed to have been filmed in Izu, containing a curse that will kill the viewers in a week’s time. Tomoko admits that her boyfriend Iwata and two other friends viewed a weird tape a week ago and then got a phone call. Both hear the phone, but Tomoko’s mother, to their delight, turns out to be the only one. Tomoko watches her TV turn on itself as soon as Masami goes back upstairs, and soon after, an unknown force destroys it.

In the meantime, Tomoko’s aunt is investigating this cursed video story, so when “Reiko” and her young son “Yoichi” attend Tomoko’s funeral, she finds from some of Tomoko’s friends that three of Tomoko’s friends died the same night. With their faces contorted in fear, their bodies were found. The next day in Tomoko’s place, Reiko found a receipt from a photo production shop. Will, she discovers the story behind it.

7- Dark Water 2002

Japanese title:   仄暗い水の底から,  [Honogurai Mizu no soko kara]

Directed by:       Hideo Nakata

Produced by:     Takashige Ichise

Cast:                  Rio Kanno, Hitomi Kuroki

Release date:    January 19, 2002

Running time:   101 minutes

Box office:        $1.4 million

Ratings:            IMDb (6.7), Rotten Tomaotoes (80%), Letterboxd (3.4/5)

Why:  Its intelligence depends on shifting our interest from the supernatural events of one missing child to the natural fear of a mother losing a child to some other world. This is a terrific Japanese zombie movie, full of terror, worth watching.

Japan zombie movie Dark Water

Plot: Yoshimi leases a rundown flat with her child, “Ikuko”, during divorce proceedings. She enrolls Ikuko in a nearby preschool and finds a job in a local publishing business as a proofreader. There is a leak in the roof of their apartment that increases every day. The building supervisor reports to Yoshimi, but he does nothing to repair it.

She gets no response when she attempts to contact the flat above. Strange incidents occur, a red bag suddenly appears, and the tap water contains hair. A Strange long-haired girl glimpses Yoshimi around the complex. She becomes late on a daily basis, picking up Ikuko from school, however when her ex-husband wants to take Ikuko, she becomes stressed. She becomes sick when Ikuko views the long-haired girl in a yellow raincoat. Yoshimi finds a brochure for a missing girl attending the same kindergarten. She starts finding the clues to solve this mystery.

6- Bloody Delinquent Girl Chainsaw

Japanese title:   血まみれスケバンチェーンソ,  [Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw]

Directed by:       Hiroki Yamaguchi

Produced by: Ryo Yukizane

Cast: Mari Yamachi , Rio Uchida

Release date:      February 20, 2016

Running time:    76 minutes

Box office:         Unknown

Ratings:              IMDb (4.5)

Why: This Zombie movie is uncertain crazy, magical, and that’s its highlight. There are a lot of weird things happening. So, Be ready to be amused. And hey, you are going to see cut-up body parts there!

Bloody Delinquent Girl Chainsaw

Plot: Giko is a middle school senior. The poor girl needs to make sure she has her exams written down. But is she able? Oh, no Sir! There are Zombies. Giko’s friends transform into zombies, and she has to battle them or risk her middle school graduation chance! And how is Giko fighting against her classmates? Of course, with a chainsaw! So as she heads around having to carry a huge chainsaw and slicing up zombies, if you have the appetite for it, there is a lot of violence and gore to see. Find more after watching this movie.

5- Schoolgirl Apocalypse

Japanese title:    セーラー服黙示録, [Sērā-fuku mokushiroku]

Directed by:       John Cairns

Produced by:      Yuki Kito

Cast:                   Mai Tsujimoto, Higarino

Release date:     July 2011

Running time:    86 minutes

Box office:         Unknown

Ratings:             IMDb (5.4), Letterboxd (3.1/5)

Why: This film is probably indie horror at its finest. Not exactly terrifying, but plenty of funny scenes and a blend of kitschy humor and horror that I love in indie horror. The setting and storyline made the movie very original. A fun and unforgettable watch of Japanese zombies movies, overall.

zombie Japanese Schoolgirl Apocalypse

Plot: Sakura is an average Japanese school girl living in the hills in a small town. One day at school, her instructor and classmate started acting oddly during archery practice. Soon, all the men in town turn violent and begin to attack the women. Sakura goes on the run to find the source of the problem. Along the way, she meets a mother and her son, who has been infected. She gets some supplies from the mother and soon encounters another woman, but she’s not friendly. She’s holding two people captive. The captives aren’t whom they seem to be. What’s the real cause of the madness?

4- Tag 2015

Japanese title:    リアル鬼ごっこ, [Riaru Onigokko]

Directed by:       Sion Sono

Produced by:     Sedic Deux Inc.

Cast:                  Mariko Shinoda,            Reina Triendl

Release date:    July 11, 2015

Running time:   85 minutes

Box office:        Unknown

Ratings:            IMDb (6.1), Rotten Tomaotoes (92%), FilmAffinity (5.4/10)

Why: I love this zombie Movie Japanese to the point because it is related to my real-life story. Once we went on a field trip, my friend referred me to this movie because my driving was like the first scene. But when they ask me why Mitsuko is the only one alive, I’ve always gone silent because I don’t know why myself, and it is a mystery.

Japanese zombie movie Tag 2015 film

Plot: Mitsuko, a shy high school student, survives a wind gust that cuts through her school bus, bisecting everybody on board. The wind is chasing her and killing all the other girls with whom she comes into contact. Dazed, she stumbles on the campus of a high school. Some girls are greeting her, and some girls are cutting out a class and going to the woods. With different versions of themselves, they muse on whether there are many realities.

With a white feather, Sur demonstrates variance, saying that it will mean the time it takes for the feather to fall and where it will land is all already defined. She implies that destiny can be fooled by only doing something that one would never usually do, thus altering the result. Mitsuko’s teacher shoots back at school with a machine gun and executes all the girls but leave Mitsuko. As the remaining girls flee, one of them asks her to think about why this is happening.

3- Pulse 2001

Japanese title:    回路 [Kairo]

Directed by:       Kiyoshi Kurosawa

Produced by:      Shun Shimizu

Cast:                   Haruhiko Kato, Kumiko Asō

Release date:     3 February 2001

Running time:    119 minutes

Box office:         $51,420

Ratings:             IMDb (6.5), Rotten Tomaotoes (74%), Letterboxd (3.6/5)

Why: ‘Pulse’ is one of the scariest and most terrifying Japanese horror films you’ll ever see. This might be named techno-horror or internet fear; pulse pounds of supernatural images and monsters find their way into your brain, so you’re not going to Switch On your computer again. Despite being filled with positively dreadful moments and pictures, the story is more like a Wim Wenders sci-fi apocalypse Japanese zombie movie.

zombie movie Pulse 2001

Plot: An American remake, also titled Pulse, debuted in 2006 and spawned two sequels. The script was also adapted into a novel of the same name by Kurosawa himself.

In the First story, Kudo Michi, a plant store worker, and her three co-workers have been missing operating on a computer disk for several days. Michi heads to one of his apartments and finds that he noose, leaves, and hangs himself. She and her friends study the disk he left behind and discover that Taguchi’s images on it, and at another monitor on his desk, they find out a ghostly face staring out into Taguchi’s room.

In the Second story, Ryosuke, an economics student’s computer, accesses a website by itself, showing him disturbing images of people alone in dark rooms, exhibiting bizarre behavior. That night, he finds disturbing photos again on the computer. He unplugs his computer, and the next day, a computer science student suggests printing those pictures for her to Analyze. He tries to do so but notices that his computer is not going to obey his instructions.

2- Suicide Club

Japanese title:    自殺サークル [Jisatsu Sākuru]

Directed by:       Sion Sono

Produced by:     Seiya Kawamata

Cast:                  Masatoshi Nagase, Ryō Ishibashi

Release date:     October 29, 2001

Running time:    99 minutes

Budget:              $250,000

Ratings:              IMDb (6.6), Rotten Tomatoes (57%),

Why: To me, the best comments I have seen about this Japan zombie movie are those that say something like, “You’re not supposed to understand.” Like a roller coaster, it takes you through some shocking and scary stuff and leaves you back where you started with a queasy feeling in your stomach and the desire to ride it again.

Japanese zombie movie Suicide Club

Plot: This Zombie film is set for six days, and the plot starts with a concert at Dessert, in which a J-Pop song is performed. On May 27, 54 teenage schoolgirls committed mass suicide in Tokyo by pushing themselves next to an oncoming train. Two nurses attempt suicide by jumping off a building soon afterward in a hospital. Rolls of skin are present at both sites. A hacker informs three detectives of a relation between suicides and a website that depicts red and white circles as the number of suicides.

The Next Day, a group of High school students jumps off the roof during lunch, sending the city in search of a “Suicide Club, and again the next day, the suicide boom has spread all over Japan. Mitsuko took to the police station for questioning because she hit her boyfriend, who has thrown himself off a roof.

1- Tokyo Gore Police

Japanese title:    東京残酷警察, [Tōkyō Zankoku Keisatsu]

Directed by:        Yoshihiro Nishimura

Produced by:       Satoshi Nakamura

Cast:                    Itsuji Itao, Eihi Shiina

Release date:      1 January 2008

Running time:    110 minutes

Box office:          Unknown

Ratings:              IMDb (5.9), Rotten Tomaotoes (82%)

Why: It is the best zombie Japanese movie I have ever seen in my whole life. Let’s start with why the movie is so exceptional because the special effects were terrific and impressive. Don’t forget the gore; it was crazy. Even though the action was best, and it does some well-directed action scenes. The craziness in the movie doesn’t stop, and the morale is excellent.

Tokyo Gore Police

Plot: The film is set in a near-future chaotic Japan. A mad scientist has created a virus that mutates humans into monstrous creatures called “Engineers. The Police Force has to interact with these engineers, so they are designed to a particular squad of officers called “Engineer Hunters” The force is supported by Ruka, a depressed loner, skilled in executing the engineers.

She is now searching for her father’s murderer, who was assassinated by a mysterious gunman in full daylight. Ruka soon gets a new case to track down Key Man, but once she meets him, he infects her with the virus. Meanwhile, a police officer becomes infected while visiting a strip-club filled with Engineers and massacres the central precinct.


Zombies have become a household name. These flesh-eating undead creatures enjoy popularity in cinema, TV, and other popular media. This article by Zain Mumtaz Summaries the Japanese zombie movie genre. Although zombie movies’ interest seemed to have been going down everywhere, even now, Japan is going high.

I hope you are amazed and got the best Japanese zombies movies you are looking for, also check my blog on Best Action Anime.

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