25 Best Korean Drama Of All Time For Kdrama Lovers


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25 Best Korean Drama of all Time for K-Drama Lovers Watch:

There’s also nothing like the empty sensation of loss you get when your favorite program comes to an end. Among the excellent, terrible, and ugly, A few best Korean dramas have lasted the test of time and may be counted among the best produced. A fantastic story will always touch home, regardless of how old or fresh it is. Here’s a selection of the best Korean drama of all time that will make you swoon and tug at your emotions. The best Kdrama of all time has helped to disseminate Korean culture throughout the world.

The content is suitable for all audiences, as most of the episodes are G-rated, and the cast is quite beautiful. I’ve seen some earlier most addictive Korean dramas that I’d missed, but I’d say I’ve seen all of the main ones. That’s why I came up with the idea for this list. Of course, if we’ve missed any significant submissions, please let us know in the comments section, and we’ll look into it to see if it cuts.

25- Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Why: One of my best Korean drama is this one. The typical poor, simple girl who needs to work hard to support her family perseveres with a smile and has a very wealthy famous person fall in love with her. This time, it’s two rich and unique men, and you have no idea. She was the obnoxious short-tempered childish but loyal guy who found the kind, gentle guy who recognized her in distress. This film has many amusing moments, romantic moments, morals, and fantastic entertainment. I’ve ever seen great pals and the most horrible mother. Each character develops, and you either become smitten with them or feel sorry for them.

Boys Over Flowers

Plot: The typical poor, simple girl who needs to work hard to support her family perseveres with a smile and has a very wealthy famous person become smitten with her. She can be found in the kind, gentle guy who recognizes her in distress and knows where or the obnoxious short-tempered childish but faithful and loyal guy. This film has many amusing moments, romantic moments, morals, and fantastic entertainment.

I’ve ever seen great pals and the most horrible mother. Each character develops, and you either become smitten with them or feel sorry for them. However, Jan Di’s companion, Oh Min Ji, is forced to wage war on the F4 leader, Goo Joon Pyo, after she mistakenly spills ice cream on his shoes. Goo Joon Pyo develops feelings for her after she becomes smitten with someone from the F4.

24- Secret Garden (2010)

Why: This plot is propelled forward by a delightfully tight connection between Ha Ji-Won and Hyun Bin, which Ha Ji-Won and Hyun Bin perfectly portray. It’s amusing at times and also instead moving at others. However, perhaps because it ultimately defined them and their predicament, the fantasy aspect did not detract from the emotion I put into their future.

I’ve grown to appreciate the best Korean drama of all time, which is undoubtedly one of the best. As a South Asian person, I have to forgive cultural differences, just as Koreans do when confronted with the play. But with so much to enjoy, it’s a small price to pay. I’ll be honest, and the first episode did not impress me.

I was about to give up on it, but something compelled me to persevere. I became addicted. This love story is one of my favorites. He was a genuine jerk, yet he was also likable. I ended up enamored with the story. The actor who played his relative was also excellent. He made me laugh out loud. He did an excellent job of portraying a corny pop star while also being lovable. I would suggest it!

Secret Garden 2010

Plot: Gil Ra-Im, a stuntwoman, and Kim Joo-won, the CEO of a high-end department store, have a logical Cinderella narrative. Ra I’m and Joo-won cross paths due to a misunderstanding while attempting to resolve a situation with his cousin, Oska, a well-known singer, and he is taken away by her calm demeanor. Joo-won is perplexed as to why Ra-im is always in his thoughts, so he decides to follow her. He initially repulses Ra-Im, but she eventually begins to reciprocate his affections. Ra I’m and Joo-won gradually learn about one other’s worlds when their worlds collide. Joo-mother, won’s on the other hand, does not want them to love each other. So they marry against his mother’s concerns.

Meanwhile, Oska reunites with his first love, Yoon Seul, establishing herself as a successful director. Yoon Seul, on the other hand, is only interested in Joo-won and despises Oska. When Ra-Im and Joo-won magically trade bodies, the narrative becomes even more intricate and dramatic. By studying this series, one can better grasp Confucius’ thinking, which Korea has accepted as its “religion” for hundreds of years, and better comprehend the people today.

23- The Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)

Why: This gripping best Korean drama of all time and love story combines myth, shamanism, Confucianism, and a glimpse into an ancient civilization. It’s well-written and fascinating. I now have a deeper grasp of Korean history and society, including the writing they used, the cuisine they ate, and how they treated one another after spending a lot of time in Korea and Japan. I can’t wait to revisit Korea to meet the people, enjoy the delicious cuisine of tiny plates of various fish, vegetables, and rice, and visit the temples.

The Moon Embracing the Sun 2012

Plot: To secure her own son’s throne, Queen Dowager arranges the assassination of her stepson. The murder was witnessed by Ari, a shaman from the Royal Star Mansion (Royal Astrology House). However, the palace’s Chief Scholar’s pregnant wife assists her in escaping, and she swears to safeguard the unborn child, who has a “noble fate.” Years later, Crown Prince Lee Hwon and Heo Yeon-woo, the child A-ri pledged to protect, fall in love.

The Crown Prince’s older half-brother, Prince Yangmyung, has also found love with Yeon-woo, but she does not reciprocate his sentiments. Instead, Queen Dowager wants to make Yoon Bo-Kyung, the Prime Minister’s daughter and a blood relative, the Crown Princess, keep her clan’s dominance. However, Yeon-woo is exiled from the palace and loses her title after being diagnosed with an unknown disease. She is “dead” and buried due to this disease, but Nok-Yeong digs her up because the spell is only transitory and merely gives the impression of death.

Crown Prince Lee Hwon marries Bo-Kyung against his choice but refuses to consummate the marriage due to an undisclosed ailment and contemplates his “dead” first love. After eight years, Lee Hwon has become King, and Yeon-woo has become Shaman Wol (“moon”). The Grand Royal Queen Dowager, unaware of Wol’s true identity, summons her to the palace to heal her grandson’s “sickness.” Meanwhile, Wol is perplexed by her peculiar memories of her life as Yeon-woo, which she interprets as shamanic visions.

To restore her rightful status as Queen of Joseon, she must battle Queen Yoon, the Grand Royal Queen Dowager, and Prime Minister Yoon. As Lee Hwon fights for his crown and the woman he loves, political intrigue builds to a shocking conclusion.

23- My Love from the Star (2013)

Why: I wish to rate this show other than a rating. It is the most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen. Both the story and the acting are flawless. I’ve watched this show several times and continue to find it fascinating because it is the best Kdrama of all time. The visual effects are incredible. You can’t say that it’s just a dramatic sight, and it has an authentic feel to it. This drama’s pivotal moments are fascinating. The shift of a leading actress’s role into a supporting actress teaches us about acceptance. The show is also motivating. Overall, it was a fantastic experience.

My love from the Star 2013

Plot: In 1609, during the Joseon Dynasty, an alien named Do Min-Joon came to Earth. After saving a girl named Seo Yi-Hwa from tumbling over a cliff, he is stranded on Earth for the next four centuries, having missed his return voyage to his home planet. He has a humanoid appearance, enhanced physical abilities in the areas of vision, hearing, and speed, as well as a cynical, jaded attitude toward humanity.

Cheon Song-Yi is a well-known Hallyu performer who came to prominence as a child; her arrogant demeanor garnered her ridicule in the entertainment industry and on social media. Song-spending Yi’s mother squandered her finances, and her younger brother Cheon Yoon-Jae has grown estranged from her due to her fame. Lee Hee-Kyung of Song-buddy Yi has been in love with her since middle school and has disregarded her numerous times.

Yoo Se-mi, Song-childhood Yi’s friend, generally placed in supporting roles alongside Song-Yi, has had a crush on Hee-Kyung since middle school, despite their forbidden love. So while Song-Yi is initially perplexed by his upcoming departure, she eventually accepts his leaving to ensure his survival.

22- I Can Hear Your Voice (2013)

Why: The first drama I’ve seen with Lee Jong Suk as the main character. I was blown away and couldn’t wait to see the next episode; it’s no surprise they added a few more after, and I can see why the series got so many prizes. Lee Jong Suk portrays a man who had developed the power to read people’s minds due to his father’s death in a vehicle accident when he was a child. Although the driver who hit the car intended to kill both the father and the child, the leading actress was present. Despite being bullied into not going to court to testify whether the accident was not an accident, she did go.

The best Korean drama begins when both of the main characters are in their adolescent years. It’s fascinating to see how they interact, collaborate, and protect one another. I would recommend this series to everyone because it may appeal to a wide range of tastes.

I Can Hear Your Voice

Plot: After overcoming poverty and a difficult upbringing, Jang Hye-sung becomes a lawyer, specifically a public defender. He is realistic, self-preserving, and jaded. However, her world is flipped upside down when she meets Park Soo-ha, a high school girl with the remarkable ability to hear other people’s thoughts by staring into their eyes.

After witnessing his father’s murder ten years ago, Soo-ha developed his mind-reading powers. Hye-sung, then a high school girl, provided crucial testimony in court despite the killer’s threats, and his father’s murder was first rejected as an automobile accident. Since then, Soo-ha has been looking for her. However, she progressively abandons her quest for wealth and fame. To solve their cases, the odd team works together using innovative approaches.

20- Pinnochio (2014)

Why: It is one of the best Korean Drama of all time I’ve ever seen. Most of the summaries are poor, but it’s challenging to convey what the story is about without giving any spoilers. But I will admit that it is not your typical romantic comedy with no real narrative. Instead, the story is gripping and well-written to the finish. It’s about death, vengeance, mystery, and so on. However, there is undoubtedly romance, as there is in the best Kdrama of all time, with a love/hate plot that will make you chuckle.

The actors are fantastic; you can’t expect anything less from Park Shin-Hye and Lee Jong-suk. Aside from all I’ve written, I enjoyed this drama because it’s adult without being too serious and depressing, and it still has humor. It’ll make you cry and laugh at the same time; it’s an emotional journey that I recommend to everyone!

pinocchio - best korean drama of all time 1

Plot: After being found lost at sea, a young kid whose life and new media ruined his family was adopted by a family in a remote location. For the past 13 years, he has tried to keep his history hidden for the sake of everyone. However, when the lady he loves decides to pursue a career in journalism, the truth about his family emerges. However, the girl’s mother (a news reporter) appears to be the source of his family’s plight. The story of this best Korean drama will revolve around young individuals’ first steps into society and the arduous process of becoming journalists. When confronted with the truth, they will cry, be wounded, and become discouraged, but they will recognize their responsibility to safeguard the fact as they grow older.

19- Healer (2014)

Why: The best Korean drama of all time has it all: superb writing, excellent casts, a fantastic OST, and a fast-paced plot. It will engross you from beginning to end, and there’s a good combination of action, drama, romance, and mystery in this film. I wasn’t bored for even a second. On the contrary, I couldn’t wait for the next episode since each one kept me on the edge of my seat. Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook have a good relationship. Yoo Ji Tae will be a hit with you as well. Their acting is excellent, and I did not have any regrets about watching this drama. One of the most addictive Korean drama I’ve ever seen!

Healer best korean drama

Plot: A decades-old episode occurred. When five friends ran an illegal pro-democracy broadcasting company during South Korea’s Fifth Republic, brings together three diverse individuals illegal “night courier” with the codename “Healer” who retains top-notch combat skills. A reporter from a 2nd tabloid news website and a well-known journalist at a central broadcasting station.

They develop into honest reporters that aim to blur the lines of conflict between truth and reality, even if it means confronting media moguls while seeking to unearth the truth from that 1992 incident and a series of current-day killings.

18- Doctor Strange (2014)

Why: Initially, I looked for Lee Jong Suk, a young actor who has proven exceptionally talented. However, as the series went on, I found that the plot was generally perfect. In addition, it contains elements of various genres, including suspense, romance, and action, and it might easily be classified as a “medical drama.”

Lee Jong Suk portrays a genius doctor led to North Korea by a powerful politician who persuaded his father to come to North Korea to cure a politician during the war. Lee Jong Suk’s character developed outstanding medical abilities, which he later used when he and his father were held hostages and employed for their medical knowledge and experience. Then fate begins to take shape. Anyone who enjoys what I’ve stated will enjoy this best Kdrama of all time.

doctor stranger - best kdrama of all time

Plot: Park Hoon and his father, Park Cheol, were duped and transferred to North Korea when they were children. He denied Park Hoon and his father entry to South Korea after being sent to North Korea. Park Hoon was a doctor in North Korea by his father, already a well-known physician. He went on to become a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon after completing medical school in North Korea. There, he fell in love with Song Jae-Hee. After his father died, Park Hoon attempted to flee to South Korea with Jae-hee, but they eventually lost contact.

As a result, park Hoon was finally able to travel to South Korea on his own. Park Hoon begins his career as a doctor at Myungwoo University Hospital in South Korea. Meanwhile, he met a female who resembles Jae-hee, Doctor Han Seung-hee, who claims to have never met Park Hoon.

17- She was Pretty (2015)

Why: It’s a million times better than a fairy tale. If your childhood tales have faded, there is the best Korean drama of all time like this that can tell you a fascinating story with friendly, trustworthy characters. Finally, a series that is genuinely like a story, very original, about a childhood love rekindled after fifteen years, after a unique set of events, rarely sad, and mostly hilarious. In addition, there is a lot of common sense in this series.

I admire the fact that there is no knavery, grudge, or selfishness. I don’t mind honest and friendly solutions, and I enjoy happy endings. There are a lot of beautiful, delicious, intellectual, and amusing parts in this film. I could watch some sequences again and again and never get tired of them. The entire story is well-thought-out and constructed, much like a puzzle in which the pieces fit together. There is no secondary character to surpass the main character’s Hye-performance. Jin’s That is something I discovered to be beneficial. Even for the many funny sequences, this is a series worth watching.

best 2015 korean drama She Was Pretty

Plot: rom-com best Korean drama of all time about two old friends who reconnect after a turnaround of fortunes and appearances, set in the setting of a fashion magazine’s publishing office. Kim Hye-jin dubbed the “Cha’s,” was a lovely girl from a wealthy family. However, she suffered through troubles after her family’s publishing company went bankrupt, and she also lost her attractiveness. After being an unattractive young man with low self-esteem, Ji Sung-Joon grew up a gorgeous and successful editor.

However, when the two met again as adults, Sung-Joon couldn’t identify Hye-jin. Hye-jin is apprehensive about meeting her first love and ruining his impression of her, so she invites her attractive best friend, Ha-ri, to stand in for her. However, things rapidly became troublesome when Hye-jin was sent to work at The Most magazine’s publishing office, where Sung-Joon is the deputy chief editor. He openly mocks and ridicules her for her clumsiness, oblivious that she was his faithful childhood buddy. Nevertheless, Ha-ri keeps running across Sung-Joon and develops affection for him. On the other hand, Hye-jin makes a nice buddy at work, Shin-hyuk, who gradually is smitten with her.

16- The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

Why: I’m not generally a fan of fantasy dramas, but this one looked intriguing, so I gave it a go. I’m delighted I took the opportunity to do so. It was fantastic fun. As with most other best Korean Drama of all time, I enjoyed everything about it and was sad to see it end. This one was not only entertaining and amusing, but it was also quite cinematic. Even the show’s clothes and sets were entertaining to me. The plot is well-written and well-cast. Keep an eye on things. You’re not going to let me down.

Legend of the Blue Sea

Plot: Shim Cheong, a mermaid, and Heo Joon-Jae, an intelligent con artist, are the central characters in the series. Their journey contrasted with the parallel story of their Joseon-era incarnations, the mermaid Se-Hwa and town chief Kim Dam-Leong, which focuses on reincarnation, fate, and forbidden love.

15- Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016)

Why: It’s been a long time since I’ve watched the best Korean drama of all time. The premise of this film is based on how a long-forgotten love story is resurrected when love finds a way. The plot revolves around a man’s pure love for a mermaid. Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji-Hyun have done an excellent job in their responsibilities.

I admit that I like Lee Min Ho; he’s too attractive, and his various movie roles have made me fascinated by him over and over again; he’s like a boxset boyfriend to me. Likewise, actress Jun Ji-Hyun justifies the mermaid’s character. But, unfortunately, her features and acting ability do not appear to be mermaid-like. The movie’s other characters are well-portrayed and acted.

The antagonist is the one who makes the protagonist stand out in the film. However, the character played by Lee Ji-hoon has a more significant impact. Lee Hee-Joon portrays a well-rounded character. The performer does a fantastic job in the supporting role. Through the complex plotline, Shin Won-ho, Shin Hye-sun, and Hong Jin-Kyung maintain the film’s light and humor effect making it soothing. In a nutshell, the plot is engaging and keeps you hooked till the very end. I can watch it again and again.

cinderella and four knights drama

Plot: Eun Ha-won is an intelligent high school senior who aspires to be a teacher. However, she tragically loses her mother in a car accident. Ha-college won’s money is steel when her father remarries, and a harsh stepmother moves in. To pay for her mother’s memorial and her college tuition, she must work part-time jobs. She meets an older guy who is the chairman of a giant firm and persuades her to live in his home with his three grandchildren, the heirs to his family’s money.

Kang Ji-Woon, a rebellious loner and playboy money machine, finds herself at the center of the giant love triangle in the best Kdrama of all time, involving Kang Hyun-min and the super-sweet singer Kang Seo-woo. Lee Yoon-sung, the cousins’ attractive bodyguard, and Park Hye-Ji, a girl who has been neighbors and in love with Hyun-min since childhood, round out the mansion’s chaebol lifestyle.

14- Bring it on, a Ghost (2016)

Why: Bong Pal is a high school student who can see ghosts. One day, he encounters a girl’s spirit, and the two resolve to aid each other. However, the girl has no recollection of her past and wants to reclaim her memories. As a result, they embark on a journey together, searching for her memories while hunting for ghosts. It is a comedy, romance mystery thriller that has all of the aspects nicely combined.

The first half of the series emphasizes the best Korean drama of all time, and the second half focuses on romance and mystery, with a bit of drama thrown in for good measure. It’s an excellent series, particularly for fans of the supernatural and rom-com genres.

Bring it on a Ghost

Plot: Park Bong-pal could see ghosts since he was a child. He utilizes his talent to work as an investigator, expelling spirits to save money for a treatment that will take away his ability.

At a ghostly high school, he meets Kim Hyun-Ji, a fiery high school student who became a wandering spirit after a traffic accident. Bong-pal, Hyun-Ji feels, may hold the key to understanding why she is a spirit. Hyun-Ji persuades Bong-pal to let her move in so that the Earth forever ascends to the next life, and the two become ghost battling partners. With the help of Hyun-Ji, Bong-pal realizes that he can beat even more powerful spirits, but he also discovers that not all ghosts are evil.

Long-time recluse Bong-pal is fascinated by Hyun-Ji, who shows interest in his feelings while working and living together. However, both are ignorant of what caused Hyun-accident jits.

13- W (2016)

Why: It completely enthralled me. The story, acting, and directing are all excellent. The best Korean drama of all time is well-balanced in terms of comedy, romance, and drama. And it’s written so well that I have a lot of respect for the author. If it weren’t for the final episode, I can’t say that I blame anyone.

At least 4-5 more episodes were required for this series. And the novel scarcely focused on its primary characters and romance to describe what was going on. So instead, we get the sensations because the actors were brilliant at expressing the ever-changing dynamic of the hero and heroine.

w two worlds

Plot: The story revolves around the eponymous fictitious webtoon W, written and created by famed novelist and illustrator Oh Seong-moo, which begins to function as if it were a separate universe.

W became so well-known in South Korea that printed editions of the book became best-sellers. However, his celebrity is shattered when an unknown murderer slaughters his family. Another villain, Han Cheol-ho, takes charge of the case to earn political favor, persuading the court to sentence Kang Chul to death. However, Kang Chul is found not guilty despite his best efforts. He attempts suicide across the Han River but is stopped and instead chooses to find out the genuine culprit and devote his life to solving murders. After ten years, Kang Chul has become a multimillionaire.

The webtoon W began with Kang Chul’s childhood when he was a beautiful and intelligent young man who was also a great shooter. He became well-known in South Korea after winning the 50-meter pistol shoot at the 2004 Athens Olympics. When the illustrator’s daughter Oh Yeon-Joo mistakenly enters the comic world, he begins “Project W” in an attempt to find the actual perpetrator of his family’s deaths. The plot revolves around the question of whether he would be able to find happiness.

12- Weightlifting Fairy (2016)

Why: It is one of the best Korean dramas of all time, and the entire cast is fantastic. Because of the plot’s simplicity, I enjoy it. There’s nothing complicated about it. It’s about college students and their daily lives.

Nam Joo Hyuk has always been one of my favorite actors, and he is incredibly adorable in this film. The main couple’s chemistry is enough to make you root for them. When I’m having a poor day or going through a difficult moment, I watch this drama. It always makes me happy. So if you’re on a barrier about whether or not to start, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Weightlifting Fairy best korean rom com drama of all time

Plot: Kim Bok Joo, a young woman on an athlete college campus pursuing her ambition of weightlifting, develops a crush on Jung Joon-older Hyung’s brother, Jung Jae-Yi. It is a coming-of-age story about a group of collegiate athletes who are striving for their aspirations, experiencing and discovering love along the road, and maturing at every turn.

11- Cheese in the Trap (2016)

Why: It is the best Kdrama of all time to watch; if you enjoy Kdramas, you will not be disappointed because it is not your traditional Kdrama with lovey-dovey leads, but the lead characters have lovely chemistry. Well written, and once you start watching it, you will like it. Many people thought the ending was spoiled, but as I previously stated, it is not normal, so you may find it different, but otherwise, it was fantastic. So, ignore the negative comments and watch it!

Cheese In The Trap

Plot: The drama centers on the complicated relationship between Hong Seol, an industrious scholarship student, and Yoo Jung, her deceptively lovely senior, and follows the lives and relationships of a group of university students. Jung, the Taerang Group’s wealthy and well-liked heir, appears to have it all. However, even though he looks friendly and sympathetic to everyone around him, he is a brilliant manipulator who relishes murdering those who irritate him, often with the assistance of others.

Seol’s life becomes so awful after realizing what’s going on that she decides to quit school. However, he is unexpectedly polite to her and asks her out on a date when she returns through a scholarship intended for Jung. Even though she has no idea who he is, they begin an uneasy connection exacerbated by their distance and the fallout from his different plots. The entrance of Baek In-ho and his sister In-ha, Jung’s childhood pals who have since had a falling out, further complicates the situation.

10- Guardian (2016)

Why: Every once in a while, the timing is right to create stunning cinematic art. “Goblin” is the best Korean drama of all time and an example of this, as talented writer Kim Eun-maturation Sook merges with sensitive directing, stunning cinematography, and Gong Yoo’s and the rest of the stellar cast’s tremendous acting skills. Regardless of the country of origin, this is excellent art and television. Simply put, it’s fantastic television. I’ve been watching Korean dramas for over a decade, and this one is by far the finest. This film comes highly recommended not just for drama enthusiasts but for all fans of high-quality cinematic art worldwide.

guardian best korean drama

Plot: The youthful King frames Kim Shin, a decorated military general from the Goryeo Dynasty, as a traitor and murders him. Years after his death, the Almighty curses him to remain immortal forever, enduring the agony of seeing his loved ones perish in retaliation for the troops he sacrificed to defend his country. Despite his tragic past, he becomes an eternal goblin who uses his talents to aid others and is a nice man. The only way to end his immortality is for the Goblin’s bride to help him pull out the sword, which will end his agonizing life. Despite her traumatic life, Ji Eun-Tak is a lively high school girl who remains happy and cheerful. By luck, she summons the Goblin, and their lives become intertwined.

Yoo Deok-Hwa, the Goblin’s nephew, leases the Goblin’s house to a Grim Reaper, and the two wind up living together. Ji Eun-Tak begins working part-time at a chicken shop owned by Sunny, a cheerful young woman. A deeper story emerges as the lives of Kim Shin, Grim Reaper, Ji Eun-Tak, and Sunny intertwine, as they are not just strangers who met by chance but people with deep-rooted ties.

9- Descendant of the Sun (2016)

Why: I’ll be able to view it again. It’s beautiful and heartwarming-a touching love story between a soldier and a doctor. Although parts of the show make you want to fall in love all over again, it is the best Korean drama of all time.

The hardship they go through on their way to love makes it such an enjoyable movie. They aren’t afraid of other people cheating here; instead, they are so scared of dying at any moment. Love, passion, comedy, emotions, and action are all the present-the whole shebang. You can empathize with the characters at times. Each actor’s performance, whether they are the main protagonists or supporting characters, is outstanding. Each one of them makes you fall in love. The direction is excellent.

Descendant of the Sun best korean drama of all time

Plot: Captain Yoo Si-jin of the South Korean Special Forces. He and his friend Master Sergeant Seo Dae-young watch a young man stealing a motorcycle and apprehend him while off-duty.

During the chase, the robber, Kim Gi-bum, is injured and taken to the hospital. Dae-young discovers that the burglar has stolen his phone and travels to the hospital with Si-jin to reclaim it. Si-jin and Mo-yeon maintain their relationship after returning to Korea until Si-jin and Dae-young are assigned to a classified operation. Then, they vanished and thought slain. However, Si-jin eventually finds her on the first anniversary of their deaths. At the same time, Dae-young traveled to Uruk to find Myung-Ju after informing the Military Headquarters that they were alive.

Si-jin told Mo-Yeon after their reunion that he and Dae-young had been liberated from prison by “a buddy from afar,” a soldier from North Korea whom Si-jin had previously assisted. Thus, Si-jin and Mo-Yeon, as well as Myung-Ju and Dae-young, have all been blissfully reunited.

8- Strong Girl Bong Soon (2017)

Why: This show has a gripping plot involving a superpower and is the best Korean drama of all time. Still, it risks becoming immature or campy, especially considering the frequent light-hearted parts that break up the action and tension.

Nevertheless, it’s appealing because it’s well-made as a serious film and because it avoids practically all of the usual romance and action stereotypes. The action and drama were well-balanced against the comedy, and each of these elements was well-written and acted in its own right. In addition, the primary characters’ chemistry is palpable, and among the best, I’ve ever seen on television or in movies. This show will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. It comes highly recommended.

Strong Girl Bong Soon

Plot: Do Bong-soon possess supernatural power from birth. Her strength is inherited and exclusively handed down to the females in her family. Her ambition is to create a video game in which she is the protagonist. However, she is adamant about becoming a delicate and elegant woman, her crush’s ideal kind. Thanks to her power, she gets a job as a bodyguard for Ahn Min-hyuk, the CEO of Ainsoft, a game firm. In contrast to Guk-doo, Min-hyuk is an eccentric man who is playful, a little pampered, disobeys rules, and despises cops. After seeing Bong-soon fight up many thugs at a construction site when they attacked an old elementary school bus driver, he decided to hire her as his bodyguard.

A series of kidnapping instances occur in Dobong-dong, Bong-neighborhood, soon’s, and she is determined to find the person who kidnapped her closest friend. She can control her strength with the help and instruction of Min-hyuk and put it to good use. Min-hyuk and Bong-romance soon are blossoming into something more. Their working connection and their pursuit of the kidnapper results in amusing and complex scenarios, which bring them together.

7- I’m Not a Robot (2017)

Why: It isn’t your average Korean drama. It is the best Kdrama of all time ever. The tale is original and exciting, a welcome change from regular western and Asian television and a well-written script. The actors/actresses, particularly the critical stars, did an excellent job portraying their characters. If you weep and giggle while watching the series, you know it’s worth your time. It is a must-see Korean drama. If you’re new to K-drama, this is an excellent way to get started with their vast TV shows and films library. This series, in particular, boasts great production, photography, and sound mixing – on pace with, if not better than, many western television productions.

Im Not a Robot best kdrama of all time 1

Plot: Kim Min-kyu lives a prosperous but secluded existence due to a severe aversion to physical interaction with other humans. He develops life-threatening rashes that quickly spread across his body when he comes into contact with any skin type. On the other hand, Jo Ji-ah attempts to turn her innovations into businesses, most notably two networked heart-shaped lamps. KM Financial’s chairman and principal shareholder are Min-kyu. Hwang Do-won, a friend and coworker of his father’s, raised him, and his son, Hwang Yeo-Chul, is the CEO of KM Financial and is the same age as Min-kyu. At the last moment, Min-kyu manages to foil the effort.

He discovers evidence linking Hwang Do-won and Martin to Chairman Park’s assassination and returns the Aji 3 to the Santa Maria team. After two years, the Santa Maria team has successfully launched a new robot with a fresh look, and they, together with Ji-ah and Min-kyu, are enjoying their unique lifestyles.

6- My Secret Romance(2017) 

Why: The traditional rich guy with a tragic childhood is a k drama cliche. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it because of the sheer romantic element, making it the best Korean drama of all time. Moreover, it was only a few minutes. There were no needless sidelines. After viewing an oddly flawed girl, a man who happens to be a casanova abruptly ends his dating life! It was surreal, but I enjoyed it. I honestly believed and hoped the child was theirs, but the writers completely misled the audience!

My Secret Romance best rom com korean drama of all time

Plot: Jin-Wook and Yoo-mi meet at a Gangwon-do resort and become embroiled in a series of miscommunications and mishaps. Jin-sneaky Wook’s fun demeanor captivated Yoo-mi, and the two unexpectedly spent the night together. Yoo-mi, on the other hand, vanishes the following day, leaving Jin-look bewildered and violently enraged. Three years later, the two reunite when Yoo-mi accepts a position as a dietician in Jin-company work’s cafeteria. They act as if they don’t know each other while fighting their desire for one another.

5- Fight For My Way (2017)

Why: This drama is unique in its own right, with semi-retro cinematography that is somewhat related to our lives and is not your typical Kdrama about a rich male smitten by a poor girl. It’s adorable to watch Choi Ae Ra and Ko Dong Man, who have been best friends for 20 years, build their affection. After work, I enjoy watching this basic, fresh, and best Korean drama. Oh, and Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon’s chemistry is fantastic and adorable at the same time, and for all Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won lovers, this is a must-see drama!

Fight for My Way

Plot: Since childhood, Ko Dong Man, a high school Taekwondo champion pursuing a career in the UFC, and Choi Ae Ra, a vibrant girl who aspires to be a famous announcer, have been close friends. Now they must deal with a shift in their affections for each other and face obstacles to realize their aspirations.

4- A Korean Odyssey (2017)

Why: The TV show is one-of-a-kind and the best Korean drama on Netflix. It has a lot of funny parts in it, and watching it is truly a fantastic experience. The acting is excellent, as is the story. It combines romance, drama, comedy, and horror in an unexpected combination that makes you feel like you’re riding a roller coaster of emotions. It’s a well-balanced combination that keeps you wanting to see more. The characters are intriguing and have the potential to develop further. However, it is not the program for you if you wish for too many CGI and spectacular effects. Some impressive results aren’t remarkable, but they aren’t crucial to the plot. I’m hoping for as many seasons as possible for this program because it has many promises.

Korean Odyssey

Plot: In 2017, Son Oh-gong and Woo Ma-wang were at odds as they sought pure light in a world ruled by evil. He met years ago with a little girl. Finally, son Oh-gong and Seon-mi reunite in a fateful encounter 25 years after they made a bargain allowing her to call on him for help anytime she needs it in exchange for allowing him to walk free.

3- What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? (2018)

Why: It is the second Park Seo Joon series I’ve watched (the first being She Was Pretty), and I’m blown away by the quality of the young actors, the beauty of the filming, and the perfection of the production. The love stories are identical, but they hold the viewer’s attention and make them eager for the next episode. The best Korean drama of all time should export these productions worldwide, as spectators worldwide will be enthralled by these stunning young performers and actresses as they mesmerize them with their performances. Thank you for providing excellent entertainment!

Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim best kdrama of all time 1

Plot: Lee Young-Joon is a prominent corporation’s vice-chairman. His world is turned upside down when his talented secretary, Kim Mi-so, announces her resignation after nine years of service to Lee Young-Joon. After speaking with his best buddy, Young-Joon, who also happens to be a board director at his company, he swore to do everything in his power to keep Mi-so by his side.

Lee Young-Joon makes numerous plans throughout the journey, while Kim Mi-so decides to track down the elusive man from a previous terrible episode in which she was a participant as a youngster. Unfortunately, both were unaware that they had experienced a horrible experience. Still, Kim Mi-so is eventually smitten by Lee Young-Joon as they help each other heal from their past painful experience of being kidnapped.

2- Her Private Life (2019)

Why: We’re all fanboys or fangirls of someone. They are adored and supported by us. However, I despise fanboys and girls who are obsessive to the point of being poisonous. Most of the time, in this best Korean drama 2019, they are just cute fans. However, they occasionally go too far. I’m aware that Korean dramas can be a little overdramatic at times. However, one aspect of the series that I loathe is that it seems to rationalize rather than criticize these obsessive behaviors. I adore the leads in this best Korean drama of all time and their excellent chemistry. Because of the obnoxious Fans at the start of the series, I was considering abandoning it. However, the plot gradually shifted to the leads’ romantic lives. It is a fantastic timepiece.

her private life best korean drama 2019

Plot: Sung Deok-mi is the outstanding chief curator of the Cheum Museum of Art, but she has a secret: she is a huge fan of White Ocean’s Cha Shi-an. Ryan Gold is a recluse artist who suffers from Stendhal syndrome and eventually gives up his profession. After the current Art Director, Uhm So Hye is investigated for theft, Ryan Gold takes over as the new Art Director of Cheum Museum of Art.

After false reports circulate that Deok-mi and Shi-an are dating, Ryan advises that he and Deok-mi act as if they are dating to stave off Shi-supporters who threaten to kill her. However, Um So-spoiled his daughter, Kim Hyo-jin. Unbeknownst to her mother, she is another Cha Shi-an fansite manager under the pseudonym Sindy to land a job as an intern at the museum to prove Ryan and Deok-mi are a fake couple. But, instead, they eventually fall in love.

1- Itaewon Class (2020)

Why: I finished the six episodes available, and this one is unlike any other KD I’ve seen; at first, it piqued my interest. I expected it to fade away like so many others, but it grows with each episode, not overly predictable, with plenty of shocks and some decent humor, but it is not a rom-com but the best Korean drama of all time. It’s a ten so far.

Give the best Korean drama of all time at least four episodes, and the claws will appear, men and women, after that. Come on, guys, nasty behavior from your main character isn’t how you create an audience, and for the first time, this last program had a lower rating than the previous one, and I saw for the first time this previous show had a worse rating than the prior one. I just completed it, and they nailed the final episode, so I’d say this is a fantastic series that you should see.


itaewon class best kdrama of all time

Plot: After his father, Jangga Group founder Jang Dae-hee, was killed in an accident, Park Sae-Ro-Yi attempted to assassinate Jang Geun-won, Jangga Group founder Jang Dae-son. Park Sae-Ro-Yi opens Danbam in Itaewon after his release from prison. He aspires to be successful and desires retribution against the Jangga Group. He is, however, not very good at running his company. After that, he meets Jo Yi-Seo.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog, and stay tuned for more. Also, check my blog on 20 Korean Comedy Movies To Watch [2021].

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