15 Best Historical Korean Dramas For Kdrama Lovers


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15 Best Korean Historical Dramas for K-Drama Lovers to Watch

Best Korean Historical Dramas come in a variety of genres, just like any other television show. Thrillers and crime programs may be more appealing to some fans. Perhaps even a sultry, blush-inducing romance. No worries, there has been a slew of excellent Historical Korean dramas over the year.

When it comes to the best Korean historical dramas, there’s a certain level of mystery and tension. The plot could include palace conspiracies, political instability, and possibly some love and comedy. Not to mention the stunning and elaborate traditional outfits such as the hanbok. Historical Korean dramas are equally as addictive as any modern story. This list is ideal for both long-time fans of Best Korean Historical Dramas and newcomers to the genre. Tell us which series you prefer. Also, please let us know what you think in the comments area!

15- Mr. Queen  

Why: This Drama has gone above and beyond my hopes. I’m fussy about Drama; before viewing any, I research everything there is to know about it. I’ve seen a lot of comedic Korean Historical Drama List, but “Mr.Queen” is the greatest. Everything about this Drama is fantastic, from romance to comedy.

15. Mr Queen - korean historical dramas

Plot: Jang Bong-hwan is a modern-day chef who works at the Blue House. He is a free spirit, but one day he awakens in the body of Queen Cheorin during the Joseon dynasty. The incumbent monarch, King Cheoljong, is a polite and easygoing individual. However, he is just King in the name; the real authority is held by Queen Sunwon, the late King’s widow, who has reduced Cheoljong to a figurehead. Queen Cheorin quickly learns that the King is not who he appears to be and has a sinister side.

14- Empress Ki

Why: Ji Chang Wook is unquestionably the leading man. He moves from being a complete loser to a powerful leader and then to a strange fellow afterward. Amazing! You’d be able to feel his anguish and affection. All of the actors/characters in this film are fantastic! Everything was great in Historical Korean Drama, from the female lead to the generals, villains, eunuchs, and lead maids in waiting! Furthermore, the plot is enthralling from the way to the end.

14. Empress Ki

Plot: Ki Seung Nyang, a Goryeo-born woman who rises to prominence over the era’s class system limits, marries Toghon Temür to become an empress of the Yuan dynasty, rather than her first love Wang Yu, is the protagonist of the series. It displays Lady Ki’s loves and political aspirations while highlighting the Emperor’s strong love for her.

13- Deep Rooted Tree

Why: One of the Korean programs can be a seductive surprise because it employs romanticism admirably as part of a larger web of power struggles, idealism, secrets, conspiracies, and the truth in an organized manner. A dark picture of the Best Korean Historical Dramas and a sophisticated fable about society’s fundamental random dimensions, a narrative focuses on questions rather than spectacular occurrences or lovely scenarios. Who appears to be a historical crime picture about the cost of liberty and how power is wielded? So, more of a film, a fantastic journey through history, employing ancient tools to great effect.

13. Deep Rooted Tree - korean historical dramas

Plot: Several murders occurred during King Sejong’s rule. As Kang Chae Yoon’s investigation into these incidents progresses, he gets closer to the truth. He becomes embroiled in a big conspiracy involving a group of geniuses willing to put their lives on the line for their beliefs, as well as secret powers that would obstruct his investigations.

12- Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Why: The Best Korean Historical Dramas is the only reason I’m paying my Netflix bill right now. The show is still on the air, with Netflix adding two new episodes per week. To fully appreciate this, I believe you must enjoy period pieces, offbeat comedy, and subtitles if you do not speak Korean. During the Joseon Dynasty, the story of Korean Historical Drama follows the first female Joseon historians and the second prince and his family.

12. Rookie Historian

Plot: Two tales are intertwined in the scenario. One of them appears in a Joseon “nowadays” set in the early nineteenth century. The other took place twenty years ago. The first is given a light treatment, with caricatures, jokes, gimmicks, student fights, and so on. The second, which is only presented in brief flashbacks, is about the unjust treatment of class and the ruthless repression of anybody who dares to protest.

11- Bridal Mask

Why: I’ve ever seen these Best Korean Historical Dramas among the most moving and well-written pieces of literature. Not only does the story provide historical context for how Koreans were treated in the early 1900s, but it also manages to transform a merely tragic story into an exciting one that audiences can enjoy. Without a doubt, one of the best things I’ve ever watched, not just in Korean Drama Historical, but in the entire world. Throughout the theater, I was never left scratching my head, wondering what happened to them or why it occurred in the first place. Each tiny detail was carefully woven into the overall plot, and the story was flawless by the conclusion.

11. Bridal Mask - best korean historical dramas


Plot: Lee Kang-to lives in Korea during the 1930s when the country is subjugated by Imperial Japanese authority. Despite his Korean heritage, he collaborates with Japanese law enforcement to apprehend “Bridal Mask,” a mysterious rebel fighting for Korean independence. Later, he dons the Bridal Mask and battles the oppressive Japanese regime in secret. He tries to balance his public character as a Japanese cop and his private life as Bridal Mask. Shunji Kimura is a kind Japanese schoolteacher. He is best friends with Kang-to and has feelings for Mok-dan, who is passionately nationalistic.

His disdain for Bridal Mask and forbidden love for Mok-dan, on the contrary, has transformed him into a more malevolent figure. Then, to my delight, South Korea releases a series set in a Korean royal country in 1897, in which a crown prince attempts to save his homeland from tragedy. And it does so admirably.

10- Kingdom

Why: The story is set in Korea during the Joseon dynasty, three years after the historical “Battle of Unpo Wetland” in Sangju, which saw 500 Korean warriors headed by Governor Ahn Hyeon fight a force of 30,000 Japanese troops in Korea. Unknown to the general public, the Battle of Unpo wetland won against them by employing a herb known as the “resurrection plant,” which turned the diseased villagers of Sumang into vicious zombies, who were then executed and buried in secret after the war.

10. Kingdom

Plot: It’s no secret that the zombie genre has dried up, as evidenced by western releases fighting to be the dullest and generic garbage on the market.

9- Six Flying dragons

Why: Much Historical Korean Dramas, including this one, are based on the country’s history. Not only did the authors choose a turbulent period, but they also chose father/son rulers. From the first episode, the tale has captivated me. The plot is created so that every character interaction is meticulously crafted to acquaint the audience with all of the participants effectively. The storylines of Best Historical Korean Dramas are being made in a very detailed manner, with numerous layers.

I was disappointed when some of the worst villains were killed off because I loved them so much. In addition, there are more shades of grey characters than black and white ones. The writers and incredibly brilliant actors so humanize each character that it’s easy to forget this narrative is set in a different century!

9. Six Flying Dragon

Plot: The plot revolves around the establishment of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea and the ambitions, triumphs, and conflicts of several real and fictional characters, with a focus on young prince Yi Bang-won.

8- Faith

Why: Best Historical Korean Dramas in which the writer skillfully weaves a beautiful and compelling plot out of history, mythology, and Korean myths, with a dash of fantasy. A Love Story Across Time: Choi Young and Eun Soo’s love story is bound to strike at viewers’ heartstrings. This love that spans millennia and defies the passage of time will appeal to romantics and Best Korean Historical Dramas. Choi Young is falling for Eun Soo, despite knowing he needs to maintain his commitment to helping her return to her world by teaching her the ways of their world and safeguarding her from countless death traps. This Historical Korean Drama masterfully shows the gradual fall in love, yet the question ‘will she return?’ never leaves anyone’s mind.

8. Faith

Plot: They return to Goryeo when King Gongmin of Goryeo marries Yuan princess Noguk. Unfortunately, they are attacked while on their route, and the queen is killed. The King sends Choi Young, the Captain of the Royal Guard, to enter through a supernatural gateway (“heaven’s gate”) and locate the “heaven’s doctor” on the advice of his royal advisor. Choi Young travels to the future to save the queen’s life and conjures up Yoo Eun-soo, an advanced doctor from Seoul. He offers her if she rescues the queen, but the royal adviser plans to persuade King Gongmin to keep Eun-soo because she can assist him.

Choi Young and Eun-soo gradually fall in love as Eun-soo adjusts to her new place. However, others are captivated by her as the “Heaven’s doctor,” and Eun-soo becomes a pawn in the political influence struggles between King Gongmin, the Yuan overlords, and the sociopathic aristocrat Ki-Chul, and Prince Deok-Seung, King Gongmin’s uncle. Choi Young puts his life on the line regularly to prevent Ki-Chul and Deok-Seung from gaining Eun-soo. The series follows Choi Young and Eun-soo as they try to avoid and conquer oncoming challenges, as well as whether they can get her to heaven’s door before it closes forever.

7- The Crowned Clown

Why: Much Korean Historical Drama, in my opinion, are too lengthy, it goes and on until they reach a burdensome fifty to sixty episodes. With only sixteen episodes, The Crowned Clown is recommended for Best Historical Korean Drama enthusiasts who have never seen a historical K-drama and want to give it a try. Apart from me wishes this show had lasted longer, at least twenty episodes, so I wouldn’t have to wave farewell to such a lovely set of people so soon!

7. The crowned Clown - best korean historical dramas

Plot: The story took place during the Joseon dynasty when power battles over the throne reached new heights. To avoid assassination attempts, the King installs a clown on the throne who looks just like him.

6- Tale of Nakdu

Why: After viewing a succession of dark dramas, I needed a lighter program, so I picked out Tale of Nokdu. Oh, boy, that did not let me down. Then, after several unexpected storyline turns, what began out as a Best Korean Historical Drama became much more. But, again, the two key performers’ passionate performances pleasantly surprised me. Overall, this is a great series with a lot more complexity than I expected. Even anyone who isn’t familiar with Korean period dramas or comedies will love this show.

6. Tale of Nakdu

Plot: Jeon Nok Du is a man with a great desire to travel the globe. He is the pinnacle of perfection in terms of appearance, intellect, and athletic ability. He disguises himself as a woman to join a mystery all-women community and meets Dong Dong Joo after being caught up in an incident. Dong Dong Joo is a sassy Gisaeng apprentice. Along with her fiery nature, she is clumsy, has no sense of rhythm, and is tone-deaf, which causes her peers to take care of her. Nevertheless, given the correct tools, she’s competent and can create anything and speaks her opinion because she can’t abide by injustice.

5- Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Why: It was a bizarre narrative, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe I wouldn’t have watched it if I had known I’d feel unhappy in the end, but I’m pleased I did. All of the actors are fabulous. When I first watched Lee Joon Gi in Best Korean Historical Drama, I fell in love with him. He was ideal for the part. Although I’m still disappointed in how it finished, I suppose they couldn’t do much more given it was based on reality. It would be interesting to see if there is a sequel soon.

5. scarlet heart ryeo

Plot: It was a fantastic narrative, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe I wouldn’t have watched it if I had known I’d feel unhappy in the end, but I’m pleased I did. All of the actors are fantastic. I fell in love with Lee Joon Gi when I saw him as an actor. He was ideal for the part. Although I’m still disappointed in how it finished, I suppose they couldn’t do much more given it was based on reality. It was a fantastic play in every way. It would be interesting to see if there is a sequel soon.

4- The Moon Embracing the Sun

Why: Jung Jin-Young was best friends with Yeong and grew up in the same town as him. Chae Soo-bin is a pioneering woman who is arrogant, worldly, and truthful. She was chosen as the crown princess of Yeong as the daughter of the powerful Minister of Rites.

4. Moon embracing the sun

Plot: It’s an incredible combination of fairy tale charm and cultural message force. A captivating Best Historical Korean Drama and a recollection of principles, both innocent and profound. The power and the feelings, the act of self-sacrifice, and emotions. The past as a veil, the pressure of duty, the meetings, and the universe’s metamorphosis Sigh, nothing new at first. Korean films are masters of this kind of enchantment. However, something appears to be different. Perhaps the minute nuances, the young actors’ actual performances, the tension rings, and the well-crafted ending. A picture that can be more than a show but isn’t very memorable.

3- Love in the Moonlight

Why: Love in the Moonlight is a lovely Best Historical Korean Drama with outstanding performances. Given how young the four major characters were in Korean Historical Drama in 2016, I can’t help but commend every one of them for outstanding performance. Park Bo Gum’s and Kim Yoo Jung’s characters both handled themselves with dignity and grace. They’re also really young, adorable, and clever. But let’s speak about Kwag Dong Jeong’s amazing cheekbones, combat abilities, and ability to defy gravity for a bit!! I had a lot of fun with his character! On the contrary, the Best Historical Drama plot was a touch wordy at times, and I had to fast forward a few times since it was getting a little boring.

3. love in the moonlight - korean historical dramas

Plot: The series follows Crown Prince Hong Cho On from a little boy to a beloved ruler and his strange relationship with eunuch Hong Ra-on. The King’s sole son and future King are Park Bo-gum. His staff despises him because he is unpredictable, and he is smart, intelligent, and naughty. In addition, he has a passion for the arts and music. Yoo-Jung Kim was raised as a boy by her mother and now works as a male relationship counselor and romance novel author under the moniker Sam-nom. She ultimately became a Yeong eunuch.

Jung Jinyoung is a well-educated scholar from an affluent family. Finally, Chae Soo-bin is ahead of her time; she is arrogant, worldly, and honest. She was chosen as the crown princess of Yeong as the daughter of the powerful Minister of Rites. Kwak Dong-Yeon, a skilled soldier and scholar, is also the Crown Prince’s palace’s Head of the Imperial Guard. He is not only Yeong’s boyhood friend but also his confidant in this Historical Korean Drama. He does, however, keep a secret from Lee-Yeong for fear of betraying his confidence.

2- My Sassy Girl

Why: This Korean Historical Drama List, in general, is a tremendous threat. The settings and costumes are gorgeous. It’s classified as a romance/comedy, yet there are some tear-jerking moments as well as some great action. It’s interesting to watch Gyeon quickly become unbalanced. Characters, acting and directing all fall between commendable and great. The plot and dialogue are thought-provoking and entertaining. I’m not worried about minor inconsistencies.

When watching anything, especially fiction, one must always suspend disbelief. Nothing could stop me from having a good time. The conclusion felt rushed and out of place in comparison to the remainder of the talk. It’s mostly owing to what appears to be a standard template for Korean Drama Historical, in which the couple temporarily separates. However, that wasn’t essential in this case, and it didn’t advance the plot. The Historical Korean Drama was a tiny quibble that didn’t irritate me to the point of annoyance.

2. my sassy girl

Plot: The love story of Gyeon Woo, a frigid city scholar recognized as “Joseon’s national treasure,” and Hye-Myung. A spunky princess with a bad image among the people. She frequently sneaks out of the palace in quest of her dethroned queen mother. She meets Gyeon Woo on one of these adventures; they fall in love at first enemies, then friends. Won Joo After three years of study in Qing, where he was highly lauded by its monarch, a distinguished and pleasant scholar has returned. During his childhood, King Hwijong bestowed upon Gyeon Woo the title of “National Treasure of Joseon.” He is the son of the minister of education, and the monarch has appointed him as the Heir Presumptive’s tutor. Oh, Yeon-Seo is a strong-willed, independent, yet mischievous and trouble-making individual with a loving heart who can’t abide by people’s wrongdoings.

She initially dislikes Gyeon Woo, but she eventually falls in love with him. She’s trying to figure out what happened to her mother. Inspector Kang Joon-young of the police bureau cherishes princess Hyemyeong, and he always looks out for her. Jung Ki-left-wing Joon’s minister’s daughter, Kim Yoon-Hye, is obstinate and spoilt. She has a crush on Gyeon Woo and will go to any length to obtain him. She is Princess Hyemyeong’s love rival.

1- Hwarang:

Why: It best Korean Historical Drama about a young male warrior that is just fantastic! I loved all of the guys’ hilarious banter and camaraderie: the series’ brotherhood-like storyline truly set it apart and made it highly pleasant. The entire cast gave an out-of-this-world performance. I started watching Korean Historical Drama due to my Park Seo Joon fangirling, who is great in all of their works. Give a round of applause to the amazing cast and crew and excellent costume drama. It was fantastic!

1. hwarang

Plot: A lowly young guy who rises above his circumstances to become a famed Hwarang fighter. After his friend, Kim Sun-woo, is slain by one of the Queen Regent’s troops, he adopts his identity. To support her family, she works various jobs. Due to assassination attempts, the youthful and wary King goes into hiding. He joins the Hwarang as “Kim Ji-Dwi,” the nephew of Lord Kim Wi-Hwa.

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