20 Korean Comedy Movies To Watch [2022]


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20 Best Korean Comedy Movies

Comedy Movies are among the most common action films for eliciting laughter, dispelling boredom, and erasing sadness. The Korean Comedy Movies industry, which has a wide foreign fanbase, also has many comedies to choose from. Are you curious as to which films will include on the list? Go ahead and have fun! Also, don’t forget to leave a comment with your suggestion. Your comment is fantastic!

This time, we’ll suggest the 20 best Korean comedy movies that can make any viewer laugh out loud. Like most Korean comedy films on this listing, Top Korean comedy movies are funny and have heartfelt endings. As a result, in addition to laughing out loud, you will be moved while watching the movie. You may also want to read more about Korean Films

20- Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River

Why: I adored the cinematography and the all-star cast’s performance in these Korean comedy movies 2017. He has a promising future ahead of him. He should take recurring motifs to heart, as this is how he continues to amaze everyone.

Seondal The Man Who Sells the River

Plot: He is a brilliant con artist with a seductive demeanor and audacity. Bo-Won, Female Buddhist Yoon, and Gyeon are among his collaborators. The swindlers are well-known all over the country.

The team decides to steal tobacco, the most valuable traded commodity. To carry out their plan, they must fool the country’s most influential man, Sung Dae-Ryeon.

19- Project Makeover

Why: This Korean comedy movies 2018 was a lot of fun to watch. I was not too fond of the main character’s harsh, controlling, and childish treatment of her younger self. In a decidedly unfunny style, she demolished her way into the life of her younger self.

project makeover

Plot: Na Jung-Ju is a woman who is dissatisfied with her life and attributes it to a broken high school relationship with Jo Ha-ni, who has now become a well-known musician. Oh, Tae-hun, her past high circle crush, is now a thriving and affluent businessman, and she is afraid of not seeing him again. After being given the fortune to move back in time, She returns to 1994, whereby she tries to persuade her teenage self to date the aspiring businessman.

18- Spellbound

Why: Horror films do not pique my interest when it comes to film selection. But the fact that it was Son Ye and Lee Min persuaded me to give it another shot. It was a valiant effort! These Korean comedy movies 2016 were entertaining to watch. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time. It’s a movie worth binge-watching.

spellbound korean movie

Plot: Jo-Goo is a street performer. Jo-Goo sees a woman in the audience one day while performing magic on the highway. After the film, he follows her. She strides down an alley before coming to a halt. A door opens in front of her. Jo-Goo then has a brilliant idea. He approaches her and inquires if she would like to be a member of his series.

17- Dancing Queens

Why: An enjoyable and creative tale that combines political commentary and showcases Uhm Jung Hwa’s talent. She is talented in the areas of singing, dancing, and acting. Real men vs. sleazy politicians is still a topic of discussion in these Korean comedy movies 2015. It is amusing and moving in bits, but it does not make you chuckle aloud the whole time.

Dancing Queens korean movie

Plot: The story of Uhm, a character named after the actress who portrays her. Uhm is a personality in the film who aspired to be a singer as a child but had to give up her dream when she married Hwang Jung-min, who also goes by his real name. Even though Hwang is a lawyer, he is constantly concerned about paying his rent. Hwang becomes an immediate hero after rescuing a high man who befalls off a subway platform.

16- Memories of Murder

Why: I feel constrained to write regarding this movie because it is so well-made. However, the narrative and plot are haunting and suspenseful, which are often used in the film. This is in the list of 2017 Korean language comedy films cinematography and performances genuinely make it a masterpiece. Spectators will not be manipulated in any way if you watch this film, and it is one of the few that has stayed with me over the years.

Memories of Murder

Plot: Two women were discovered abused and assassinated on the outskirts of a tiny town in October 1986.  a constrained detective who never dealt with an Important case like this one is disappointed by the lack of evidence. The police’s investigation procedures are suspect, and their forensic equipment is non-existent. Park claims to be able to identify criminals based on eye contact. He decides to ask Baek Kwang-ho, a scarred, intellectually disabled boy who follows one of the victims around town.

15- Veteran

 Why: He is a popular international actor who has executed a broad spectrum of roles at such a young age. I believe he is a true movie star, and films are a good fit for him—a mind-blowing films with an impeccable cast and a standout performance by the lead actors. In the list of 2017 Korean comedy films, Every scene adds to the suspense, and there are no dull or unwelcome scenes.


Plot: When it occurs to evil, Detective Cheol is formidable and ruthless. However, while researching a high-profile case, Seo discovers that arrogant young millionaire Jo Tae-oh — the third-generation heir to Sinjin Group’s influential conglomerate — is behind the scenes pulling some strings. Regardless of how hard Seo’s team tries to catch him, Jo still manages to get away thanks to his resources and contacts.

14- Two Faces of My Girlfriend

Why: I didn’t expect this to be such a funny film. In their dating efforts, the two main characters had some amusing moments. The poor guy had to be wary of who she would become. I enjoyed the magic tricks performed by the three Marine guys’ best mates. There made a few sad notes. However, it denoted a set of fun, and the ending was perfect. Fantastic film.

Two Faces of My Girlfriend

Plot: Gu-chang is an inexperienced and uncomfortable seventh-year college student who continually fails work interviews and survives off an allowance from his divorced sister. The nearly 30-year-old spinster has nevermore had a girlfriend or kissed a woman. He picks up a wallet at a dining hall one day and meets the owner: cute, innocent, and shy Ani. She immediately smites him, and the two begin dating.

13- The Mafia, The Salesman

Why: The plan to convert the gang from extortion to white-collar is a brilliant one, and it’s supposed to be funny when they try to pull it off. The Movie From the list of 2016 Korean language comedy films is described as a crazy mafia comedy. This is not, though, a hysterically funny mafia comedy. This film is neither funny nor strange in any way. I was falling asleep because it was so dull and stupid.

The Mafia The Salesman

Plot: In the age of FTA, the peak chief of the Young-dong “ordered gang” decides to keep his guard up and gathers his top men. After a lengthy discussion, they conclude that they should model their gang after big companies’ “globalized management” and train them for globalization! Gye Doo-Shik, the only one who has graduated from college, is then cast in part. Will Doo-Shik be able to complete his mission in the mega-corporation without a hitch?

12- Secret, Greatly

Why: These Korean comedy movies are beautifully written. The climax is depressing. The story follows the lives of three North Korean spies in Korea, who live in disguise while waiting for orders from their unit 5446 but are eventually shocked to Know that the North Korean Republic Group has compromised them.

Secret Greatly

Plot: North Korean elite special forces have been training a group of spies known as the 5446 Corps since their teens, ostensibly to unify Korea. They were sent to South Korea under the cover of a fool, an aspiring musician, and a high school student, respectively. Then In these best Korean comedy movies, They eventually become accustomed to life as average neighbors in a small town, passing the time without getting any instructions from the North, until their mundane existence is aimed upside down when they are randomly assigned to a “secret and great” assignment.

11- Extreme Job

Why: My best sections of these Korean comedy movies are the beginning and conclusion, which are both hilarious. Some sections are a little too slow and dull for me; perhaps it’s because I’m not very good at Korean jokes, or perhaps it’s because I get bored quickly. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic film with the unique idea of using a chicken restaurant as a police station.

Extreme Job

Plot: A Set of narcotics detectives led by Captain Ko is given one last chance to save their careers after failing their new assignment. They should conduct undercover monitoring of a global drug cartel. The site of their stakeout is a chicken restaurant. Things seem to be going well, but Ko is told that the restaurant will close soon.

10- Wedding Campaign

Why: Wedding Campaign was a successful Korean Comedy film from 2005, telling two bachelor country bumpkins in their late 30s. The nicer of the two, who is uncomfortable with women, is pressured to marry by his mother and grandfather and ends up being set up to go to a matchmaking service in Uzbekistan, reflecting a real-life problem in Korea. Where young women leave the country for the city, leaving the remaining (primarily male) farmer population without potential spouses.

Wedding Campaign

Plot: Hong Man-Taek, a 38-year-old bachelor man, is a frivolous farmer who lives with his Mom. Man-grandfather, Taek sees a neighbor married to an Uzbek bride and fearing that his grandson will never marry, decides to send Man-Taek to Uzbekistan to find a bride.

9- Sunny

Why: I ought to see this Movie in Korean comedy movies 2017 and had not seen the trailer or read any reviews when I suddenly became enamored with Sunny. Such a heartwarming film with a lot of emotions running through it. It instills in you the value of life and friendship. The choice of cast is outstanding. I want to award it a perfect score of ten out of ten!!!

sunny korean movie

Plot: Na-Mi, a fresh high-school transfer senior, transfers from a small town in Jeolla Provinces to her school in Seoul. When she is anxious, she speaks in a small-town accent and begins to shake. Others bully her on her first day at her new school. A group of girls arrives to assist her. These include Korean comedy movies with English subtitles.

8- Scandal Makers

Why: 1 of the various renowned Korean comedy movies 2018 of all time! This isn’t your typical family film. All is written clearly and concisely. The portrayals of the characters by Cha Tae-Hyun and Park Bo-young are believable and on target. Wang Seok-Hyun, on the opposite hold, is the star of the show! He’s adorably adorable.

Scandal Makers

Plot: Mid-thirties Nam is a well-known radio DJ and entertainer from South Korea. He was also more successful as a teen idol in Teenage.

His apartment doorbell rings one day, and he is greeted by a youthful adult named Jung-Nam and a young boy. The young lady informs Hyun-Soo that he is her dad and that her son Dong is his grandson. Hyun-Soo, who doesn’t believe anything, tries to shut the door, but when Jung-Nam threatens to go to press, he lets them stay.

7- The Face Reader

Why: There’s a reason Kang-Ho Song appears in so many of Korea’s best films. He is unquestionably a versatile performer. And it’s impossible not to notice that in Korean comedy movies 2016 Kim is the Korean equivalent of Gemma Arterton, especially when they laugh or smile. A tragic ending, but as the actor said, even though evil was riding the crest of the big wave at the time, the big wave would inevitably break down and crash against the shore. It is always desirable as long as you are living.

The Face Reader

Plot: Nae-gyeong, the most skilled face reader in the dynasty, lived in seclusion when he was approached by Yeon-hong, a gisaeng, who offered him a lucrative partnership. Nae-Yeong agrees to read the faces of Yeon-guests hong’s only to become embroiled in a murder investigation. Nae-gyeong successfully identifies the murderer using his face reading skills, and King Munjong soon recognizes his abilities and orders him to identify the possible traitors who threaten his rule.

6- Christmas in August

Why: One of the top Korean comedy movies and most well-known romantic films. The story concept is brilliant. Han Suk-kyu and Shim Eun-ha made an incredible team.  A film that is both straightforward and sophisticated while still being outstanding. It comes with a strong recommendation! They contributed to the emotional influence of the film.

Christmas in August korean comedy movies

 Plot: Jung-won, the owner of a photoshop, is in his 30s and entities with his relations: his sister, her husband, and child, and his father. When in the Korean comedy movies 2015 Da-rim, a young parking agent, wants pictures to use as evidence against parking criminals printed fast, he meets her. Something clicks between them, and they begin to meet there more frequently and develop feelings for one another.

5- Miracle in Cell No. 7

Why: A heartfelt comedy in the most genuine sense of the word from the list of 2017 Korean language comedy films. We see a bond between a mentally unstable father and his adorably sweet daughter. It was a close call. The father’s emotion and affection are undeniable, despite his mental incapacity. Then there’s the intelligent and understanding daughter, who adores her father and doesn’t see him differently.

Miracle in Cell No. 7 korean comedy movies

Plot: He lives blissfully with his daughter Ye-Seung in 1997, despite having the intelligence of an adolescent. They go to a store every day to look at a yellow Sailor Moon backpack that he wants to purchase for his daughter. One day, they happen across the last yellow bag for sale. Then In these Korean comedy movies When Yong-Goo approaches the shop to make his point, the backpack’s purchaser slaps him.

4- Spellbound

Why: As usual with Alfred Hitchcock, he never ceases to amaze me with his list of 2017 Korean comedy films, one of my favorites being Marnie, but what else can you expect from a Leytonstone man? I took born and also grew up in London. Director, you are a genius.

Spellbound korean comedy movies

Plot: Meanwhile, in one of his shows, a street magician sees a miserable-looking girl called Ri against the crowd, and she becomes the basis for his “Horror magic show.” The show becomes an Immediate hit, and Jo-goo has become a famous stage magician with a model girlfriend. Yeo-RI is a specter in Jo-show goo’s and acts with him. Fast forward nearly a year, and the darkness inside her, which her coworkers hear, prevents her from fully engaging with them.

3- I Can Speak

Why: This is not to be missed from the list of 2016 Korean language comedy films. The film features excellent acting and emotional expression. This film’s well-balanced plot is full of sensitive nuances and draws on human emotions. The novel, which is based on actual events, helps us to remember and work for humanity. Furthermore, being short as a result of an error is untrue. There’s still the probability of mercy. Finally, such outrages against humanity must proceed to an end and not be replicated in the future.

I Can Speak korean comedy movies

Plot: Park Min-Jae, a civil servant, is assigned to a new district in Seoul. He is a moral young man who works hard in his career. Park Min-Jae is inundated with civil grievances from grumpy, elderly citizen Na Ok-Boom at his new ward office. He makes an effort to please her. When she’s not busy at her tailor shop or filing charges at the nearby ward office, Na Ok-Boom practices English. She asks Park Min-Jae to teach her English after she notices he can speak it almost fluently. She has her motivations for wanting to learn English.

2- Welcome to Dongmakgol

Why: It is the best Korean comedy movie with a stunning cast and outstanding performances; the storyline never felt drawn out, and nothing felt like a waste of time. Joe Hisashi’s musical score was the show’s high point, bringing out the passion in each scene and making it all the more poignant. Overall, it lasted an Every once-in-lifetime exposure.

Welcome to Dongmakgol korean comedy movies

Plot: Dongmakgol is a small mountain village that has remained unaffected by the ongoing Korean War. In Dongmakgol, fate puts together three combat forces: a U.S. fighter pilot whose plane crashed in the mountains, three fleeing North Korean soldiers, and two missing South Korean soldiers. In this Korean comedy movies When Northern and Southern Korean soldiers meet in Dongmakgol, they lift their guns first, but the charming villagers soon persuade them to agree to reduce the delay. Following the collapse of the food storage facility by a bomb, the soldiers decide to stay and help the farmers.

1- Hello Ghost

Why: If you’re watching these Korean comedy movies that will give you a cry, this is the one. You will not only laugh, but you will also experience mixed emotions. I’ve witnessed this film multiple times, but I still have this feeling. You can experience the emotion elicited by the lead actor at the end of the film.

Hello Ghost korean comedy movies

Plot: Tae-Hyun tries suicide by leaping from a bridge inside a river. He struggles, but as a result, he begins to see ghosts. Sang-Man then visits the hospital for an examination. Is he going insane in this best Korean comedy movies?

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Sang-Man engages nurse Gang Ye-Won and soon falls in love with her. Those troublesome ghosts, however, continue to follow Sang-Man everywhere he goes. Sang-Man then tries to make the ghosts understand their unfulfilled goals to get them to devise him alone once and for all.

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