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Vikki Layton is the celebrity wife of prominent snooker player Mark Selby from England. In the past, Layton was also an international pool player. She remained the captain of the Irish team for almost 10 years. Vikki caught the eye of the media when she married handsome snooker player Mark Selby.

Her journey shows us her remarkable strength in the way she deals with her personal conflicts.

In this article, we will show you the details regarding her life and also tell you about the sad phase of her life, where she faced difficulties dealing with her illness and the media.

Who is Vikki Layton?

She was a person who was once popular for her captaincy on the pool team. Vikki Layton married Mark Selby in 2011. She is considered the VIP companion of a celebrity. She is living a private life far from the media.

Moreover, as stated by Vikki Layton’s Wikipedia, she was the former captain of a pool team in Ireland. She also played internationally; however, she gave up her captaincy later. Currently, she is married to Mark Selby, and together they have a cute daughter.

vikki layton Biography
Vikki Layton Biography
Full name Vikki Layton
Gender Female
Zodiac Leo
Birthplace Ipswich, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Ethnicity Mixed
Eye colour Grey
Hair colour Black
Height 5’6
Weight 55 kg


Vikki Layton’s Early Life:

She was born in Ipswich, U.K., in 1992. Vikki Layton is going to be 32 in 2024. She belonged to a Christian family. Her father’s name is Terry Layton, and he is a businessman. Her mother’s name is Maria Layton, and she is a housewife.

Layton’s relationship with her beloved husband Selby:

The two lovebirds met at the World Pool Champions in 2006. After one meetup, they started to get close to one another. These two shared the same interests in sports, as they both like pool games. They found consolation in each other. 

Vikki Selby committed to each other by swapping their engagement rings in Venice in 2010. After their engagement, they fell more deeply in love. In 2011, they married in the romantic location of Venice. 

vikki layton family
Vikki Layton family

First, they become friends, then lovers, husbands and wives, and parents to a beautiful baby girl.

They completed their happy 11 years of marriage in 2023. Vicki and Selby have shared a special bond with each other since they confessed their love for each other. Layton also helped Mark deal with his mental health issues. They remained with each other in tough times like rocks.

Partner Mark Selby
Children Sofia Selby
Famous for Being the wife of Mark Selby

What is the name of Layton’s daughter?

Vikki and Mark have one daughter whose name is Sofia Selby, born in 2014.

Who is the husband of Vikki Layton?

Mark Selby is a renowned English snooker player. He was born in June of 1983. He has won numerous times the title of the world’s number one player. Selby was ranked 2nd best player after the Cazoo Tour Championship. Unfortunately, the player no longer has this title after losing to Luca Brecel.


vikki layton mark selby wife
Vikki Layton Mark Selby wife

Physical Appearance:

Mrs. Selby has the face of a doll. She is a popular individual among youth. She has a graceful physique. She has mesmerising grey eyes and soft black hair.

Facts about Vikki Layton Selby:

  • Layton is an animal lover. 
  • The former pool team captain has no social media account. She likes to stay private about her life.
  • Vikki Layton’s spouse is a verified user of Twitter. 
  • She is a lively person.
  • Layton likes to explore different locations.
  • She is a very supportive wife.

Vikki Layton’s Career:

She was an international pool team captain. But she was not a famous player like her talented husband, Mark Selby. Meanwhile, Layton achieved many things in her life, which kept her busy. Overall, she enjoyed her life when she was in sports.

Vikki Layton’s age:

“Age is just a number,” and Vikki Layton’s strong will has proven this right. Despite her own battles regarding her health, she doesn’t compromise her goals or personal growth.

One shouldn’t give up on his or her dreams because of their age. Age is a gift, and we should spend it wisely.

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Vikki Layton’s Tough Battle with Her Illness:

News has been circulating about the illness of the renowned snooker player’s wife. Vikki Layton’s illness has become the talk of the town.

Regarding the concern regarding the health of Mark Selby’s wife, the duo didn’t disclose the disease Layton is suffering from. But their supporters are constantly showing love and respect for the couple. They are praying for the speedy recovery of their beloved former pool player, Layton. 

No one knows the exact reality of her disease, but some rumours are spreading that Vikki Layton has cancer, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Her family and friends didn’t respond to any such rumours.

Recently, Mark Selby shared about his depression and how his strong and beautiful wife supported him and pulled him out of his worst phases of life.

Legacy and Net Worth:

The net worth of Mark Selby’s wife is not confirmed. However, some articles showed her estimated net Worth. 

vikki layton Net worth
Viki Layton Net worth
Occupation Former Pool Player
Net Worth $3 Million


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