Maybe I Do, the Latest Emma Roberts Project


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In addition to her continued American Horror Story success, Emma Roberts continues to churn out high-quality films and television series, including via collaborations with Netflix and Hulu. In her latest movie, Maybe I Do, she is one of the many A-list celebrities appearing, including William H. Macy, Luke Bracey, Susan Sarandon, Richard Gere, and Diane Keaton. This is Roberts’s second role with Luke Bracey, whom she worked with on the Netflix release Holidate. According to interviews, she enjoys working with him and is thrilled to work with Diane Keaton. Even Roberts is shocked by the fantastic cast teamed up for this movie.

A Closer Look at Emma Roberts’ Latest Work

In the film, Roberts plays Michelle, a woman prepared to marry her longtime boyfriend, Allen. Before the engagement, the couple invites their parents to meet, but it turns out they already know one another since they’ve been cheating on their spouses with each other for many months. As the film progresses, the audience discovers that the parents are intertwined unexpectedly and unusually. The film’s message surrounds the exploration of commitment and love and what that means to each person, which gives the movie heart.

The film is categorized as a romance/comedy, which fits the bill. The director and writers do a fantastic job of highlighting the awkwardness between the parents, especially when they first meet. Also, the film is the ultimate test of the parent’s love for one another, with one couple deciding to end their marriage and the other strengthening during this challenging time. This situation also further strengthens Michelle and Allen’s relationship as they learn from their parents’ mistakes on how not to act in a relationship while still considering their parents’ feelings.

Emma Roberts’ Past Work, and Continued Work on American Horror Story

Roberts has played in many lovable projects since she was a childhood actress, with notable movies like Valentine’s Day, Hotel for Dogs, and Nancy Drew. Her true breakthrough came in ScreamQueens when she played Chanel Oberlin and in American Horror Story: Coven, playing Madison Montgomery. While ScreamQueens only lasted two seasons, Roberts has noted multiple times that she never put Chanel to bed and would love a reboot of the show.

She continues to be part of the AHS crew with the latest installment, AHS: Delicate. She stars in this season as a tremendously successful actress who is simultaneously battling infertility issues in her private life. This shows the contrast between her confident professional life and her low confidence regarding becoming a mother.

Aside from her career, she has a staggering social media presence. One of the fan-favorite Instagram posts was of her walking on the beach, sticking out her tongue, and laughing while singing “Happiness is a Butterfly” by Lana Del Rey. In the eyes of her followers, this transformed the idea of Roberts being an untouchable superstar into a quirky human who is just like everyone else. She likes the same songs and can be just as silly and playful. Roberts has commented in interviews that the things you never think will go viral are always the most popular because they are the most authentic, showing your human side.

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