Best Video Games Based TV Shows that you can Watch on Hulu from Canada


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Hulu maintains regional controls on its content library, which means Canadians are unable to access it in their country. No one from outside the US can access anything on Hulu because of the regional restriction. This streaming restriction applies to all of’s digital material, so if you live anywhere else, you’ll need to find another way to view Hulu for your evening entertainment.

The streaming platform is only available in the US and Japan despite being in high demand internationally; this is because of copyright and licensing laws. However, you would require a trustworthy Hulu VPN if you have a membership and wish to watch Hulu Canada.

What are the Best Games-Based TV Shows to Watch on Hulu

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As “Hellevator” demonstrates, game shows have advanced significantly from the straightforward question-and-answer styles used when the genre first emerged decades ago. A group of friends is placed on a ghostly elevator that is dropped into the bowels of an abandoned slaughterhouse in this game show/horror mix. Download VPN

To gain money for the team, one player must accomplish a challenge on each floor before getting back into the elevator. If the contestant is unable to return in time, the elevator continues without them.

The players that make it through the first three tasks advance to the final challenge, where they must cooperate to overcome the trickiest and scariest obstacle yet. A team might win up to $50,000 if all goes well.

Producers of horror movies Jen and Sylvia Soska, often known as the Twisted Twins, are the ones in charge behind the scenes. The “Paranormal Activity” film series is part of executive producer Jason Blum’s horror resume.


The FBI in Times Square discovers a mystery tattooed woman with no memory of her identity. Her tattoos are discovered to contain hints about a criminal conspiracy as she searches for her history.

Name That Tune

The well-known musical game show, which is anchored by Jane Krakowski, challenges contestants in a range of challenging musical games for cash and prizes. To determine how well two contestants can recollect songs performed live by a band led by Randy Jackson, they engage against the clock.

Prior to the legendary bid-a-note phase, some games from the original form are still played in each championship. The player who has the largest bankroll at the end of the bid-a-note level is declared the winner and enters the golden medley bonus round with that bank for a chance to win extra funds and maybe the top prize of $100,000.

Doctor Sleep

Dan Torrance, who is struggling with alcoholism, was affected by the terrible events that took place at the Overlook Hotel when he was a little child. When he runs into Abra, a teenage woman who also bears the “shine,” a heightened sensory ability, his hopes of leading a peaceful life are abruptly destroyed.

Around each other, they establish an unlikely partnership to take on the True Knot, a group whose followers feed off the shine of defenseless individuals in their quest for immortality.

Holey Moley

showcasing self-described mini-golf enthusiasts from throughout the nation as they engage in head-to-head competition on a challenging obstacle course. Each episode features contestants competing in never-before-seen challenges on a supersized miniature golf course while putting their small golf and physical skills to the test.

On-camera commentators Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore provide the commentary, and Jeannie Mai provides sideline coverage. Stephen Curry, an NBA star, works as an executive producer and local golf instructor.

Domino Masters

Teams of domino enthusiasts compete in “Domino Masters” to produce mind-blowing works of art; the winning teams compete for monetary prizes, the ultimate trophy, and the title of Domino Masters.

Mental Samurai

The show’s host, Rob Lowe, challenges competitors to push their mental limits to quickly and accurately answer questions.

Players must cope with being physically moved about the set at fast speeds in a specially engineered capsule capable of spinning 360 degrees in addition to having their knowledge, memory, puzzle-solving, and sequencing skills tested.

People from all walks of life compete in the game that anybody can play but that nearly no one can win, and underdogs prevail.

Outrun by Running Man

In this unique spin-off of the popular “Running Man” series, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Jee Seok Jin, Song Ji Hyo, and Yang Se Chan are all together and going big, with chaotic competition bouts and superstar visitors.


As a result, it can be said that Hulu Canada won’t be available in 2022. However, you can now simply watch Hulu in Canada by signing up for one of the top VPN services. In addition, there are many thrilling TV shows available for you to binge-watch.

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