New Projects of Luxury Real Estate in Dubai that Impress Investors 


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In recent years Dubai has impressed the world with outstanding creativity and innovative approach to real estate development. Talented designers and professional builders were able to erect the buildings of breathtaking beauty, sparkling style, and exceptional comfort. They combined seemingly different materials and implemented various approaches to get the property of the highest demand in the world. However, there is always room for perfection. Real estate in Dubai 2022 prepares to introduce even more fascinating projects. In this article we will explore the future creations of Dubai developers and what they offer. 

Emaar Properties as the most popular developers in Dubai 

Considering the number of successful projects in the UAE, Emaar Properties should be called a monopolist. They developed such beneficially crazy ideas as:

  • the Dubai Mall – the second world’s largest shopping center, 
  • the Dubai Fountain – the world`s tallest fountain providing performances, 
  • Burj Khalifa – the world`s tallest building
  • Dubai Marina, Opera District, and other residential areas. 

Future real estate projects from popular developers in Dubai

Still, the rivals of the company do not stand aside. Danube Properties has awarded AED 475 million (US$129.32 million) prime contract to general contractor Naresco Contracting to build and deliver the Skyz Tower project by the end of the third quarter of 2024.

Azizi Developments has completed its most notable land purchase in recent times – the land next to the Dubai World Trade Center 2 metro station. The company has not introduced the detailed construction plan yet. The only thing known so far is that the developer is working on the design of what will become a «major iconic complex» that will include residential, hotel and retail space.

Reportage Properties announced that construction work on the new Verdana project in Dubai’s Green Community neighborhood has already begun. The project consists of 305 townhouses, and all the houses in it are equipped with private elevators, which is an additional advantage provided for the first time in the UAE.

Imtiaz Development launched the project consisting of 188 full furnished apartments. The total cost of the residence complex is AED 110,000,000. It has a perfect location of near proximity to popular Dubai neighborhoods, a metro station, and roads. 

Facilities and infrastructure of future real estate projects

Due to the desire to become unique and stand out among other property developers, each company introduces some peculiar features into apartments. 

    • Skyz Tower is a high-rise Mediterranean-style residential complex located on a 6,302 square meter plot of land in Dubai’s Arjan district, near the Miracle Garden with easy access to the Mohammed Bin Zayed highway.
    • Azizi Developments do not show their cards and keep their project a secret. They only claim it to be a revolutionary building that will outshine everything in the world. 
  • The Verdana project is 46451 square feet and includes many amenities and services such as swimming pools, a gym, a private parking for each townhouse and spacious green landscaping.  
  • The distinguished feature of houses from Imtiaz Development is the combination of classic elegance and advanced technologies. In addition, there are mosques, outdoor sports facilities, a community shopping center and schools conveniently located within the community.

We describe the most impressive and broad-scale projects from internationally known companies. Still, the number of ambitious developments of off-plan property in Dubai is unlimited. To get more information about the investment variants of future residences, go to Emirates.Estate. The official website delivers updated options and allows finding appropriate options according to the set criteria. 

Dubai real estate is an attempt to touch the future 

Coming to the city even at once, no one will leave indifferent. The atmosphere of luxury, constant flow of talented people, professional approach to all spheres of life as well as a stable economy are the reasons why Dubai attracts investors from all over the world. 

The off-plan property projects are based on the idea that there are no limitations in this world. Abundance of details, modern facilities, and services reach an unbelievable level and do not mean to stop. The UAE seems the country where everything is possible in terms of real estate.  

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