Best 20 Crime Korean Drama of All Time


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Best Crime Korean Drama for K-Drama Lovers:

Assuming that you appreciate crime shows, here are probably the best and most prescribed Crime Korean Drama to watch. Korean masks are well known right now since they are habit-forming. There is an assortment of shows available to watch web-based, going from rom-com to activity thrill rides.

They have a convincing story, magnificent cinematography, an incredible feeling. It’s an ideal opportunity to make a splash after a marathon, watching incalculable long stretches of heartfelt Korean Drama Korean. It’s the perfect opportunity for something somewhat more creepy, genuine, and spine-chilling to see. S. Korea creates a series that will have you as eager and anxious as can be, notwithstanding the famous sentiment K-dramas. These criminal dramatizations have a nuance that is seldom seen on American TV.

20. The Signal

Why: It is a fast-paced and entertaining crime Korean drama. The brilliant structuring and excellent acting make up any energy lost due to the narrative device of interwoven timelines. The whole thing is energizing, and you’ll gladly go along for the trip. I would give the series a 9, but I was disappointed with the last episode. Everything was left open-ended, maybe for a second season, but that was not the issue. It slowed down the storyline as the characters resorted to extensive explanations to tie up loose ends in the plot.


Plot: A strong walkie-talkie brings the past and presents together. Park Hae Young is an experienced criminal profiler and a police lieutenant. Despite a profound aversion to officers resulting from a tragic occurrence in his boyhood, Hae Young pursued a career in law enforcement. Yoon Jung, a childhood buddy, was kidnapped and subsequently discovered dead. On the day Yoon Jung went missing, Hae Young saw a lady pick her up from school, but the police refused to believe her and claimed that a male had abducted her. The case is still unsolved today.

Hae Young, who now works at the same police station where he tried to get the policemen to believe him as a boy, goes out one day and hears someone chatting to him. But Jae Han is from a long time ago, and he’s looking into the death of Hae Young’s buddy Yoon Jung. During Jae Han’s time, Cha Soo Hyun was a novice, but he is now a seasoned police detective.

19. Monster

Why: It isn’t my favorite Korean Crime Drama, but it’s certainly among my top five. I’m not sure why so few folks have seen it or are interested in it. Unlike other dramas, it has 50 episodes so that you may watch it in more than one sitting. Its plot never gets old, and there’s always a fresh twist. If you can find a method to see it, it’s fair worth your time.


Plot: When he was young, Lee Guk-Cheol lost his affluent family and fortune to his greedy uncle, Byun Il-Jae. He lost everything and fell to the lowest strata of society virtually overnight, going from spoilt wealthy heir to abject beggar. However, a chance to gain a new identity – Kang Ki-tan – presents itself, allowing him to reclaim what is appropriately his and exact vengeance on those who have ruined his life. However, he faces resistance in the shape of Do Gun-woo, the illegitimate child of a chaebol chairman, and Oh Soo-Yeon, a young lady who appears strangely similar to someone with whom he had affections as a child.

18. Stranger

Why: The plot’s depth and the depth of the characters are both outstanding in this Korean Detective drama. The murder case is the starting of the plan; truly, speaking of the secular, the cooperation between the government and business people began. Get away from the sleepy sensations and love, which are highly polished. Characters all have a backstory, a goal, and a motivation, and each action may make people feel rational. Every syllable appears to have been well considered in conversation, especially in a few competitive plays; dialogue causes people to ponder profoundly, ah, kill the killer in the middle of the night.


Plot: Hwang Si-Mok is an exceptional prosecutor who struggles from hypersensitivity to specific sound frequencies in the first season. Hey, discover that players are thwarted their efforts in a big corruption plot involving the Prosecutors’ Office and a private chaebol. Hwang Si-Mok is an exceptional prosecutor who struggles from hypersensitivity to specific sound frequencies in the first season. He lost his sense of emotion. They discover that their efforts are being thwarted by players in a big corruption plot involving the Prosecutors’ Office and a private chaebol.

17. Possessed

Why: One of the darkest shows ever filmed was excellent casts and the loveliest pairings. If that bothers you, don’t watch it; if it doesn’t, you’ll find it to be a mature and fantastic series that doesn’t hold back when it comes to the strength of evil, but also the greater power of righteousness and love. It is a nasty, startling criminal series or you can say Crime Korean Drama. Still, it’s also a delicate, loving narrative of two warm, solid, and reasonable individuals attempting to set things right for others, with characters that viewers will enjoy. A stellar cast’s screenplay, directing, and performance are all outstanding.

possessed-crime korean drama

Plot: Ha Na, a joyful high school student, does everything to protect her twin sister Doo Na, who walks with a minor limp. Doo Na, dies in a fire, and Ha Na quickly discovers that her body no longer belongs to her. Ha Na has exceptional abilities due to living with Doo Na’s furious soul within her body. After some time, a brilliant criminal psychologist named Ryu learns of Ha Na’s particular skills and attempts to utilize them to exterminate criminals.

16. Mad Dog

Why: No doubt one of the finest dramas ever made. The performances were fantastic, and the chemistry was palpable in Best Korean Crime drama. In particular, Kim Min Joon and Jang Ha Ri are the couples I’ve been pulling. This drama will live on in my memory for the rest of my life. It was entertaining and educational.

MadDog- korean crime drama

Plot: After his wife and kid were killed in an aircraft tragedy, Choi Kang-woo, a former police officer and chief of Taeyang Insurance’s investigator’s team, decides to organize his own investigative squad, Mad Dog. Two years later, he meets Kim Min-Joon, a brilliant former con artist and brother of Kim Beom-Joon, the co-pilot of the wrecked JH 801 jet who was accused of deliberately blowing it up in a suicide attempt.

15. Law School

Why: At first, I assumed that this would be exactly like any other suspense drama, with the first episode introducing the characters and setting the tone for the rest of the series. Finally, episodes 2 and 3 will reveal a significant hidden enemy. But no, it misread my mind. Each episode will only add to the viewer’s sense of awe. Then, when the OST “it’s driving me insane” comes on, you’ll just go along with it since that’s what this drama is. Only one minor flaw: the characters’ dialogue and subtitles are often too rapid. Overall, a fantastic Crime Korean drama.

Law School- crime korean drama

Plot: The series is set at Hankuk University Law School and chronicles students and teachers who come upon an unusual situation. A prominent legal professor and his pupils become embroiled in an exceptional lawsuit-a drama about aspiring attorneys’ realization of sincerity, legality, and justice. A law school professor is discovered dead during a supervised mock trial session, and Professor Yang is apprehended as the prime suspect. Kang Sol, Han Joon-Hwi, and other Hankuk students collaborate to uncover the truth about Professor Seo’s death and establish Professor Yang’s guilt.

14. Flower of Evil

Why: Such a fantastic narrative told by excellent actors. Lee Joongi’s most acceptable acting performance in a drama, as well as Moon Chaewon’s. Both of them did a fantastic job portraying their roles, creating natural chemistry between them as a married pair. The villain freaked me out, yet I couldn’t take my gaze away from him anytime he appeared on the screen in Crime Korean drama. Similarly, every character and performer in this show was outstanding.

flower of evil- korean detective drama

Plot: Baek Hee-sung is a guy who keeps his background and identity hidden from his detective wife, Cha Ji-won. They look to be the ideal family on the outside: a loving marriage with a lovely girl who adores her parents. Cha Ji-won and her coworkers begin looking into a string of unsolved deaths, and she is confronted with the possibility that her seemingly ideal spouse is concealing something from her.

13. Vagabond

Why: Both the male and female lead appeal to me. Their acting is a fantastic in this Korean Crime Drama, without a doubt. The action sequence is also enthralling. However, it appears to me that the plot contains flaws. I don’t believe a terrorist assault could be misinterpreted as an accident. There are also monotonous segments in between the thrilling action situations. The drama also reminds me of LBH’s lavish production Iris. In addition, it was filmed in Europe. In the context of such a large production, the story appears to be stronger and more firmly linked. In any case, I’m still optimistic about the series. I’m hoping it evolves into a memorable Korean Crime drama.


Plot: Cha Dal-Geon is a stuntman who aspires to be an action star. He is attempting to care for his nephew as his caretaker. His nephew flies from Incheon to Morocco for a taekwondo competition, but the plane crashes. In Morocco, Cha Dal-Geon meets a passenger on a tragic flight in public. He becomes certain that his nephew’s flight was sabotaged by someone or some group. Go Hae-Ri is a member of the National Intelligence Service who works in the Korean embassy in Morocco undercover. She has been tasked by the embassy with counseling the bereaved family of the fatal flight. Cha Dal-Geon wants Go Hae-assistance Ri’s help in identifying the airplane passenger he observed in Morocco. Soon after, Cha Dal-Geon and Go Hae-Ri uncover a far more sinister and dangerous plot than they had thought.

12. My Name

Why: Han So Hee’s flexibility will astound anybody who has seen her in World of the Married or Nevertheless. In this action part, her acting is entirely believable and unique. Few actresses can seamlessly go from making drama to romance to action. Even though there were some brilliant stunts or camera work, the action parts were Korean Drama Crime. And she is deserving of recognition for her efforts. The violence is more than typical for a Korean show. The basic plot is straightforward, and the tone is constant. There isn’t the drag that some 16-episode episodes have because it’s an 8-episode show. It’s a well-rounded tale about drugs, gangs, and cops. Itaewon class member Ahn Bo Hyun is well-suited to the position of the cop.

my name

Plot: Following her father’s death, a vengeful lady trusts an influential crime lord and joins the police force under his command.

11. The Good Detective

Why: It was tough to follow since I couldn’t recall the names, but it kept me interested in this fantastic Korean Police drama. The beautifully written relationships, such as between investigator and sister, the reporter and her editor, were made the series stand out. The relationship between the condemned killer and his daughter was maybe the most striking. Jo Jae-Yoon was fantastic as the father.

The Good Detective

Plot: For the past 18 years, Kang Do-Chang has worked as a detective. Incheon is where he was born and reared. He explores cases based on his connections and experience rather than scientific procedure or reasoning skills. Ji-Hyeok Oh is a top-notch investigator. He has years of experience and investigates crimes utilizing evidence and insight into the criminal’s psychology, unlike Kang Do-Chang, and cannot express his sentiments because of childhood trauma. He is well-off owing to a hefty inheritance from his late uncle. Jin Seo-Kyung is a reporter for a newspaper. She has been with the company for five years and is dedicated to her job.

10. Graceful Friends

Why: I’ve always been a movie buff, and on a typical Saturday, I’d see at least a dozen. I was attending to the cast, cinematography, narrative, film editing, and directing at all times. I had first introduced to the series a few years ago. I was having some trouble adjusting to the new dynamic at first. I became a tremendous fan of Korean Drama Crime when I figured out how they worked, and I now spend most of my free time watching them. Young folks may not grasp what is going on since the characters are genuine and emotional. The cast has been carefully picked, and all deliver outstanding performances. I shivered, I sobbed, and I laughed-a must-see drama.

graceful friends

Plot: Mo Seok Hee solely inherits the MC Group’s commercial empire. But something is wrong with her. Her mother’s death, which occurred under strange circumstances a decade and a half ago, haunts her. Since her mother’s death, she has been coming to the United States, separate from her father. But when she takes the tragic decision to return to South Korea, her life – and the fortunes of the MC Group – are turned upside down. She meets Heo Yoon Do, a lawyer from a modest family when she returns to South Korea. Together, they form an unexpected relationship and set out on a mission to learn the truth behind Mo Seok Hee’s mother’s death.

9. Vincenzo

Why: After the divorce, I believed it would be difficult for Joongki to find another love team, but the netizens seemed to adore the girl in this Best Korean Crime Drama. She is not as attractive as the previous female stars, but she is humorous and has a strong personality. Her acting isn’t bothersome either, so I’m guessing the netizens are smitten with her as well. I appreciate how each villain’s story ended. I was aback by how dark Vincenzo’s persona was, but I suppose it wouldn’t make sense if it weren’t about the Mafia. Each of the supporting individuals had a particular contribution role that was unexpected. Overall, I like this Crime Korean Drama, although I believe Joongki‘s performance may be better. I also hoped he had gotten even with the two criminals who had stolen his watch in the first episode.


Plot: Park Joo-Hyeong was adopted at a young age and sent to Italy. Vincenzo Cassano is his current name as an adult. He is a lawyer who works as a consigliere for the Mafia and escapes to South Korea due to a mafia conflict. He meets and falls in love with Lawyer Hong Cha-Young in South Korea. She’s the kind of lawyer who will go to any length to win a case. Vincenzo Cassano is smitten by her. In his unique manner, he accomplishes social justice.

8. He is Psychometric

Why: Based on the summary and poster, I expected a goofy comic-book knock-off slice of life type of Korean police drama. While all the characters were unknown to me, they all brought their a-game, and everyone did a great job.

he is pschometric

Plot: Lee Ahn is a minor child with the unique ability to detect other people’s secrets by touching them. Yoon Jae In is a girl who will go to any length to keep a tragic secret hidden. A romantic thriller about two teens who love, heal, and support one other through major and minor occurrences.

7. Devil Judge

Why: It is an excellent series with a great supporting cast and SK’s best performers. Except for a few top-heavy sequences and performers here and there, especially near the conclusion, the directing and storyline are excellent. It is one of the finest among crime Korean Dramas aficionados. Once again, Korea tackles challenging issues to elevate its cinema to new heights.

devil judge

Plot: Kang Yo Han is the “Devil Judge,” the country’s highest court leader. His word is law in a dystopian future South Korea. Still, his courtroom is also a television studio, and the court has transformed into the ultimate Television show, with viewers encouraged to participate in a live, self-styled “people’s court.” Greed and corruption appear to be exposed for all to see, and penalties are meted out as a result. Kang Yo Han is a divided personality, with the public wondering whether he is a viral hero or a wicked force sowing turmoil in his court. On the other hand, Jung Sun Ah is a fierce, clever, and ambitious lady with a desire for power. She has an intense rivalry with Kang Yo Han and has worked her way up from poverty to become the director. She holds a great deal of authority behind the scenes, keeping tight relationships with politicians and corporate leaders alike, and is hellbent on promoting her vision of the future. She’s also on the hunt for the “Devil Judge” himself, hoping to learn more about her foe’s deepest secrets.

6. Mouse

Why: They crossed the line this time but in a friendly manner in this Korean Crime Drama. It’s a too-strong series that, despite some restrictions, has a lot of influence when it comes to watching it. It makes the spectator shake in their seats, piqued to learn more. In that regard, each chapter has something new to offer with its mystery storyline and plot twists that will make your mind spin and make you want to know what happens in the following episode. The mouse is affected by the following emotions: interest, perplexity, melancholy, drama, rage, uneasiness, and a great deal of terror. 100% recommended this crime Korean drama and, of course, not for sensitive individuals!


Plot: Mouse imagines a future in which psychopaths can feel sorrow and shame for their acts. It follows Jeong Ba-Reum, a loyal cop whose life is turned upside down when he meets a psychotic serial murderer. It motivates him and his companion, Go Moo-chi, to discover the truth about psychopathic behavior.

5. Inspector Koo

Why: I’m amazed by how wonderfully Lee Young-Ae and Kim Hye-Jun perform in this crime Korean drama. They got it right! I expected LYA to be fantastic, but I was pleasantly surprised with KJ. She’s going to be successful in this field. Fighting, yeah, and a great concert!

inspector koo

Plot: Koo Kyung-Yi is a woman in her forties and used to be a police officer, but now she works in insurance and is a private investigator. She can solve situations thanks to her wits and good intuition. Koo Kyung-Yi is on the hunt for a serial murderer who happens to be a female university student.

4. Healer

Why: Ji Chang Wook, I have a soft spot in my heart for you. This Korean Detective drama is also one of my favorites, and I’ve already seen it twice. One thing that bothers me about this drama is that it contains duplicity, with the hero taking a long time to reveal his actual identity to the heroine. I understand how it happened, but I’ve never been a fan of characters who realize it’s time, to be honest, but refuse to do so. I believe this shouldn’t be required to keep a drama continuing. That said, I liked this narrative and enjoyed viewing it several times. I appreciate how the protagonist doesn’t always seem flawless or as if she’s wearing a tone of makeup in Korean Police drama. It’s rather refreshing.


Plot: Three separate persons are involved in a decades-old event involving a group of five friends and who ran an illegal pro-democracy. A reporter from a 2nd tabloid news website and a renowned journalist at a primary broadcast channel. They evolve into honest reporters that aim to blur the boundaries of conflict between reality and truth, even if it means confronting media moguls while seeking to find the truth about that incident and a string of recent killings.

3. Abyss

Why: A grand narrative told with outstanding performances. I didn’t care for the beginning, but it keeps getting better. I liked how the authors didn’t drag out a single killer till the last episode, instead of keeping the tale moving along with his accomplice! How brilliantly the writers combined a crime Korean drama with a lovely love story. Usually, the love narrative takes a back seat in criminal dramas, but each episode had some beautiful moments. They went on a picnic beneath the stars, which I adored. Her father gave him the warmest of approvals. He’s humorously filming it-the capsule of time. I can’t believe Ahn Hyo Seop is so young, yet he’s talented! Make it a point to see this great Korean Detective drama!


Plot: Ko Se-Yeon is a stunning prosecutor who excels at her work. She is killed in a car accident. Ko Se-Yeon has resurrected thanks to the strange bead Abyss, but she now looks altered. Ko Se-Yeon has taken on a more everyday look. The enigmatic bead Abyss resurrects the dead, but they take on a new look. Their look is determined by how positive their spirits were. In the meanwhile, Cha Min is the heir of a cosmetics corporation. He is intelligent, modest, and kind. In addition, he is unsightly. Cha Min is killed in a car accident. He comes back to life with a new look because of the strange bead Abyss and today’s more attractive look. Ko Se-Yeon starts working at a legal company as an attorney. At the legal office, Cha Min starts working for Ko Se-Yeon.

2. Suspicious Partner

Why: At least for the first two-thirds, the mix of humor and murder mystery keeps things interesting. Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook make a charming couple in the Korean Detective drama. She is endearing till she becomes irritable later on. As a prosecutor, he appears to be highly sophisticated. After they hook up, the back-and-forth relationship becomes tiresome and aggravating, while the murder becomes more compelling. The serial murderer is more intriguing than you may think at first, and he’s terrifying enough when he needs to be. The secondary leads, Kwon Nara and Choi Jin Tae, are equally enjoyable to watch. As the series progresses, it becomes increasingly tedious. The secrets surrounding the deaths take a long time to unravel; It would have been sufficient to have 16 episodes for this crime korean dramas

suspicious partner

Plot: The series follows prosecutor Noh Ji-Wook and prosecutor trainee Eun Bong-hee on a mystery case involving a sneaky psychopath murderer. They discover how intertwined they are as a result of their shared history. A forgetful murderer may be extremely dangerous. Noh Ji Wook is a prosecutor who, owing to circumstances, switches employment and becomes a private attorney. While Ji Wook was a prosecutor, Eun Bong Hee was a prosecutor trainee. Ji Wook’s longtime family friend, Attorney Ji Eun Hyuk, betrayed him by adultery with Wook’s ex-girlfriend. When a killer strikes, Bong Hee finds herself in the middle of the investigation.

1. Extracurricular

Why: A very engaging series that kept me interested throughout and didn’t rely solely on cliffhangers to force me interested in watching the following episode in Best Korean Crime Drama. I’m not a fan of movies or television shows since I find them uninteresting, but this was different. I’m concerned that it will fall short of the first if there is a second season. The series was so fantastic that I watched it twice. I decided to watch this show on the spur of the moment, and I’m pleased I did. It could not have been more perfect! Without a doubt, Netflix’s the most excellent drama. It is the only drama I’ve completed without skipping any episodes. It comes highly recommended!


Plot: Ji-soo Oh is the best student in his class. Since he lives apart from his father, he operates an illicit business to supplement his income. Bae Gyu-Ri is from a prosperous family. Her parents pressurize her since they wanted her to take over the family company. He has no option but to let her join in when she discovers Ji-secret.

Hope you enjoyed this blog on crime korean dramas and stay tuned for more. Also, check my blog on the Best 15 Korean Zombie Movies & Dramas To Watch [2021]



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