Best 24 Korean Action Movies You Must Watch


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Best Korean Action Movies Thrills Your Mood:

Everyone becomes a fan after watching Korean movie action. They are one of the most enjoyable films. They offer you a jolt of excitement while keeping you glued to your seat. They’re also fast-paced. South Korean action movies are among the greatest in the world. Korean films have mastered everything from gore to never-ending chases to passionate romance mixed with strong action. The photography and performances in the best Korean action movies are excellent. The Korean entertainment business has earned a lot of fame because of Oscar-winning films that are the finest thriller films. It’s now time to see some action films. Take a look at this list of the Top Korean Action Movies. We’ve compiled a list of films that cover a wide variety of action, from ax-wielding thugs to spies firing at one other, and even zombies.

24. The Villainess

Why: It’s clear that this picture’s writer and director, Byung-Gil Jung, and while the majority of the directing was good (albeit some was poor), he blew it with the script. There were just too many jumbled flashbacks that were mostly unnecessary. The editing was also horrible, and this picture required a lot of work. The best Korean action movies sequences were brilliantly planned, and the acting, particularly from the protagonist, Ok-bin Kim, was excellent. This film would have been fantastic if it had been screen-written properly, with most of the flashbacks arranged and cut appropriately, and the 129-minute runtime chopped down to around 90 or 100 minutes.


Plot: Sook-Hee is a ruthless assassin. Yanbian, China, is where she was raised. She disguises herself as a murderer and travels to South Korea. She aspires to live a new kind of life, but she falls in love with two guys. Hyun-Soo keeps an eye on Sook-Hee, while Joong-Sang is a mystery guy who trains murderers. The movie found a place in Korean action movies 2017.

23. Confidential Assignment

Why: Confidential assignment is one of the action Korean movies that also depicts Hyun Bin’s love for his wife. When he targets someone, he displays all of his intelligence. When Hyun Bin wanted to catch Park Myung, he used an exceptional running technique. Although it was a film, the movement of the road and the running manner of the characters astounded me. I thought it was a true story, not a Korean action movie.

confidential assignment

Plot: Im Chul-Ryung is a North Korean special investigation team officer. His crew responds to a disturbance at a counterfeit money printing factory. Cha Ki-Sung, Im Chul-boss, Ryung’s and his crew arrive on the scene to take the master plates used to create the counterfeit money. A firefight ensues, in which Im Chul-Ryung is shot and others are slain. Cha Ki-Sung has escaped to South Korea, according to North Korean officials. Im Chul-Ryung has been tasked with apprehending Cha Ki-Sung and recovering the stolen key plates. He has barely three days to do his assignment. For the first time, South and North Korea agree to work together to apprehend a criminal. Officials in South Korea, on the other hand, are skeptical that Cha Ki-Sung is a serial murderer. While Im Chul-Ryung is in South Korea, Detective Kang Jin-Tae from Seoul has been assigned to keep a close eye on him.  Action Korean movies are always the best way for entertainment.

22. Ajeossi

Why: I’d heard that this picture boosted Won Bin’s popularity, particularly in Korea, and I could see why. In this film, he truly is a badass, and his charm is evident throughout. During the moment where Won Bin’s character is driving aggressively while on the phone with the bad guys while expressing some scary mood, one of the girls in the crowd couldn’t help but exclaim “he is so amazing” in this one of the best Korean action movies. But it’s clear to me that it’s also to attract female viewers to the film. This film has excellent acting, a compelling narrative, and some slick action moments, making it a must-see for both men and women.

ajeossi-korean-movie action

Plot: Young-mother Mi’s gave her a wonderful story about first love when she was a youngster. She grew up surrounded by her parents’ affection, and she still gets butterflies thinking about her first love. Her parents passed away unexpectedly. After that, she has challenges, yet someone always appears to be willing to assist her. To her, that mystery donor is known as Daddy Long Legs. Young-Mi achieves her ambition of becoming a writer and works at a radio station with the support of Daddy Long Legs. She has a wonderful apartment and shares it with her buddy Jong-Jong. Young-Mi runs into her perfect boyfriend one day. The man’s name is Joon-Ho, and he works in the TV station’s reference department. She then keeps running into the same dude.

21. Commitment

Why: I must say this was a fantastic one of the Korean action movies. T.O.P. was able to make you get emotionally engaged in his character and I was in tears at the end because of his ability to make you become emotionally invested in his character. Even if he performs an excellent job with Big Bang, he should surely seek additional film parts because his performance is great.


Plot: A North Korean spy expects to return to his motherland after completing his assignment in South Korea to see his son Myung-Hoon and daughter Hye-In, but he is deceived by his own nation and slain by a South Korean agent. His children, Myung-Hoon and Hye-In, are transported to a forced labor camp in North Korea. Later, Sang-Chul, a high-ranking North Korean military officer, pays Myung-Hoon a tour in the work camp. He makes a bargain with Myung-Hoon. Under the cover of a North Korean defector, Myung-Hoon ultimately arrives in South Korea. Myung-Hoon sits next to a girl called Hye-In at his new high school. Her name is the same as his younger sister’s. Bullies in their class frequently target Hye-In, but Myung-Hoon falls for her. Meanwhile, North Korea eventually sends Myung-Hoon his assignment. He’s supposed to track down a North Korean spy known as the Big Dipper and detain him. One of the amazing Korean action movies you must watch by my recommendation. Meanwhile, in North Korea, a power struggle erupts due to ruler Kim Jung-declining Il’s health, and Myung-Hoon swiftly becomes a liability.

20. Train to Busan

Why: After seeing this film, everything is crystal obvious. Without a doubt, the finest zombie film ever filmed. It’s exhilarating, with a variety of unique events both on and off the train. To top it off, there’s a likable cast of characters, including a father and daughter, a husband and wife, and others, who are engaging, lovable, and easily recognized. This is far superior to WWZ, Zombieland, and any other contemporary zombie film in terms of excitement and enjoyment.

train to busan

Plot: In Seoul, Seok-Woo works as a fund manager. He lives with his daughter Soo-An after separating from his wife. Seok-Woo does not spend much time with or express affection for his daughter. Soo-An insists on seeing her mother for her birthday the night before her birthday. Seok-Woo doesn’t have an option but to transport her to Busan. The movie fixes the place in the best Korean action movies 2016. They leave Seoul Station early the next morning for Busan on the KTX train. A zombie-like female hops onboard the KTX train before it departs Seoul Station. A horrible illness has afflicted the girl, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Seok-Woo, Soo-An, and the other KTX train passengers are now fighting for their lives. The genre of Korean action movies with zombies has a lot of thrill and a roller-coaster ride for you.

19. The Thieves

Why: The Asian cinema that has struck me the most is generally horror, but this one stuck out as a standard Korean action film. Although it bears a striking resemblance to the Ocean’s series, it adequately stands on its own with many subplots that function and an almost dizzying number of twists and turns, the pacing is brisk and snappy, with no dragging or stalling periods. It’s a wonderful and one of the popcorn Korean action movies that continue going all the way to the end.

The Theives

Plot: Macao Park, Pepsee, and Popie used to work together as a crew a few years ago. Macao Park and Pepsee had a love relationship as well. Then Macao Park’s cable snapped in an elevator shaft when he was snatching gold bars, and he vanished with the gold bars. Pepsee was apprehended not long after. Popie, Yenicall, Chewinggum, and Zampano are now on their way to Hong Kong to collaborate with Macao Park. Pepsee is accompanying them, which Macao Park is unaware of. When the Hong Kong and Korean teams eventually meet, tensions between the two groups instantly increase. There’s a thrill and a lot of action in these top Korean action movies. After then, Macao Park enters the meeting and sets out the strategy. The “Tears of Sun” diamond is their target. Wei Yong, a violent crook, is now in possession of the diamond.

18. Midnight Runners

Why: A fantastic buddy comedy with not just a superb primary combination, but also a masterful command of tone, as the characters’ relationship, works wonderfully. This is the Korean action movie to see if you want terrific entertainment but also want significant stakes and hence action with genuine weight to it.

midnight runners

Plot: Ki-Joon and Hee-Yeol are Korean National Police University freshmen. They aren’t the finest students, but when it counts, they are serious. One evening, they choose to go out. They observe a young woman getting taken at the conclusion of their night. Ki-Joon and Hee-Yeol try to enlist the help of the police, but they are met with indifference and bureaucracy. Before it’s too late, the two police cadets resolve to save the young woman’s life.

17. I Saw the Devil

Why: The (ambiguous) experience you’ll have may either leave you with a bad taste or leave you feeling “overjoyed” as a result of the movie you just saw. I understand that it is a challenging film (with a damaged protagonist) that may not speak directly to you or convey your point. It may anger you (most likely), but it will make you think! It’s another Korean action Movie, with excellent acting, compelling narrative aspects, and a visual aesthetic (and brutality) that elevates it to new heights. This is a really challenging watch that is definitely worth your time!

i saw the devil-best-korean-action-movies

Plot: On a snowy night, a woman called Joo-Yun is stuck in her broken-down automobile. While waiting for a tow vehicle, she uses her telephone to communicate with her boyfriend. So-Hyun, a National Intelligence Service agent, is her fiancé. Meanwhile, a yellow van pulls up next to the woman’s broken-down vehicle. A man called gets out of the vehicle and approaches the woman, knocking on her window. He offers to assist her in starting the automobile. Still on the phone with Joo-Yun, her busy fiancé Soo-Hyun encourages her to stay in the car until the tow vehicle arrives, but he is called away on business affairs. At Joo-burial, Yun’s Soo-Hyun apologizes for not being there to defend her and swears to inflict 1,000 times more anguish on the guy who killed her. The killer, murder, investigation, and a lot of action in this Korean action movie. When Soo-Hyun finds his fiance’s murderer, he violently beats him. The murderer wakes up the next day, bloodied but alive.

16. A Taxi Driver

Why: This is a well-directed, moving, and enjoyable Korean action movie. A stumbling block A taxi driver in Seoul transports a German reporter to Gwangju. You see the pro-democracy riots and massacre occur from his perspective. You pity the driver, who is played by the renowned Korean actor from Parasite. The scenes of the carnage are both emotional and horrifying. You’ll undoubtedly see at the conclusion that some of the tales about the escape are made up for dramatic effect. It doesn’t matter, though. This is one of those films where taking theatrical liberties is appropriate. It fell in the Korean action movies that are both entertaining and moving.

Taxi Driver-top-korean-action-movies

Plot: Peter, a German reporter, is on duty in Tokyo, but the news there is sluggish. Something sinister is happening in Gwangju, South Korea, according to a coworker. The city’s phone lines have been entirely cut off. Peter makes the decision to visit. Kim Man-Seob, a cab driver in Seoul, South Korea, is struggling to make ends meet while caring for his daughter. He requires funds to pay his rent. In a restaurant, Kim Man-Seob overhears a foreigner pledging to pay a big quantity of money to be transported to Gwangju. One of the amazing Korean Action movies you should watch. The endeavor would pay Kim Man-rent Seob’s expenses. He dashes out of the restaurant in order to get the foreigner. Peter and Kim Man-Seob are on their way to Gwangju from Seoul. They have no idea what’s going on or how many lives would be lost soon.

13. The Suspect

Why: The acting, the narrative, the background music during one of the brilliant Korean action movies moments, and the excellently conceived and executed action scenes are all strong points in this action movie. The action and stunt directors/coordinators, as well as the stuntmen, deserve praise. Just that, the protagonist character’s action style and the background music remind me a lot of the Bourne series. For me, it’s still worth another look, at least for some of the action parts.

The Suspect

Plot: After being abandoned by North Korea, a North Korean spy resides in South Korea. He is then named as the primary suspect in a murder investigation. In this murder case, the victim is the CEO of a huge firm. The suspect is now trying to figure out the truth.

16. Unstoppable

Why: I had a great time seeing this Korean action movie. The plot isn’t groundbreaking; in fact, it’s eerily similar to Liam Neeson’s Taken. But the difference is that this one has a lot of comedy in that unique South Korean style. You’ve got your badass, your feisty wife, your goofy sidekicks, and your over-the-top nasty villain. It was enjoyable from start to finish in the Korean action movies, and I got a few nice chuckles.


Plot: Dong-Chul and Ji-Soo had been married for a long time. Dong-Chul was a known mobster in the past, but he’s changed his ways now. Dong-Chul returns home one day to discover his house in shambles and his wife vanished. Dong-Chul then receives a phone call from someone agreeing to pay him to surrender up his wife. Korean action movies thrill your mood and entertain you. Dong-Chul swears that he would save his wife.

15. The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos

Why: The greatest was Vile City, which had no lovely faces but had a wonderful narrative, one of the top Korean action movies, and grit with a touch of humor and a great music track. I loved the moment in the hallway where Choi Gwi-Hwa / Ha Sang-Mo was about to assault Joo Jin Mo / Heo Il-Hoo and yelled to one of the gang members, “What the hell are you doing with a saw, get back to the end of the line.”

The Bad Guys Reign of Chaos

Plot: While carrying hazardous high-profile inmates, a prisoner transport wagon turns over. These inmates flee and make a break for it. To apprehend the fugitives, the police assemble a special criminal investigation squad, which includes inmates such as Park Woong Cheol, who has been known to kill up to 30 people on his own; Kwak No Soon, a talented con artist; Ko Yoo Sung, a former investigator; and the famed detective Oh Goo Tak.

15. The Divine Fury

Why: There aren’t many movies on exorcism and those that are generally focused on just one story/exorcism, which is why they fall flat until they’re given in a more in-depth way. The Korean action movies are fantastic because of how intricate the plot/script is and how well it depicts the reality of exorcists. Although they represent the devil side of things, it’s intriguing how they all portray the dark side without presenting more of the light side; they exhibit faith and beliefs rather than genuine light beings. Also, the MMA backdrop is extremely thin here; it’s just some spice in this huge soup, but it tastes better in the end.

The Divine fury

Plot: Yong-father Hoo’s perished in an accident while he was a youngster. Since then, Yong-Hoo has been suspicious of and resentful of others. Yong-Hoo is now a martial arts champion. He runs into Priest An. Priest An is an exorcist as well. They become entangled in a case and are forced to confront a dangerous foe. The movie fell on the list of Korean action movies 2019.

13. Peninsula

Why: Even in the overblown zombie genre, it’s surprisingly decent. There were a lot of zombies, and they were all properly zombified with well-chosen stunt zombies for faces and contortions. The zombie dinner was tasted up with additional battle scenes amongst uninteresting humans. This movie dinner was spiced up with a car chase and zombie mowing. The movie lies on the list of Korean action movies 2020. There are a few story twists to keep us guessing. All of them have some unusual characterizations, which may be amusing. Unless you’re a fussy eater, CGI isn’t the finest, but it’ll suffice.


Plot: Set four years after the events of “Train to Busan.” People on the Korean peninsula who have escaped disaster are fighting for survival.

12. Deliver Us from Evil

Why: In this revenge thriller, Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-Jae battle it out as an unstoppable force and an immovable object. Korean movies are spectacular, as one would expect from a Korean production, and the photography is breathtaking. It doesn’t reinvent the genre because many of the classic tropes are present. It does, however, deliver an emotional punch and strikes all the right notes for a film like this.

Deliver Us from Evil

Plot: In Thailand, a terrible kidnapping case occurs. In-Nam just finished his last assassination assignment for hire. He is aware that he is linked to the kidnapping case. In-Nam is on its way to Thailand. He meets his assistant Yoo-Yi there, and the two work on the kidnapping case together. Meanwhile, Ray finds that In-Nam killed his brother. He travels to Thailand to exact vengeance on In-Nam.

11. Assassination

Why: This is one of the movies you should see if you enjoy movies set in the early 1900s. The film set transports you to the age of Japanese colonization in Korea. Throughout the Korean action movies list, the characters develop their own personalities. I also enjoy this film because of the cinematography. The plot of this film is excellent. However, you may need to concentrate to watch this because it might be rather complicated at first.


Plot: The assassination plan is aimed at a pro-Japanese organization. Yeom Seok-Jin works for the interim administration as an agent. He plots the assassination and orders An Ok-Yoon to carry it out. An Ok-Yoon is a lethal sharpshooter who works with Hwang Deok-Sam and Soksapo. She accepts the mission since she is passionate about Korea’s freedom. Hawaii Pistol, on the other hand, is a contract killer. An Ok-Yoon and her assassination crew are recruited by him and his companion Younggam.

10. Master

Why: I’m watching it not because of the three leading actors, but because I read that it’s about a financial pyramid scheme. For those who are unfamiliar with such frauds, they operate similarly to multi-level marketing or network marketing, except that instead of selling things, they offer you a piece of an investment that promises a high return on investment with no effort required. Furthermore, if “investors” conduct the marketing by recruiting new “victims,” they will make a good profit. The business module involves extracting money from newcomers at the bottom of the pyramid and paying those at the top. Such programs have been reported throughout Asia, particularly in Malaysia, and I personally heard of one in Korea eight or nine years ago. The film does not go into great depth on how the scam works, but the event, seminar, and statements made by the fraud CEO to their members and staff are all quite believable. One of the top Korean action movies has enough action and excitement, and all three actors performed admirably, each portraying a distinct character and displaying diverse body language.


Plot: Won Network is the target of an intellectual crime investigative team. The firm is embroiled in a huge fraud investigation. The intellectual crime investigative team is led by Kim Jae-Myung. The action Korean movies are all about law investigations, criminals. To head the intellectual crime investigation team, he is clever, charming, forceful, and daring. Won Network’s president is President Jin. Won Network’s Section Chief is Park Jang-Goon. Won Network is his brainchild.

7. Nowhere to Hide

Why: I’ll recollect the autumn leaves’ amazingly yellow; the rain falling on the 40 Steps during the scene of the murder; the swirly “wipe” in the first reel (I’ve seen iris snaps, and Kurosawa wants to wipe from left to correct & leftward, I’ve seen wipes spiraling out from a center point, and I may have seen head to toe and/or ground to top wipes)- but never one like this); the inserts of what appeared to be color sketching of characters in between live-action shots near the film’s beginning; the strobe-like black & white shots at the disco and the balletic brawl on the rooftop among the billowing sheets. The Korean action movies are best for those who love detectives, law, and investigation genres.

Nowhere to Hide

Plot: The movie is about murder and the police’s following hunt for the perpetrator, led by the obsessive Detective Woo. The genre of film is Korean action comedy movies.

6. No Tears for the Dead

Why: The first half of the film may be sluggish for Korean action movies, but it is a superb representation of regret, and a good sense of the feelings our hero Gon is experiencing. The film also serves as an excellent example of how apparently unimportant events may lead to you being in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Dong-Gun Jang is excellent as a guilt-ridden hitman, and he is equally convincing in both the violent and melancholy passages. The second half of the film is full of action as the protagonist outwits the enemies in a cat and mouse game. The movie found a place in Korean action movies 2014. Brutal, fast-paced, and exhilarating action situations!

no tear for the dead

Plot: Although the first half of the film is slow for an action film, it is an excellent depiction of sorrow, and we get a clear sense of the emotions our hero Gon is feeling. One of the Korean action movies also serves as an excellent example of how apparently unimportant events may lead to you being in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Dong-Gun Jang is excellent as a guilt-ridden hitman, and he is equally convincing in both the violent and melancholy passages. The second half of the film is full of action as the protagonist outwits the enemies in a cat and mouse game. Brutal, fast-paced, and exhilarating action situations!

5. Real Memories of the Sword

Why: I wish I could give the genre action movies a ten instead of an eight because, while the plot is excellent, the acting is excellent, and the martial arts are excellent, the fact that it was a little confusing and hard to follow, and should have been 20 to 30 minutes shorter, detracts from it being an absolute first-class film. I understand that some people may disagree, but that is just my opinion. Otherwise, it’s a good film; I’m going to have to see it twice to figure out everything.

Real Memories of the Sword

Plot: I wish I could give this Korean movie action a ten instead of an eight because, while the plot is excellent, the acting is excellent, and the martial arts are excellent, the fact that it was a little confusing and hard to follow, and should have been 20 to 30 minutes shorter, detracts from it being an absolute first-class film. I understand that some may disagree, but that is just my opinion. I’m thinking I’ll have to see it again to figure out all.

4. Operation Chromite

Why: In the list of Liam Neeson’s work, I came across this spy and war film. Then I read the evaluations on this site and decided it was a must-see. I wasn’t disappointed in the least because there were so many twists and turns. The special effects and visual effects were well-executed. Seeing what transpired in Korea at a critical juncture was a fantastic experience for me. The Chromite Operation is a must-see video because of the historical divide between North and South Korea. I recommend seeing it in its original Korean and English form since it is more realistic. God bless all the brave victims who stood up to the crimson murder squad. You can watch Korean action movies on Netflix.

operation chromite-korean-action-movies

Plot: US Army General Macarthur (Liam Neeson) and 8 South Korean soldiers, led by a South Korean Navy Lieutenant, carry out the secretive “X-ray” operation. In order to carry out the “Incheon Landing Operation,” the “X-ray” operation must be successful.

3. The Host

Why: The movement of the creature in this film astonished me. The first few moments are good, however, I find it a little implausible at times. Even with the moron with the peroxide hair, everything was well-organized. It reminded me of the three stooges after that. Is it attempting to be serious, or is it being played for laughs? After all, there are genuine victims who require assistance. For the love of the Lord, it’s the family’s daughter. I’m not familiar with Korean action movies. Godzilla was finally turned into a clown by the Japanese, which took away any seriousness from the pictures. Perhaps this is simply another Asian comedy disguised as a serious film. From the beginning to the end, I never took any of those people seriously. They can’t overcome the foolishness that puts them there when acts of heroism occur. The last battle with the monster is well-done, but I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise.

The Host-korean-movie-action

Plot: A monster of an unknown kind is created in the river’s waters due to an unfortunate occurrence. People ignore signals of approaching doom as the creature quietly grows in the river’s depths, focusing instead on the Korea-Japan World Cup soccer finals, presidential elections, and their personal lives. The creature then appears in a frightening exhibition of terror in front of countless individuals having a stroll and enjoying the weekend on the banks of the Han River in 2005.

2. Typhoon

Why: If you enjoy your standard American film, with its normal over-the-top melodrama and superfluous love scenes, follow the advice above. I have to agree that this is very much a Korean movie action; the acting is strong, the lines are understandable, and the scenes aren’t overly drawn out. In a nutshell, the film follows a little child who grows up to become a modern-day pirate with the goal of destroying ‘the wicked south.’ As the two characters’ awareness of each other increases expects a lot of murder a lot of Russians, a lot of gorgeous landscape, and a lot of broken emotions.


Plot: Sin (Jang Dong-Gun, who previously featured in “Friend”) is a North Korean who attempted to migrate to the South with his family when he was a child but was duped, resulting in the deaths of his parents. Sin joins forces with a crew of Thai pirates to capture a US ship carrying nuclear weapons that were surreptitiously produced in Taiwan. He is chased by Kang Se Jong (Lee Jeong Jae, who previously starred in the 2000 romantic comedy “Il Mare“), a navy officer who tries to bring Sin to justice, but who eventually grows to understand and sympathize with his adversary.

1. Gangnam Blues

Why: Several group battles have been emphasized in traditional gangster films, and fell in the Korean action movies list. Unfortunately, the Mafia within all share the same mindset, do not understand tolerance, do not understand politics. There were too many characters at the start of the film, too many confusing characters, too fatigued to recognize them, and no translations or cues for the subtitles. From the outside, it also indicates who is the biggest winner in mainland China‘s real estate speculation.

Gangnam Blues

Plot: Jong-Dae and Yong-Ki grew up as actual brothers at an orphanage. They earn a career picking up paper and empty bottles once they leave the orphanage. Then, in Gangnam, Seoul, Jong-Dae becomes embroiled in a power battle over development. He lives with Gil-Soo and Sun-Hye as a result of their acceptance of Jong-Dae as a family member. Jong-Dae joins the gang as well.


Hope you enjoyed this blog, and stay tuned for more. Also, check my blog on the Best 20 Crime Korean Drama of All Time.

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