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Yeshua Bonadio is the beloved son of the great Irish singer and activist Sinead O’Connor. Unfortunately, she is no longer alive in this world. Singer Sinead died at the age of 56 on July 26, 2023. She and her former partner had four children, and among these four, Yeshua Bonadio is one, loved by both mother and father.

In this article, we will learn about the life story of Yeshua, his relationship with his siblings, and his intentions for the future.

Yeshua Bonadio Wikipedia

Yeshua Bonadio is the youngest son of the late activist and singer Sinead O’Connor. Yeshua Bonadio was born in Ireland and attended a private school in Dublin. He was interested in music from a young age due to the influence of his mother. He was great in sports and academics and learned to play the piano and guitar from his mother. He was the favourite of all his four siblings, and his mother praised him for his intelligence.

Yeshua Bonadio family
Yeshua Bonadio family
Name Yeshua Bonadio
Birthday December 19, 2006
Age 16 years old
Birthplace Ireland
Zodiac Sagittarius
Parents Sinéad O’Connor and Frank Bonadio
Siblings Jake Reynolds, Roisin Waters, and Shane Lunny
Wife None
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Will Update
Kids None
Career Musician
Net Worth Around $1.5 Million
Height 5.5 feet (approx.)
Weight 55 kilograms (approx.)
Hair Color Blonde
Eyes Color Blue
Education Studying
Alma Mater Local Private School
Ethnicity Mixed
Nationality Irish
Religion Christian
Instagram yeshuabonadio


Yeshua Bonadio’s Relationship with His Father

Yeshua has two half-siblings, and his relationship with his stepfather has not always been smooth. His parents even got separated after a short period. As mentioned above, his mother was a famous singer who rose to fame in the late 1980s with her hit song “Nothing Compares 2 U.”.


Yeshua Bonadio parents
Yeshua Bonadio parents

Her mother was a famous singer, but she was also a popular personality for her controversial statements and actions, like ripping up a picture of Pope John Paul II on live TV in 1992. She also converted to Islam in 2018 and changed her name several times. One of the reasons she left Yeshua Bonadio’s father lies in the fact that she attempted suicide.

Whereas, his father was a Frank Bonadio and was a popular Irish businessman and ex-husband of Mary Coughlan. He had two children with Coughlan: Owen and Clare. Interestingly, from the father’s side, Yeshua Bonadio is the grandson of John and Marie O’Connor, making him the nephew of Eimear, John, and Eoin O’Connor.

Relationship Name
Parents – Father Frank Bonadio
Parents – Mother Sinéad O’Connor
Siblings Jake Reynolds
Siblings Roisin Waters
Siblings Shane Lunny


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Custody Battle Between Yeshua Parents

The new family life between Frank Bonadio and Yeshua’s mother didn’t go well. His mother’s mental health was under question after 2010, and she filed a divorce case and got it. After the divorce, both fought for his custody, and Yeshua’s father got custody of his son due to the mental health of his mother.

Interesting Facts about Yeshua Bonadio

  • Yeshua Bonadio is not just a superb entertainer; he’s also chock-full of fascinating knowledge!
  • Did you know that Yeshua speaks several languages? He is not only proficient in English but also in Spanish and Italian.

Another fascinating aspect of Yeshua is that he is a passionate reader.

  • Yeshua loves animals! He enjoys spending time with his dogs and aspires to be a veterinarian one day.
  • These are just a handful of the remarkable facts about Yeshua Bonadio that make him a distinct talent.


Where is Yeshua Bonadio’s life?

Yeshua Bonadio was born in Dublin, and he is an Irish citizen. He currently lives in Dublin with his father after his mother’s death.

Who is Yeshua Bonadio’s father?

Frank Bondio is the stepfather of Yeshua. He is not a biological father, but he won the custody of Yeshua from his mother, citing the reason for her mental illness.

Is Yeshua Bonadio the youngest child of Sinéad O’Connor?

Yeshua is the youngest child of Sinead, and he has four siblings in total; two are half-siblings, and one of his siblings is blood-related and younger. He loves all of them and shares a strong bond of love.

What is the age of Yeshua Bonadio?

Yeshua Bonadio is a 16-year-old young gentleman who is the youngest of his siblings and is studying at a private school in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland.

Does Sinead O’Connor have a sister?

Yeshua Bonadio has a sister named Eimear’O’Connor, and his bond with her sister is strong. There is no report of any fighting or clashes among them.

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