What Is Football Betting?


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Football betting is a form of sports betting that involves predicting the outcome of football matches and placing wagers on those predictions. It is a popular form of gambling, with millions of people around the world engaging in it every day. 

Football betting can be done both online and offline, with different types of bets available to suit different levels of risk-taking. With the right knowledge and strategy, football betting on a trusted platform like OKBET can be a great way to make money while enjoying the excitement of watching your favorite teams play.

Football Betting Types

The American football betting types include straight bets and proposition bets.

A straight bet is a wager on the outcome of a game with no further conditions. For example, a bettor may wager $10 on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI to win. If the Patriots win, then the person who wagered $10 will receive their total wager back plus any additional money collected by betting on that event.

Meanwhile, proposition bets are bets made with two conditions. For example, if you’re betting on which team wins Super Bowl LI you could either place a straight bet or an odds bet that would give you an advantage over another bettor who did not make an odds bet.

Odds bets are used in many betting types and can give bettors a small or large advantage over the person who did not make an odds bet. For example, if you’re betting on which team will win the Super Bowl and you wager $10 to win, you could also place a proposition bet that says the Patriots will win at least one quarter of football in their game with at least 1 touchdown. 

This would give you more risk in your wager as opposed to a straight wager on the Patriots to win, which would give better odds if they won after just one quarter of football with a touchdown.

Proposition bets are usually placed with the idea that there is a small chance of winning but a lot of risk involved. Proposition bets are bets that have two conditions.

Some examples of proposition bets:

-Who will win the Super Bowl? Props bets on which team will win and gives you a word or phrase indicating whether the bettors believe one or the other team has a better chance of winning.

For example, “Steelers in 7” would indicate they think the Steelers have a better chance at winning seven out of 10 times, while “Patriots in 7” would indicate they think the Patriots have a better chance at winning seven out of 10 times.

-Who will score the first touchdown? Proposition bets would be on who will score the first touchdown.

-Who will score the last touchdown? Proposition bets would be on who will score the last touchdown.

-Will there be a 1st quarter or no 1st quarter? Proposition bets would be on whether there is a first quarter or not.

-Will there be an overtime period or no overtime period? Proposition bets would be on whether there is an overtime period or not.

Why Try American Football Betting?

American football is already a difficult sport to figure out for Filipinos who aren’t familiar with the sport. Adding sports betting to the equation can make things even more complicated. Why should you even try it out?

On the surface, football betting seems like too much of a risk to take. However, there are a few benefits that make it worth the gamble.

First, the game is usually over within three hours. With games lasting a maximum of four quarters and an occasional overtime period, you can get your money back before you even realize you wasted it.

Secondly, American football betting isn’t as hard as other sports to follow or understand. Though it can be complicated at first glance because of its different phases and levels of play, overall what’s happening on the field is easy enough to understand with some practice and careful watching of games.

Start Betting on Football Games Today!

Change the way you watch football games with online betting. Whether you’re watching the NCAA or the NFL, turning your favorite team into a winning bet with offshore odds has never been easier.

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