Who Influence Virtual Reality Development & What Metaverses Prepared for Us


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Metaverse is still an uncharted place for many users: an intersection of virtual and real worlds is an innovation for most, so such interactive platforms are only gaining popularity. Experts are convinced everyone will be able to move freely between these worlds in the future. 

In simple words, the metaverse is a network of virtual realities based on blockchain technology, allowing one to explore it, interact with other people, attend events, learn a lot of new things, and even earn real money. It’s anticipated that all similar platforms will be interconnected so that every user can switch from one metaverse to another in a few clicks. However, companies are still developing, and the trend is only gaining popularity. Of course, everything is not limited to one metaverse, so let’s see which spaces are considered the most promising and attract a lot of attention from users.

New Opportunities for Games Development with Unity Software

We already know that metaverses are a great place to have fun and play some exciting games suiting all tastes and preferences. You will find plenty of exciting things even if you are a fan of Mr bet casino games since metaverses like Decentralend offer numerous activities, including online gambling clubs. And Unity Software is one of those companies actively assisting in creating and releasing different AR and VR gaming solutions. The convenient software will help developers easily make apps from scratch. Unity has a platform for creating 3D content, and it plans to immerse itself in the virtual world even further.

The Hugest Project Starting Innovations

Meta is one of the first projects that became in demand among users: customers became more interested in the company after Mark Zuckerberg proceeded with a well-known Facebook rebranding. His initial idea was to leave the simple social network behind and create a completely new space where visitors could explore different places, communicate with their friends, and play exciting games.

The founder constantly invests cash in reviving the metaverse and still believes in its success. Even though many people are skeptical about this idea, the company continues developing its innovative solutions. For instance, Oculus VR is one of the most demanded hardware that can be used for navigating through the metaverse. Moreover, new features are regularly added, so it will definitely be exciting to explore everything Meta has prepared.

Microsoft is a company that supports Meta in its undertakings and actively participates in metaverse development. It has already invested millions into several highly technological products that are kept secret until their release. Moreover, it has announced its partnership with Meta, which aims to create mixed-reality platforms that offer various cloud services.

Furthermore, the giant tech corporation made its products available in virtual reality: for instance, users can now take advantage of Windows Office in VR. Microsoft plans to open its own Metaverse, which is still in its development stage.

And What About E-Commerce?

Shopify, a famous e-commerce giant, also wants its part of metaverses: it has already launched its development, allowing companies to add 3D models of their products into the virtual world. A perfect solution for those who don’t like offline shopping! It’s now easy to choose the necessary goods and try them online without the need to leave home.

Another innovation presented by the company is the Novel Shopify app, allowing users to create their own NFTs and spread them among other people. It also guarantees immediate cryptocurrency payments without any delays. Such options as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Shiba Inu are constantly available for metaverse visitors. Everything becomes quicker and safer, which definitely makes the industry more attractive to users.

Apple’s Actions as a Global Trendsetter

Apple is considered a trendsetter in multiple spheres, so followers and other companies wait for the company’s steps towards the latest trends. However, the corporation still didn’t take any evident actions that could show their implementation to the metaverse world.

And even though the brand has recently made several patents connected with AR technologies, it still was not publicly declared its desire to participate in the development of virtual reality. Its management states that the company is still far from the metaverse world and is not planning to involve in it in the near future. But loyal Apple fans wait for changes with great impatience since the niche is really promising!

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