Upcoming IPOs in India: What Investors Need to Know?


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Business enterprises frequently need capital to maintain business continuity and meet customers’ demands. Initial Public Offering (IPO) is an excellent way for an enterprise to infuse capital and meet its financial requirements. The increase in institutional and individual investors in India has motivated more and more companies to go public and raise funds. Did you know the total value raised by Indian IPOs in 2022 was around 100 lakh crores? The same is expected with the upcoming initial public offerings in 2023. As an individual or institutional investor, you must keep a tab on the upcoming IPO. Let us discuss the forthcoming initial public offerings that might attract investors this year.

Understanding the basics of IPOs

IPO is the process that helps an enterprise issue its shares for the first time on public stock exchanges. It is also the process through which an enterprise goes public from private. For example, a private Indian company can go public by launching its IPO on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Once the company has listed its IPO, shares are bought by investors in the secondary market. While some investors buy shares on the same day of the IPO launch, some might wait for a few days. This is because when new shares are launched, the market takes some time to adjust. Sometimes, volatility might increase after new shares are launched in a financial market. 

With initial public offerings, enterprises can raise capital for different business processes. First, an enterprise must register for an initial public offering with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) in advance. After SEBI’s approval, the enterprise decides on a date for the IPO launch. Then, they try to create hype for the upcoming initial public offering and attract investors on a large scale. Usually, companies consult with investment banks or underwriters to decide the right price and data for an IPO launch. Do you have a brokerage account to invest in the upcoming initial public offerings? If yes, start collecting information regarding the upcoming IPOs in India.

Upcoming initial public offerings in India for investors

Here are the upcoming initial public offerings in India to know in 2023:

Snapdeal Limited

Snapdeal Limited is a well-known e-commerce company in the country. Founded in 2010, it has grown from a daily deals platform to an online product marketplace. The company was about to launch its initial public offering in 2016. However, the company’s IPO plans were cancelled due to market disruptions and unfavourable conditions. It is expected that Snapdeal Limited will launch its IPO in 2023 with a value of around 1250 crores.


Ixigo is a renowned platform for travel and hotel booking in India. Founded in 2006, Ixigo has reached new heights and tapped new markets. The company filed its draft for IPO with SEBI in 2021. Since the company has made its intentions clear to go public, the IPO will be launched anytime soon. The expected size of Ixigo IPO in 2023 is 1600 crores.  

Tata Play Limited

Tata Play Limited is a renowned satellite TV provider in India. Even in the age of OTT platforms, Tata Play Limited has a vast user base in the country. The company is owned by Tata Sons (70% ownership) and is expected to launch its IPO in 2023. The value of Tata Play’s initial public offering is expected to be around 2500 crores. All formalities have been completed, and Tata Play IPO is expected to arrive in 2023. 


Swiggy is an online food ordering and delivery platform that needs no introduction. It is among the top two food delivery platforms in the country. With the launch of its IPO in 2023, it is expected to raise around 8000 crores. Swiggy has been planning to launch its IPO for some time now. Even though the data is not finalised, it can be a turning point in the stock market. Therefore, investors must keep an eye on Swiggy’s upcoming IPO.

Keventer Agro Limited

Keventer Agro Limited is a well-known distributor of dairy and food products in India. It has a vast distribution network across the country. The company is also connected with several farmers nationwide to collect raw materials. The company already filed its Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) with SEBI in August 2021. The company is expected to launch its IPO in the Indian market in 2023. 

In a nutshell

Besides the enterprises mentioned in this article, other companies like Oravel Stays, Penna Cement, Hexagon Nutrition, Quality Foils Limited, and Puranik Builders Limited are expected to launch their IPOs in 2023. With a reliable trading platform, investors can keep an eye on the upcoming initial public offerings in India. 

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