Travelling with the Stars: 5 Celebrities Who Love to Travel


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It’s not uncommon to see your favourite stars being pictured out and about doing things that ordinary people consider mundane. From a distance, celebrities are frequently spotted sunning it up in luxury locations in their downtime. More often than not, these vacation spots are more private and exclusive than your average holiday.

Some celebrities, especially A-listers, just love to live a luxurious life in the sun, which means they visit the most glamorous resorts with the best rooms, food, and views. Luxury is very subjective when it comes to holidays because it depends on a person’s taste. Often, those in the circles of the entertainment and sporting industries frequent luxury destinations that are known to cater to a celebrity clientele.

While celebrity-style holidays may not be in the cards for most of us, there is no harm in dreaming. To indulge in the ultimate holidaymaker’s fantasy, read our list of five of our favourite celebrities’ dreamy vacation destinations.

1.  Dan Bilzerian, Hawaii

Dan Bilzerian has been known to frequent much of Europe on his holiday and travels a lot for his work. After beginning his poker career in 2007, he participated in the World Series of Poker a few times, although he did make most of his money through big private games. Bilzerian was known to have a preference for the table game, Texas Hold’Em, although he doesn’t specify any other poker games that he prefers, there is no doubt he has made big money at the poker table.

It is evident that like Bilzerian, many poker players, even amateurs, have a preference for poker table games because they are strategic and require a good amount of skill to succeed. Out of convenience, many amateur players have now turned to online table games to practice their skills from home, as in some regions there aren’t enough tournaments and opportunities to play table games.

In addition, online casinos where traditional games exist have started to implement other versions of their games to include digital currencies to appeal to a wider fanbase. Many casinos have realised that due to its popularity, combining cryptocurrency and traditional gaming to make new Bitcoin table games and online gambling had the potential to be very profitable. When talking about Bilzerian, it’s worth mentioning that there were no Bitcoin casino games yet, when he was earning his big winnings at physical casinos.

We are not sure whether it is a gambling visit or just a holiday, but Bilzerian is often spotted in tropical Hawaii and the British Virgin Islands, according to Vogue. His vacations consist of jetting out on the blue waters with girls and lavish parties.

2.  Selena Gomez, The Hamptons

She may have played in the movie Monte Carlo, but Selena’s favourite vacation spot seems to be The Hamptons now, even though she did just spend two months in Paris filming a movie!

 The singer has been spotted recently in the popular Suffolk County New York spot of the Hamptons. The Rare Beauty founder was in the Hamptons celebrating her friend Connar Franklin’s bachelorette party. She posted photos from the weekend congratulating her friend and posing with the girl group.

3.  Jack Harlow, Saugatuck, Michigan

The First Class Rapper was asked in a GOAT podcast episode, a podcast hosted on the COMPLEX YouTube channel, where he would go on vacation, and his answer may surprise you.

He was asked by host and comedian Druski to clarify what he meant by a vacation, and Harlow responded by saying ‘yes’, and that he’d go to a place called Saugatuck in Michigan.

Saugatuck does happen to sit on the coast and of course on the path of Lake Michigan, and is home to beautiful beaches, such as Oval Beach. The city has its own distillery many fresh eateries and fun things to explore, as well as an abundance of vacation houses to rent for longer stays.

4.  Will Smith, Dubai, UAE

It’s not a secret that Will Smith loves Dubai. Smith may have plenty of movies under his belt, but he has also had multiple trips to the country in the past for work and vacations. In 2021, he climbed the world’s tallest building in Dubai, the luxurious Burj Khalifa for his YouTube channel. Aside from mighty skyscrapers, Dubai is known for its gorgeous beaches, great food, the huge Dubai Mall, and of course its luxurious hotels located in the elite island area of Palm Jumeirah, right by the crystal blue waters of Dubai.

5.  Rihanna, Barbados, The Caribbean

Rihanna was born in Saint Michael Barbados, so it’s not a surprise she loves to visit the island for a homely vacation. Plus, the singer has her own $22 million villa at One Sandy Lane Resort. She has owned the property for 10 years.

 The Fenty Beauty makeup mogul owns many homes, but mainly resides in Beverly Hills, California, with her boyfriend rapper A$ap Rocky, and their baby. She is currently pregnant with their second child.

The couple have been papped multiple times on vacation in Barbados, and the singer only has the best of the best. She loves to hang out at Daphne’s, an Italian restaurant in Paynes Bay Beach, but she is also partial to Chefette, a chain that serves traditional Bajan fast food. For partying, Rihanna recommended The Gap to British Vogue, a key area for Bajan nightlife.

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