The Silenced Korean Movie Review – [2022]


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The Silenced Korean Movie was directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk in 2015 that is the story of Joo-ran who is a sickly young lady sent to the Gyeongseong Boarding School for sick females. Shizuko becomes her new name. At first glance, life appears to be similar to that of other boarding institutions. Joo-ran discovers that a girl called Shizuko had abruptly departed the school without saying goodbye to her friends before she arrived. Other girls in the class were soon reported to have gone home after disappearing under mysterious circumstances. The young girl is now convinced that something is amiss with Gyeongseong School. Joo-ran embarks on a perilous quest to learn the school’s secrets, putting her life in jeopardy.

The Silenced Korean Movie Review- [2022]

Release date: June 18, 2015 (South Korea)

Box office: 2.5 million USD

Nominations: Grand Bell Award for Best New Actress, MORE

Screenplay: Lee Hae-young, Lee Hyeyoung

Languages: Japanese, Korean

Awards: Grand Bell Award for Best Lighting

The Silenced Review:

I don’t know whether I should call this Korean thriller/suspense masterpiece a ‘thriller,’ ‘drama,” mystery,’ or just plain ‘tremendous’ (yes, I’m being hyperbolic). I think that in terms of its themes and how it deals with those themes, it has everything. It has the most incredible tension, the most intense emotions, the most disturbing events, the most shocking revelations, the most amazing performances, and the most intelligent writing.

At the very beginning of the movie, we get a taste of what this is going to be: a story about a girl who is dying and must try to find a reason for her life. ‘The Silenced’ is about the importance of life and how we all live it. A good part of the movie’s success is that it makes you question everything. Are you sure about your beliefs? Do you think this is the only life you’ll ever have?

The Silenced Korean Movie is not a movie where the audience is meant to identify with the main character, nor are they meant to pity her. Ju-ran is a strong female lead in a film that is incredibly smart and mature, and that means she must be treated as such. There’s a line that plays right before the end of the film when Ju-ran is talking to her mother and says “I have to leave.” When asked what her reason for leaving is, she replies, “I don’t have one.” Ju-ran doesn’t need a reason to be happy. She has found her reason, and now she will be happy.

There’s a scene at the end of the silenced movie where a woman is waiting in a taxi. The driver has been told to take the taxi anywhere. He says that the fare is $30, but that it’s his job to take the person wherever they want to go. The woman takes her hand out of her purse and he refuses to drive because she’s going to kill herself.

The Silenced

That scene hits me every time. The film is about the power of life and how important it is, and the power of death and how important it is to accept our fate and not worry too much.

The silenced not a typical ‘romantic comedy’ in that there is no romantic aspect to the story, and there are no comedic moments. There are some humorous scenes, but the humor is there to break the intensity of the moment and not to make it funny. The humor is subtle and effective, and most of it is in the characters themselves.

But the most effective aspect of ‘The Silenced’ is the acting. It has a tremendous cast of stars from South Korea that include actors Cha Seung-won and Kim Tae-hee, and actresses Oh Ji-hwan and Park Bo-young. These four actors play all the characters with such skill that they are all unforgettable. They are all so believable and so engaging that it makes it hard for you to believe that they are acting. All four have stellar chemistry, and you are so engrossed that you don’t even notice how good they are.

There are some other very talented actors as well. Song Hye-Kyo, who plays the main character’s mother, is the best actress in South Korea. Lee Ki-Hyun, playing the principal of the school, is the best male actor. Both are so great that they are unforgettable. The most talented actress is probably Jeong So-min, who plays Ju-ran’s best friend. She is also a good actress, but she plays a bit more aggressively than the others.

As I mentioned, ‘The Silenced’ has a lot of tension. It has suspense, and it has shocks. It has a lot of emotional weight. When I got to the last minute or so of the film, I felt like I was right there with the characters, in a way that’s difficult to describe. It’s as if I’m in their shoes.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable, thrilling film, ‘The Silenced’ is it. If you’re looking for a deep, meaningful movie that will leave you with questions about life and death, you’ll be satisfied. ‘The Silenced Korean Movie’ is both.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the film, The Silenced Korean Movie, is a great example of the power of storytelling in film. The story is so well told that it’s impossible to forget. The film is based on a true story, which is a rare thing in the film industry. Most films are made up of stories that never happened. The Silence is a great example of how to tell a real story in a film. The story is believable and the characters are well developed. Also, check our latest post  Redline Anime Full Movie

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