Software Solutions for Retail Trade


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Retailing can rightly be called a dynamic process that not only responds subtly to changes in consumer behavior but also seeks to anticipate them. In order to be able to respond in a timely manner to changes in consumer behavior, to comply with the dynamics and trends of market development, as well as the current needs of the time, retail trade needs both automation of customer interaction processes and optimization of internal business processes. To implement these tasks, today the market offers a wide range of equipment and a variety of software solutions. 

The tasks of automating retail trade include: arrival of goods, sale of goods, movement of goods, trade in sets of goods, return of goods,inventory, registration of income and expenditure cash orders, execution of sales receipts,transfer of funds, work with acquiring systems, use of interest discounts on discount cards, support, data exchange, work in thin client and web client mode.

In this article, we will look at several software solutions that help retailers.

Software Solutions 

Voice Solutions

This type of software came to retail from warehouse logistics (used in warehouses and distribution centers). Most modern retail stores are presented online as full-fledged online stores or have mobile applications for ordering. For this reason, voice technologies will also be relevant for the retail sector, allowing you to automate work with goods (reception and placement, inventory, storage of stocks, revaluation, sorting, and selection of orders), merchandising (navigation, adding new nomenclatures, auditing planograms, calculating the results of promotions) and e-commerce (collection of orders, maintenance of replacements, grouping of orders). Voice solutions significantly increase staff efficiency, reduce training time for new employees, improve the availability of goods on the shelves in the hall, and increase product turnover.

Retailers around the world have long been using software products for retail automation. custom retail software development saves time and helps manufacturers, retailers and distributors increase profits

RFID Technologies

Radiofrequency identification has replaced wide coding, allowing you to significantly improve and bring the automation process to a new level. The introduction of RFID solutions speeds up the accounting and processing of goods, reduces costs (time and financial) and sorting of goods, helps prevent theft (illegal removal of goods) from the store, and also makes it possible to monitor the placement of products on the trading floor. An interesting solution based on RFID technologies is the so-called “smart shelves”, which help to monitor the availability of goods in real-time. This solution increases shelf occupancy and reduces the impact of the human factor in restocking and merchandising, which directly contributes to increased sales.

Delivery: Management Of Transport And Traveling Personnel

A software supply chain is like a list of building blocks. It has places that can affect the quality of the final product. If this happens, the product may fail and have defects and security vulnerabilities.

To ensure that software does not contain defects, development companies resort to practices. This always helps supply chain software development company. Due to the increasing shift of trade towards e-commerce, today among retailers a serious struggle for the client has unfolded in the field of delivery. This fact makes it necessary to automate the work of mobile personnel, optimize transport routes, track movements in real-time, and control delivery in real time. To meet such needs, software companies have created software solutions for automating the management of transport and couriers.

Face Recognition And Emotion Assessment

Omnichannel and personalization trends, as well as the desire to create a positive shopping experience, are forcing retailers to look for new tools. The Face Recognition system allows not only monitoring security by identifying unwanted visitors, but also to collect of information for marketing analytics, as well as track the emotions and preferences of store visitors, and make individual offers based on the collected purchase history. This software solution also makes it possible to monitor the presence of employees at their workplace, implement a biometric access control system, and control access to confidential information.


Today, most companies already have or are going to develop their own retail network. Having even a few relatively small retail outlets, it becomes difficult to quickly manage their activities without the support of automation programs. Software and hardware for retail enterprises provide an opportunity to create complex open solutions that will perfectly meet the requirements of trade and business activities.

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