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Playing It Cool movie is a movie about a writer who is so jaded about romance that he is no longer interested in anything romantic. He writes scripts for romantic movies which he does well but fails miserably in his relationships. One day, after a particularly bad breakup, he realizes that he has fallen in love with his best friend and she is engaged. He goes to see her and they begin a relationship. The rest of the movie follows their relationship and the trials they face in their attempts to become one.

‘Playing It Cool’ is a comedy written and directed by John Justin Reardon. I haven’t seen much by him but after watching this he is on the top of my list to check out more. There’s not a single scene in this that didn’t give me a smile on my face.

This movie is hilarious! It is a funny, insightful, and very sweet story about two people who have a great relationship. The script is witty, the story is fun, and the movie has a great cast.

The characters are likable and relatable, and the story is charming. The ending is bittersweet. There are some pretty good twists and a very nice message.

Playing It Cool Movie Review

Release date: 2013 (USA)

Director: Justin Reardon

Distributed by: Vertical Entertainment

Box office: $1.3 million

Written by: Chris Shafer; Paul Vicknair

Production companies: Voltage Pictures; Wonderland Sound and Vision

Chris Evans (me) works as a scriptwriter in Los Angeles who would like to compose an action script movie, but his agency, Bryan (Anthony Mackie), insists that he first write a romantic comedy He doesn’t believe in love or let it in. because of childhood conflicts with his mother, therefore writing about romance is difficult for him. He converses with others, listening to their anecdotes because he is having writer’s block. Then, in his mind, He immerses himself in the tales.

Scott (Topher Grace), one of his friends, is a romantic literature and movie aficionado. He’s had a crush on a regular customer at the bookstore for a long time. He is tormented, hoping that his sentiments will be returned. ‘ He wants to portray love as he sees it, not as funny or romantic.

He adds he doesn’t think he’d be in a position to reciprocate every time someone tells him they love him. So he hooks up all the time and then tells them he doesn’t see a future with them.

playing it cool

Then he meets Her (Michelle Monaghan) with Scott at a charity event, and they have a great time bantering back and forth. They’re conducting a sociological experiment at the event (her idea), and they’re each employing cliché awful lines of the opposite sex to turn off the other attendees. He has feelings for her, but they are interrupted by her lover, ‘Stuffy’ (Ione Gruffudd), who whisks her away.

The first time he tries to get her out of his head by hooking up with someone else, it doesn’t work. He returns to the venue in the hopes of learning her name, but no one is around to ask. He takes the guest book off the table in a desperate attempt to find her name.

His oddball posse of pals is all writers: Lyle (Martin Starr), a prolific but unpublished writer, Samson (Luke Wilson), a married graphic novelist, Mallory (Aubrey Plaza), who writes and performs one-woman shows that she forces them to see, and Scott, of course. He meets them at the shooting range and informs them that he is looking for Her. Because most people are skeptical about marriage and love, Scott is the one who stands by them.

He now sees other supposedly misfits paired off everywhere he goes. When he visits his grandfather (Philip Baker Hall), he informs him that he must ‘Columbo’ the situation (research Her like a p.i.) Going to charity events in the hopes of running into her becomes the strategy.

He meets Dick (Patrick Warburton) during a Save the Oceans benefit, and he is forced to stand up and speak (as on a former occasion, he made up several charities he was involved in). He persuades her to consent to a ‘buddy date’ because she is, in reality, present. When he gives her a ride home, she mentions a charity event on Thursday.

He studies the goodbye post-it note his mother had left him in his shoebox at home. His granddad and Scott encourage him not to give up on Her the next day at handball. He convinces her to go out that night, and they kiss after she tells him of her father’s death as a child.

playing it cool

She dials his number since she can’t get him out of her head, and they soon find themselves in bed together. For the first time in years, he doesn’t feel bad, and he can eat the cereal he couldn’t have for years. She, on the other hand, has a foul taste in her mouth when she leaves.

She calls again, and everything is OK until he admits to lying about the charities, at which point she stomps away. When he asks for aid, Mallory finally admits she loves him. She wakes him up the next morning with a phone call, only to reveal that she is already engaged.

He gets back on track after a night of bingeing, After that, he made a fool of himself in front of her and his grandfather dying. His writer’s block vanishes, and the rom-com is completed. Mallory gives the ‘friend’ a chance Scott finally gets a date with him. He realizes he needs to intervene in the wedding. He finds Her after a trip, a typical airport run, then a taxi journey where he inspects all of the heart sculptures.

The final lesson is this Playing It Cool: Love is an emotion, not a thought. Create your narrative.


The Playing It Cool is a movie about a writer who is so jaded about romance that he is no longer interested in anything romantic. He writes scripts for movies and has a fantastic ensemble cast including Steve Carell, Ryan Reynolds, Keira Knightley, and many others. The performances were great, and it’s nice to see them playing characters who aren’t trying to be funny. Steve Carell, in particular, has been criminally underused since “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” I would love to see him try to do something like this.

I like this Playing It Cool movie. I think the director should be applauded for making something original and funny without being stupid. The screenwriter plays a pretty interesting character. It’s well written and the performances were good. It was just a fun, funny, light movie. It did a really good job of mixing romance, comedy, and drama without being heavy-handed.

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