Overcoming Social Media Obstacles: What to Do When Someone Blocks You on Instagram


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When an Instagram user blocks you, they can block your account and any additional accounts you may have or create. You won’t be notified when you’re blocked.  

If you have been blocked by someone who later changes their username, you will only be able to tag or mention them if you know their new name. 

After you’ve been blocked, your messages with the person will still be in your inbox, but you won’t be able to send them any new messages.

If you are blocked by someone who is in a group message with you, you’ll be asked whether you want to stay or leave the group. You’ll still see their messages if you choose to stay in the group.

The person who blocked you won’t receive any direct messages you send them. Even if they unblock you eventually, they won’t get them. 

After you have been blocked, you won’t be able to join any rooms the person creates when you’re on the app. 

Likes and comments

You’ll find that after someone blocked you on Instagram, your likes and comments were removed from their videos and photos. They won’t be restored even if they unblock you later. 

You can still see their likes and comments on posts shared by accounts they follow or public accounts.

You can access their account if you have another account on Instagram or a Facebook account. If you do take this route, do so discreetly, as they can block your other accounts once they realize it’s you. 

You can also look them up using a people finder. These services provide information about social media accounts and ways to contact people, but respecting privacy is important

How to overcome the conflict 

Many conflicts are the result of different opinions or misunderstandings, especially on social media. If you can speak to or contact them, be calm and explain why you acted the way you did. Don’t be aggressive, as they’ll likely reciprocate. 

Choose the right time

Make enough time for a thorough conversation. Find a quiet spot to talk where you both feel comfortable, and nothing causes disturbance. 

Plan what you want to say. Explain what the issue was and why you reacted the way you did. Don’t blame them – it will only make it more difficult for them to understand that you regret what happened. Ask them what measures you can take to make amends. 

Don’t try to explain why you think they acted a certain way. Provide information about your feelings instead. 

Listen to them 

When they speak, try to make them feel comfortable sharing. Try to comprehend how they feel and why your behavior made them block you on Instagram. You probably won’t agree with what they say, but assure them you are listening and happy to be discussing the problem.

Coping with rejection 

Maybe you won’t get a chance to talk, or the talk won’t have the desired outcome. Being rejected hurts, especially when it’s expressed in being blocked on social media, as there is little you can do about it. However, there’s plenty you should refrain from doing, such as lashing out at them via other channels or if you happen to see them in person. 

There’s one way to really get over rejection – accept it happened. Being hurt and angry is completely valid, but don’t show it. Be mature and stay calm if you must let them know how you feel. You have little to gain if your conflict escalates. After all, you don’t want your texts to end up in an online guide on the worst ways to respond to rejection.  

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