Nortiv8 Water Shoes Review


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If you are completely new, then know that water shoes are special shoes, made for various water based activities. They are primarily worn so that any water that enters your shoe while on your adventure gets drained easily and dries your feet faster so that you need not have to worry about them staying wet, which can lead to unwanted irritations and infections if not taken care of. But before we dive deep into it, you should know that there are 3 major types of water shoes, namely water socks, traditional water shoes, and water sandals.

Each serves a completely different purpose, and hence, it must be kept in mind before you buy your shoe. As a general thumb rule, water socks are best for swimming or while at the beaches. Both the water shoes and the water sandals can be worn for similar activities like hiking and mountaineering, with the only difference being that water sandals are more comfortable thanks to their large openings that expose your feet to fresh air and hence significantly decreases the chances of any sand or water stuck to your feet. With that aside, read further through this article to know more about Nortiv8 and some of the top quality water shoes they have to offer.

About Nortiv8

Since we shall be talking about Nortiv8 water shoes, if you are new, you should first know who Nortiv8 actually are. Nortiv8 is one of popular outdoor shoes brands for men, women, and children. This includes water shoes as well. But what really makes them stand out from the competition is their specialty in adventure shoes. Unlike many other sellers who sell all kinds of shoes, Nortiv8 is based on an adventure niche. This means they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to their shoes, and hence, you never have to worry about the build quality, the protection, or the life of the shoe. In addition,  their water shoes are available at an affordable.


Our Recommended Water Shoes

When it comes to Nortiv8 water shoes, each is unique in its own way. Here are some of the best water shoes provided by Nortiv8 and some more water shoes that we think definitely deserves a mention.

Quick Drying Water Shoes

The quick drying water shoes are exactly what its name says. These water shoes, with their lots of drain holes at the bottom of the sole, are known for their quick drying ability. They also have a stylish look that is very hard to resist. One unique aspect of this shoe is its ability to be very flexible. This way, you can easily carry them in your bag to your water based adventure while wearing another pair of shoes. All this, with the addition of rubber pads on the insole for better shock absorbent and comfort, is just an added bonus.

Men’s Lightweight Barefoot Water Shoes

These shoes from Nortiv8 scream style. They have this unique print up front, followed by a strap design, that will always hold the shoe in place no matter what. When it comes to quality, you need not worry here either, as all water shoes from Nortiv8 are made out of top quality materials. With that said, these shoes, when worn, give you a lightweight feeling with relatively good water drainage. These water shoes are suitable for swimming, paddle boarding, diving, and more.

Hiking Water Boots

The hiking water boots are by far the best shoe on this list when it comes to foot protection. Now, don’t get me wrong, all the other shoes are great too, but these water boots take it a step further thanks to how tough and sturdy these shoes are. These shoes are suitable for hiking or any other hard mountain adventures where it is both wet and contains lots of sharp objects that can injure your feet. Thus, these shoes ultimately become a must have if you are an adventure loving person.

Traditional Water Socks

As we mentioned earlier, water socks are the top priority for beaches and swimming. They are very light. These socks are usually made out of lycra or neoprene, which are great when it comes to not allowing any water to the area of the feet it covers, and hence being waterproof. Water socks can also be paired with various water shoes mentioned on this list to give you even more protection when on water.

Comfy Water Sandals

Water Sandals are known for the comfort that they provide. These shoes are one of the best types of water shoes in the market, primarily because of how they are a perfect blend between a water shoe and a water boot. These shoes, thanks to their various large openings drain water quite fast and easily. They also have a relatively strong outsole compared to water socks and some water shoes, which makes sure that these sandals can be worn for a long period of time without worrying about any foot pain.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you ever plan on buying water shoes from Nortiv8, you will never go wrong with any of their water shoe products. In addition, while buying water shoes, make sure you buy the shoe depending on your need. And as for a general thumb rule for what type of water shoe serves what purpose, look at what we mentioned above, and you should be good to go.

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