Key Practices To Facilitate the End-To-End Salesforce Automation Testing


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Over time, Salesforce has evolved from a CRM application to an enterprise-wide strategic platform. Now, it comes with multiple customizable out-of-the-box features. Moreover, the Salesforce organization releases quarterly and seasonal updates to keep pace with the changing market dynamics. Automated Salesforce testing is the best way to thoroughly test the updates of Salesforce and then inculcate them in the existing application system.

Understanding Types of Salesforce Testing

Unit Testing

This testing tests the units or components of the Salesforce application. The main purpose of unit testing is to test whether each unit is working as intended. The developers perform it in the early development phase of the software. It enables the programmer to refine code and determine whether the code is working properly or not. Through this testing, developers can feel more assured about their code, as they can validate each unit of Salesforce CRM code without having to wait for full system testing.

Integration Testing

Salesforce is a highly dynamic and versatile application that can be integrated with other tools or applications to facilitate a seamless experience. Due to this, the role of integration testing comes into the picture. Integration testing is done to ensure that the different modules are working in sync with each other or not. The test cases in this testing differ from the other test cases. It focuses on the interfaces, flow of data, and information between the modules. The priority is given to integrating the links rather than the unit functions, which have been tested already.

User Interface Testing

It is a testing technique that is used to identify the presence of defects through the graphical user interface. In this, the tester takes into account the working of the application and its user interface. The tester points out the visual changes that may impact the end-user experience with the application. Sometimes, the user interface meets the functional requirements but visible defects remain.

Best Practices to Streamline Salesforce Automation Testing Process

QA Team in SDLC

It is better to teach the QA team at the beginning of the project. As a result, the software tester can better comprehend the software requirements. It will also benefit in predicting future issues at a lower cost. Moreover, the testing time gets reduced because the QA team gets involved in starting the Salesforce SDLC (software development lifecycle), providing significant SRS documentation, and streamlining the testing step.

Right Testing Tool

Several Salesforce tools are available in the market, and everyone is professing to be the best. This is why choosing the right tool for automated Salesforce testing can be cumbersome. However, you can avail yourself of the best possible tool by comprehending and analyzing them. For instance, Opkey is the no-code test automation tool built explicitly for Salesforce. Its codeless feature enables non-technical users to participate in the testing process. For better analysis, you can visit the website of Opkey.

Project Summary

Clear testing documentation and a summary of the project help save precious time. Due to this, a proper background can be made that can highlight the key focus areas of testing. Moreover, it helps keep track of the continuous change in an organization. It will help the team to inspect the risk associated with the affected functionalities and test suites that may get altered.

Get the Right Testers

Salesforce is a complex application that requires skilled and experienced testers for its functional testing. In addition to this, there are seasonal and quarterly updates delivered by Salesforce to keep pace with the changing market needs. For instance, UAT and regression testing are the two most crucial testing types used in Salesforce automation testing and require a good tester for their execution.

Test Case Walkthrough Sessions

Once the testing team is involved during the primary phases of the project, they will have ample time to increase test coverage. Once the test cases are prepared, a formal walkthrough session lets the author explain the test cases to concerned stakeholders. Before the implementation phase, discussing the test cases with the development team helps them recognize the failure in the code.

How Opkey Facilitates the End-To-End Salesforce Automation Testing

There is no room for doubt that automated Salesforce testing is crucial to make the most out of this platform. Here are the key points that let you know how Opkey facilitates the end-to-end testing process

  • To understand the employee workflow, Opkey mines the data and configurations directly from the Salesforce clients. This eliminates weeks of business process documentation sessions. It also suggests tests to fill in coverage gaps via autonomous test building.
  • It is a no-code test automation platform that enables employees to participate in the automation testing process. Most Salesforce users are aware of the coding, so, Opkey facilitates the two-code-free ways to track the business process.
  • It offers integration plugins for renowned Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools such as JIRA, Jenkins, TFS, and Bamboo to support continuous development.
  • Due to its self-healing feature, the test script can be identified and fixed automatically in case of breakage. As a result, the test maintenance efforts were reduced by up to 80%.
  • The pre-built test accelerator feature of Opkey helps organizations achieve faster test automation and help save test creation time, and cut costs.

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