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Jenna Haze Biography: From Adult Film Starlet to Entrepreneurial Heights

A common girl Jenna Haze, who became deviant at the age of 15, turned out to stand out not just as a performer but as a pioneer and entrepreneur. Born Jennifer Maria Corrales in 1982, Haze ventured into the world of adult entertainment, garnering accolades and rewriting industry norms. 

This article delves into the multifaceted career of Jenna Haze, exploring her early life, her tumultuous entry into the adult film industry, and her evolution into a businesswoman and director.

Jenna Haze Biography

Early Life and Rebellion

Jenna Haze’s journey began in Fullerton, California, on February 22, 1982. Raised in La Habra, California, she exhibited a rebellious streak during her teenage years, leading to a departure from traditional education at the age of 15. Despite starting as a straight-A student, her wild side took over, prompting her to explore unconventional paths, from managing fast-food joints to trying her hand at stripping. But not even a single task proved to be lucrative, and she happened to get a strange invitation that changed the entire course of her life. 

Early Life and Rebellion
Nick Name Jennifer Corrales
Also Known As Jennifer Maria Corrales
Age 41 Years
Height 1.6 M
Ancestry German American, Irish American, Spanish American
U.S. State California


Entry into the Adult Film Industry

The entry into the adult film industry is often shrouded in mystery, and Jenna Haze’s initiation is no exception. Conflicting statements about her debut scene add an air of perplexity. While one interview suggests her first scene was with Miles Long in Joey Silvera’s ‘Service Animals 4’ (2001), her AVN archive biography claims it was with her then-agent Slim Shady (Dez) and director Craven Moorehead in ‘The Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead #8’. Regardless, Haze quickly discovered her affinity for the industry, leading her to part ways with her initial agent and represent herself.

The Jill Kelly Productions Era: A Turning Point
Joining JKP and Contract Offer February 2002
Recognition at AVN Awards Best New Starlet (2003)


Jenna Haze career

The Jill Kelly Productions Era

Jenna Haze’s career trajectory shifted significantly when she joined Jill Kelly Productions (JKP) in 2002. After a scene with JKP’s founder, Jill Kelly, impressed the industry, Haze received a contract offer. Her decision to exclusively work with women during this period, out of respect for her industry cameraman boyfriend, set her apart. Haze’s dedication was recognized in 2003 when she was named Best New Starlet at the AVN Awards.

Diverse Career of Jenna Haze: From Stripping to Stardom

Haze’s career embraced diverse avenues, from working with HBO in a documentary series to contributing as a columnist for ‘Fox’ magazine. Her foray into exotic dancing in 2006, represented by Lee Network, showcased her versatility. Notably, her 2007 release, ‘Oil Orgy,’ marked a milestone as the first adult film in Blu-ray format. Over her 16-year career, she starred in nearly 400 projects, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Notable Release ‘Oil Orgy’ (2007)
Number of Projects Close to 400
Versatility Highlights HBO documentary series, columnist for ‘Fox’ magazine, exotic dancing


Entrepreneurial Ventures of Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze’s entrepreneurial spirit came to the forefront in 2009 when she founded Jennaration X Studios. This marked a shift from performing to directing and producing her own adult-oriented content. Her studio’s debut film, ‘Cum-Spoiled Sluts,’ reflected her creative control and commitment to the industry.

Studio Founded Jennaration X Studios (2009)
Debut Film ‘Cum-Spoiled Sluts’ (2009)


Retirement and Legacy

In 2012, Jenna Haze announced her retirement from performing in a YouTube video, concluding a remarkable career. Despite stepping away from the spotlight, her influence endures. Haze’s journey serves as an inspiration, showcasing the potential for performers to transition into influential roles behind the camera.

Retirement and Legacy
Retirement Announcement 2012
Legacy and Continued Impact Ongoing

Jenna Haze picture

A Lasting Impact of Jenna Haze 

Jenna Haze’s career is a testament to adaptability, resilience, and entrepreneurial flair. From rebellious beginnings to becoming a pivotal figure in the adult film industry, her story is one of transformation and empowerment. As Jenna Haze continues to shape her legacy, her impact extends beyond the screen, emphasizing the potential for reinvention and success on unconventional paths.

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5 interesting points related to the twisty life of Jenna Haze

  1. Educational Rebellion: Jenna Haze’s journey from Straight student to adult film star reflects a rebellious academic turn at just 15.
  2. Career Ambiguity: The contradictory narratives about Haze’s debut scene add an air of mystery to her entry into the adult film industry.
  3. Exclusive Women Empowerment: Haze’s decision to exclusively work with women at JKP showcased loyalty and empowerment in a male-dominated industry.
  4. Multifaceted Versatility: From HBO documentaries to exotic dancing, Haze’s career exemplifies versatility beyond the boundaries of traditional adult entertainment.
  5. Entrepreneurial Evolution: Transitioning from a performer to founding Jennaration X Studios, Haze’s entrepreneurial spirit marks a transformative phase in her career


What led Jenna Haze to enter the adult film industry?

Answer: Jenna Haze’s entry into the adult film industry was unconventional. After a rebellious turn in her teenage years, leaving high school at 15, she explored odd jobs. Her introduction to the industry came through a chance meeting with adult actor Peter North and director Craven Moorehead at a nightclub, ultimately shaping her distinctive career path.

Why did Jenna Haze choose to work exclusively with women during her time at JKP?

Answer: Haze’s decision to exclusively work with women during her contract with Jill Kelly Productions (JKP) was rooted in loyalty. In a serious relationship with an industry cameraman, she opted for this path as a testament to her commitment to her partner in a male-dominated field.

How did Jenna Haze transition from performing to directing and producing?

Answer: In 2009, Jenna Haze founded Jennaration X Studios, marking her transition from performer to director and producer. This shift allowed her creative control, emphasizing her commitment to shaping content within the adult entertainment industry.

What notable projects did Jenna Haze contribute to during her extensive career?

Answer: Over her 16-year career, Jenna Haze starred in nearly 400 projects. Notable releases include ‘Oil Orgy’ (2007), the first adult film on Blu-ray, and diverse contributions such as columns for ‘Fox’ magazine, HBO documentaries, and even a mainstream film appearance in ‘Superbad’ (2007).

Why did Jenna Haze decide to retire from performing in 2012?

Answer: Jenna Haze announced her retirement from performing in 2012, citing a desire for a new chapter. She had not shot a scene since April 2011 and expressed potential interest in continuing to direct and produce, marking a deliberate shift in her professional focus.


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