24 Best Japanese Comedy Movies Of All Time [2022]


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In Japan, real-world romance might decline, but there is still an array of Japanese romantic comedy movies that appeal to several circumstances.

Although many people have traditional stereotypes, japan romantic comedy movies don’t totally homogenize—strange stories, tearjerkers, and more are animated, live movies. Humor is a notion that transcends language and place. Anyone of any rank will enjoy it to no one’s exclusion. One of the only things on the planetoid that will put all of us closer together is a good comedy. Moreover, If you are interested in anime movies have a look at Japanese anime movies

Finally, considering that romance films frequently reflect a culture’s ideals, we will also provide some insights into how these films can help you learn more about Japanese life. Warm your heart, and maybe even warm your brain-take a look at this best Japanese comedy movies and find a movie you like!

Best Japanese Comedy Movies

24- No More Cry (Nakumonka) – 2009

Japanese title:   なくもんか

Directed by:      Nobuo Mizuta

Produced by:    Nobuyuki Iinuma, Keitaro Shimizu

Cast:                  Sadao Abe, Eita, Yuko Takeuchi

Release date:    November 14, 2009

Running time:  134 min

Ratings:           6.4/10 IMDb & 7.3/10

Why: funny Japanese Comedy movies are often a bit awkward for Western audiences, especially if they also feature a good amount of drama. “No More Cry” is a movie that falls into this category precisely but manages to score with a decent script at the beginning. Sadly, during the second half, the story dissolves more and more into confusion, and a certain kind of anger begins to creep in. Working a message into a comedy is not really important, but if you attempt to do so, we should expect a little bit more structure than what we get here.

Plot: Two brothers, when they were still young, were abandoned and separated. They pledge themselves, considering their miserable childhood, that they won’t weep and stay strong and confident.

Yuta, the big brother, was raised by a delicatessen owner, and he works like a madman to show his gratefulness to his adoptive father. He also does other menial chores for the people in the neighborhood and becomes known as an ultimate pleaser for people.

The other little brother, Yusuke, is also now each of the Kinjo Brothers, a famous comic duo. While the “Brothers” are not related at all, the best-seller becomes a tearjerker autobiography containing entirely false accounts of their youth, and the fact that they are not true brothers is a secret that they actively work to cover.

23-  Maiko Haaaan!!! – 2007

Japanese title:  舞妓

Directed by:      Nobuo Mizuta

Produced by:    Seiji Okuda, Takashi Kamikura

Cast:                 Sadao Abe, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Kou Shibasaki

Release date:    June 16, 2007

Running time:   120 min.

Ratings:            6.5/10 IMDb  &   64% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: Epic humor, geisha culture’s brilliant satire, chatroom, and Internet bullies, male hypermasculinity, Japanese corporate culture, and more. From pro baseball to pro fight, the ramen enterprise, the film production, and so many more, a wild frolic through everything. Nice acting from one of Japanese comedy Movies masters, Abe Sadao, and strong performances from an all-star cast all around.

japanese romantic comedy movie

Plot: He is an average office worker working for a Tokyo food company. In most respects, he’s average, but one thing that’s not normal about him is that he’s incredibly fanatical about geisha people! A chance came his way one day. He got moved to his company’s Kyoto branch! He dumped Fujiko, his mother, and gladly moved to Kyoto.

The highest bar for entering a Geisha House is that the price is costly, and there are a “No first-timers” conventional unwritten law. He worked very hard to make money and persuaded his big boss to take him to the Geisha building. Finally, he went to the Geisha House and was about to play a rare game of geisha that he had long dreamed about.

22- The Apology King (Shazai no Ousama) – 2013

Japanese title:  謝罪の王様

Directed by:      Nobuo Mizuta

Produced by:    Tomoko Jo, Minami Ichikawa, Atsushi Terada

Cast:                 Sadao Abe, Mao Inoue, Masaki Okada, Machiko Ono

Release date:   September 28, 2013

Running time:  128 min

Ratings:            6.3/10 IMDb & 40%   Rotten Tomatoes &   7.2/10 MyDramaList

Why: This Japanese romantic comedy begins and finishes weirdly. That alone is a different concept and a great fit for the storyboard. It revolves around many tales where the main role is the common element. For the King of Apologies, the first is an easy event. Then the complexity rises to an extent where many nations are interested in finding a solution to the offense! All the tales have a bond between them and remind me of the principle of “six degree of separation” In my view, the point is that there is not only misunderstanding between a couple, parents, friends, at work, but between cultures also you require to be very cautious not to irritate many in the world, or how many of us are insulted but didn’t perceive it because it didn’t take aggression from the other team?

romance japanese movies

Plot: It is the age-old Japanese culture of lavishly and sincerely apologizing. It is a hallmark of Japanese etiquette that includes kneeling to the ground and bowing down till the floor is touched by one’s head. It is the greatest form of repentance and, in and of itself, a subtle art form. In reality, it is such a thing that eccentric motivational speaker Yuzuru Kurojima has decided to open the Tokyo Apology Center, from which he coaches clients in the Supra-Dogeza, advising people to apologize in a variety of cases ranging from a young girl mistakenly crashing her car it into yakuza vehicle to a lawyer wanting to apologies to his daughter for hitting her early.

21- A Ghost of a Chance (Suteki na Kanashibari) – 2011

Japanese title:  ステキな金縛り

Directed by:      Koki Mitani

Produced by:    Chihiro Kameyama, Yoshinari Shimatani, Kuga Maeda, Ken Tsuchiya

Cast:                 Eri Fukatsu  , Toshiyuki Nishida,   Hiroshi Abe

Release date:   October 29, 2011

Running time:  142 min.

Ratings:            7/10 IMDb & 4/5 onderhond.com & 6.6/10 Filmaffinity

Why: Come on people, and I’ve seen best Japanese comedy movies, nothing tops this it has everything you want to be funny, sweet, scary and touching, where you’re going to shed a tear even for an old American man like me, watch it buy it on eBay on a flight, and it wasn’t cheap. I like what Osano tells Hosho: “We are no enemies. We are both trying to founded THE TRUTH. Our ENEMY is the Head covering of THE TRUTH.”

Plot: The not so good prosecutor, Emi Hosho, is assigned to one of the most peculiar cases. Her patron is involved in killing his wealthy wife, and his alibi is that while suffering from “kanashibar,” he was lingering at an inn (sleep paralysis). The single eyewitness who established his alibi is the 500-year-old ghost of army leader of the Sengoku era sat all night long on the accused’s chest.

Attorney Emi Hosho is going to the bar to examine further. Emi Hosho sinks into “kanashibar” and soon notices the 500-year-old ghost sitting on her lap. Knowing that the ghost is the only witness that can help her client’s alibi, she grabs his hand and pleads with him in court to testify.

20- University of Laughs (Warai no Daigaku) – 2004

Japanese title:  笑の大学

Directed by:      The Mamoru Hosi

Produced by:    Toho Studios

Cast:                 Koji Yakusho, Goro Inagaki, Masao Komatsu

Release date:   October 30, 2004

Running time:  121 min

Ratings:           7.4/10 IMDb & 88% Rotten Tomatoes   & 7.6/10 Yidio

Why: The simple areas, and the rhythmic cutting between the interrogation room, the street, and the vaudeville theater, imbue the best Japanese comedy movie with a pace that belies the themes’ gravitas with simplicity. The horrific events that it is based on are never mocked by Warai no Daigaku. Historically, the filmmakers head to get humor outside of a spot that need have been soul-destroying for the people involved. This is a funny Japanese movie to revisit and go back to, inventively filmed, well-acted, convincingly cut.

japanese romantic comedy movies

Plot: Tsubaki Hajime, a young playwright, comes up against Mutsuo, a state judge. The sensor’s role is to prevent the pre-war media from having something political or taboo, but this censor has a thing against humor, too.

But what begins as cruel mocking, as Tsubaki returns day after day to have it ripped to shreds and mocked over and over again, makes the once poor-quality play better and better. Finally, the play is fine, and Tsubaki’s hatred of Sakisaka transforms into admiration for his talent.

19- Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers – 2005

Japanese title:   亀は意外と速く泳ぐ

Directed by:      Satoshi Miki

Produced by:     Naoki Hashimoto

Cast:                  Juri Ueno,Yu Aoi,Ryo Iwamatsu

Release date:    July 2, 2005

Running time:   90 Min

Ratings:            6.6/10 IMDb  & 3.4/5 Letterboxd   & 66% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: I saw this Japanese Comedy movie because it had Yū Aoi in it. But although she’s only briefly in it, I still found that I liked this strange little show. It was really slow, and it just doesn’t happen a lot. But that’s perfect. The cast is awesome, and it is a fun way to waste some time. I love this movie. It’s thrilling, it’s soothing, it’s funny, but it’s bland. I can’t explain it exactly. 🙂

japanese romantic comedy movies

Plot: Suzume is a typical housewife. Her husband has been sent on business abroad, and while he frequently telephones her, he is more concerned with his pet turtle’s health and welfare. The days pass tediously… It’s as if no one, including her husband, is paying her any attention. Is anyone hearing me? Am I going to get old and die?”

One day when she sees a flier in the stairwell advertising for spies, the ordinariness of her life is disrupted! Suzume, fascinated, calls the number. Suzume is told to go to a run-down apartment three days later. A man accepts her, and a woman-he is unemployed; she is an announcer at a shopping mall. They tell they are detectives who operate for international power. It is from one of the best Japanese Comedy Movies.

18- Kamome Diner (Kamome Shokudo) – 2006

Japanese title:   かもめ食堂

Directed by:      Naoko Ogigami

Produced by:    Mayumi Amano

Cast:                 Satomi Kobayashi , Hairi Katagiri, Masako Motai, Jarkko Niemi

Release date:   March 11, 2006

Running time:  102 min

Ratings:           7.1/10  IMDb &  8/10 MyDramaList &  7/10 Filmaffinity

Why: The Great Movie! The Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaaki was very influential. Dry satire, still, and the dull story of a Japanese lady striving to make it with Japanese cuisine in Helsinki, running her own restaurant. As the main character, Satomi Kobayashi, plays an amazing role. It certainly made me fall in love with her character. A japan funny movie about inter-human relationships in nature. A slow film about being polite to each other.

Plot: Sachie, of Japan, in Helsinki, Finland, prepares the “Kamome Diner” Onigiri rice or o-musubi are the speciality menu. A geeky Japanese practitioner, Tommi, a Finnish boy engaged with the Gatchaman cartoon, is the only customer day after day, however. With some personal problems, two Japanese ladies come to Sachie’s diner one day for help. The number of customers rises steadily, but only those with issues appear to be drawn to the diner. Sachie’s chat and the delicious food seem to fix the woes of people.

17- Tampopo – 1985

Japanese title:   タンポポ

Directed by:      Juzo Itami

Produced by:    Seigo Hosogoe Juzo Itami Yasushi Tamaoki

Cast:                 Tsutomu Yamazaki, Nobuko Miyamoto, Ken Watanabe, Koji Yakusho

Release date:    November 23, 1985

Running time:   114 min

Ratings:            7.9/10 IMDb   &   100%Rotten Tomatoes   &   4.2/5Letterboxd

Why: A totally delightful funny Japanese movies. Touching, lovely & unforgettable performances. This film really captured something amazing about the universe. It delivers you a smile; it confers you with a look of joy and happiness. It’s incredible how much a movie can catch and make you care about the characters, about the plot. A must-watch best Japanese comedy movies.

Plot: At a feeble roadside ramen noodle store, a couple of truck drivers, the mature Gorō and a more junior sidekick called Gun, stop. He rescues a boy outside, whose being tortured by three schoolmates. The child, Tabo, turns out to be Tampopo’s son, Lai Lai, the struggling company’s widowed owner. When Tampopo is insulted by a customer named Pisken, He requests him and his men to move outside. He is fighting great although outnumbered at Pisken and his friends, he is beaten out and awakes up at Tampopo’s home the next morning.

16- Bang! – 1991

Japanese title:   バン!

Directed by:      Sadaaki Haginiwa

Produced by:     Shitoku Sakamoto

Cast:                  Masahiro Motoki, Renji Ishibashi, Nagare Hagiwara

Release date:    October 5, 1991

Running time:   111 min

Ratings:            7.4/10       IMDb

Why: Best Actor and Best New Director Award Recipient, Boom! It’s a japan romantic comedy movie that starts and finishes with a bang! As you keep your spot, this funny comedy-chase movie will make you laugh!

Plot: Its from one of the Best Japanese comedy movies which starts in a police training operation against bank robbery, a serious-minded policeman plays the part of the thief. He’s so lucky that his fellow officers are unable to apprehend him. TV networks are starting to air the event nationally.

TV viewers are entertained and cheering for the runaway thief, and the police are eager to apprehend him to save their face. The thief, however, stays at large. A cop portraying a bank robber overcommits to the task during a training exercise. He was soon taken hostage, and the rest of the police could not stop him. This cop becomes one to deter a hypothetical ideal bank robber.

15- Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t – 1992

Japanese title:   シコふんじゃった。

Directed by:       Masayuki Suo

Produced by:     Shōji Masui

Cast:                  Masahiro Motoki , Misa Shimizu , Naoto Takenaka

Release date:    January 15, 1992

Running time:   103 minutes

Ratings:             7.2/10 IMDb   & 79% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: It has been fantastic! Each time Aoki was peeved at someone calling the mawashi a diaper/jockstrap, I chuckled. And I will possibly relate to his irritation. I keep correcting my friends who are beginning to ask me about sumo! A very entertaining japan funny movies worth watching, especially if you’re a fan of sumo!

Plot:  Kyoritsu University student Shuhei Yamamoto gets a job with his uncle’s relation but discovers he lacks the credits to graduate from his graduation thesis supervisor, Professor Anaya. He strikes a deal with Shuhei that he’ll be able to overlook his credits if he plays in the sumo club tournament for Kyoritsu. At Natsuko’s recommendation, a graduate trainee from the Anayama Lab and a sumo club manager, Shuhei, reluctantly agree.

The single member of the Sumo Club is Aoki Tomio, a traditionalist sumo practitioner who has been around for years. Shuhei and Aoki fail to recruit Haruo and obese Hosaku Tanaka, Shuhei’s younger brother. In the tournament, the amateur team loses and is mocked by alumni at the after-party. Great from japan romantic comedy movies.

14- I Are You, You Am Me (Tenkōsei) – 1982

Japanese title:  転校生

Directed by:     Nobuhiko Obayashi

Produced by:    Art Theatre Guild

Cast:                Toshinori Omi , Satomi Kobayashi , Makoto Satō

Release date:   April 17, 1982

Running time:  112 minutes

Ratings:           7.2/10  IMDb  &   3.6/5 Letterboxd

Why: The movie is a Japanese romantic comedy, for the most part, and a fun one too. The idea is original, amusing, and very loose in the story, giving way to comic scenarios rather than plot devices. The best thing about this film is the brilliant performance of Kobayashi Satomi, one of the biggest I’ve ever seen as a teenager. She truly feels like a child stuck inside a girl’s body. Her mannerisms were amazing. Omi Toshinori is also sweet, but the script has him sobbing a little too much because he plays the reverse part of a girl in a boy’s body.

Plot: This Japanese comedy movie plot starts with a small resort town in Japan, ninth-graders he and she take a tumble in a temple. Their minds and bodies are switched by supernatural interference. The effect is a touching and humorous coming-of-age comedy as they strive to survive junior high school life tensions. Kazumi and Kauo exchange bodies, dropping down temple steps. All are high school students reaching puberty, making it harder but funnier to turn and adapt.

13- Fancy Dance – 1989

Japanese title:  ファンシイダンス

Directed by:      Masayuki Suo

Produced by:    Shoji Masui, Hiroshi Yamamoto

Cast:                 Masahiro Motoki , Honami Suzuki, Ken Osawa

Release date:    December 23, 1989

Running time:  101 min.

Ratings:            6.9/10 IMDb   &    7.6/10 MyDramaList

Why: Just lovely, in every single facet of film making. All suits – from the story, characters, cinematography, and music. Writing a review about it would be a shame, believe me, see it and enjoy the moment. It’s a really best Japanese comedy movies that offers a nice reflection on the interaction between the new wave and the tradition. The acting is also very comical, earning all my laughter. In a way connected back to Buddhism, when all life turns out to be fruitless, the ending is brilliant.

Plot: To obtain a cliff temple, Yohei, a punk rocker, enhances a Buddhist monk. He studies to adapt, notwithstanding originally rebelling upon the tough monastic obedience. His girlfriend then turns up, tempting him to go back to his rock n’ roll roots.

12- The Family Game – 1983

Japanese title:  家族ゲーム

Directed by:      Yoshimitsu Morita

Produced by:    Yutaka Okada

Cast:                 Yusaku Matsuda ,Juzo Itami ,Saori Yuki

Release date:   June 4, 1983

Running time:  107 min.

Ratings:            7.3/10 IMDb &    3.7/5  Letterboxd   &   77% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: This little film ultimately deals with a young male Japanese teen who seemed to stop trying to do well in school for one reason or another. I understand what you are considering, “That’s it. In fact, this Japanese romance comedy movies distributes with the connection between the young teen and his “tutor” Now if you don’t understand anything about Japanese culture, I would recommend that you read a little bit about it, especially about the school system.

japanese romantic comedy movie

Plot: The Numata family comprises a father, Kōsuke, a mother, Chikako, and two sons, Shinichi and Shigeyuki. Shigeyuki is a high school junior. He will be taking an entrance test for high school soon. Shigeyuki’s grades are low, unlike his high school student brother, Shinichi, who lives up to his father’s standards, and he is only involved in roller coasters.

For Shigeyuki, his father seeks a private tutor, Yoshimoto (Yūsaku Matsuda), and imposes on the tutor all duties for his examination. Yoshimoto’s behavior, including kissing Shigeyuki and punching him painfully hard, is incredibly odd. Although Yoshimoto is a third-rate university student in his seventh year, Shigeyuki’s marks are getting better. Eventually, he’ll pass the high school test. Yoshimoto started to riot at a family gathering, hitting people, pouring wine on their heads, and tossing spaghetti randomly around them. Best japanese comedy movie.

11- Hula Girls – 2006

Japanese title:   フラガール

Directed by:      Sang-il Lee

Produced by:     Hitomi Ishihara, Bong-Ou Lee

Cast:                  Yu Aoi , Yasuko Matsuyuki , Etsushi Toyokawa

Release date:    September 23, 2006

Running time:   108 min

Ratings:            7.1/10 IMDb   &    56%  Rotten Tomatoes

Why: It’s actually one of Top romance Japanese Comedy movies I’ve ever seen in my life. Some really emotional moments made me sad! I’m just sad that while it was the top movie for the year in Japan, it received no U.S. movie theater coverage. The music was also amazing, particularly “Wish on my star” by Jake Shimabukuro. And everything is based on a true story. Phenomenal! Great!

Plot: The Nakago Mine is about to close, laying off 2,000 employees in the cold rural town of Iwaki City in northeastern Japan. The cold northern town’s lifeblood revolved around the coal mine, and for decades, the people there worked in the Nakago Mine. When they first heard about the company’s decision to close the mine, the workers were angry and just stunned to hear what the company was doing for the area’s future. The Joban Mine company requires to produce a great Hawaiian themed holiday resort to get the benefit of the area’s other natural resource, hot springs.

10- Our Little Sister – 2005

Japanese title:  海街

Directed by:      Hirokazu Koreeda

Produced by:     Kaoru Matsuzaki, Hijiri Taguchi

Cast:                  Haruka Ayase,, Masami Nagasawa, Kaho

Release date:    June 13, 2015

Running time:   126 min.

Ratings:            7.5/10 IMDb  &   94% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: This made me cry, and the emotions were happy and sad. Life, the family, being unique, finding a place for a while to fit in. It is wonderfully genuine and emotional. After watching this Japanese romantic comedy movies, no one can say perfection. It is all embodied by the desire to be cherished, the expectation of the future, the value of little movements during challenges, and the power of modesty and perseverance.

Plot: In Kamakura, three sisters live in their grandparents’ home. Their parents’ divorce them. One day they will receive news of their father’s passing, which they haven’t seen in 15 years. They will meet their half-sister, Suzu Asano, at the funeral. Suzu and her stepmother, besides her stepbrother, live with her.

Sachi believes that Suzu looked after their father when he died, not the stepmother, by watching the stepmother’s actions at the funeral (she attempts to pass on the duty of addressing the guests to Suzu). Sachi unexpectedly invites Suzu to come to live with them at the train station. Suzu joins the local football team and, as the relationship grows, becomes famous. Its is really a japanese comedy movie to watch.

9- Fine, Totally Fine – 2008

Japanese title:   全然大丈夫

Directed by:       Yosuke Fujita

Produced by:     Kozo Okoshi

Cast:                  YosiYosi Arakawa, Yoshino Kimura, Yoshinori Okada

Release date:    January 26, 2008

Running time:   110 min.

Ratings:            6.9/10 IMDb   &     64% Rotten Tomatoes

Why:  I love when the female leader says “I’m fine,” the clumsy sweetheart she is as she struggles with her hilariously appalling motor skills, such as freeing basic items, bringing things, wrapping stuff, and walking to get or yield something from one facet of the vacancy to the other in this japan romantic comedy movies. She’s doing all of this because she’s reticent and anxious, and it’s endearing, at least for me though vaguely weeping jerking. Although she is trying to survive, she is struggling, and it is admirable and kind of difficult to see her struggle with the problems she is struggling with.

japanese romantic comedy movie

Plot: Teruo, the maturest son of a utilized bookstore owner, dreams of creating the world’s scariest haunted house. Teruo is already idling his life away when he approaches his 30th birthday. One day, within the introduction of Hisanobu, a childhood acquaintance, a very awkward painter/artist, comes to the bookstore to work. Just meet Akari. A cutesy, attractive girl who soon befalls both Teruo including Hisanobu.

8- Suite Dreams – 2006

Japanese title:   有頂天ホテル / THE 有頂天ホテ

Directed by:      Koki Mitani

Produced by:    Minami Ichikawa, Chihiro Kameyama, Yasushi Ogawa

Cast:                  Koji Yakusho , Takako Matsu, Koichi Sato.

Release date:    January 14, 2006

Running time:   136 min.

Ratings:            7.1/10 IMDb   &   64% Trakt.tv

Why: Like a later release, I honestly predicted it. The film didn’t seem like a two-hour film since it was able to keep me engaged and involved from start to finish. I like how fun it was, and all that one night of New Year’s Eve was just too much chaos and activities. All that happened in this Japanese comedy movies story was difficult to keep up with, but I happened to capture up well. Hana and Shindo are probably my favorite characters in the ensemble cast. The chairman undoubtedly went through a few items, hahaha. Rub-A-Dub-Dub is a star as well.

Plot:  Set in a Tokyo hotel during New Year’s Eve, the film explores the mishaps of multiple hotel workers and visitors in the take to midnight. The plot includes multiple characters, the various issues or circumstances they face in the run-up to midnight, and how these various storylines connect and are resolved. The film is reflective from those Hollywood screwball dramas. Specifically, it refers to the Grand Hotel film of 1932, whose story often followed the interlinked lives of different characters in a fictional hotel over a brief time.

7- Oh! My Zombie Mermaid – 2004

Japanese title:   あゝ!一軒家プロレス

Directed by:      Naoki Kudo, Terry Ito

Produced by:     Ganari Takahashi

Cast:                 Shinya Hashimoto, Sonim, Shiro Sano

Release date:   December 4, 2004

Running time:  100 min.

Ratings:            3.2/5 Letterboxd

Why: Oh! Visually! During the film’s various acts, My Zombie Mermaid is at its best, such as the opening free for all at the home of Kouta Shishioh leading up to it collapsing or the deathmatch segment of the film where Kouta takes on a rouge gallery of murderous criminals (sort of like the Game of Death of Bruce Lee). For most of the funny Japanese movies, while the action takes center stage, it is not to suggest that the characters cannot develop. There are moments in between where people connect on an intimate basis where the film is most shocking.

Plot: Shinya Hashimoto, a real-life wrestler, performs Shishio, a wrestler which produces a complete home for his humble and gorgeous wife, only to possess it demolished when his opponent, Ichijoh (deliciously evil Westerner and real-life K-1 warrior, Nicholas Pettas), shows up and begins throwing elbows in an off-the-ropes wrestling throwdown.

The wife of Shishio is hospitalized and becomes infected with the Mermaid Bacteria, causing her to develop fins, scales and begin to squeak. And the only catch? A team of evil wrestlers occupies his beautiful home right out of a horror and Best japanese comedy movie.

6- Crying Out Love in the Center of the World

Japanese title: 世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ

Directed by:    Isao Yukisada

Produced by:   Kei Haruna, Minami Ichikawa

Cast:                Takao Osawa, Kou Shibasaki , Masami Nagasawa

Release date:  May 8, 2004

Running time: 138 min.

Ratings:          7.2/10 IMDb  &    6.8/10 Filmaffinity   &  83%  Rotten Tomatoes

Why: Crying Out Love, more of your typical tearjerker film (first love, serious illness, parents who disapprove), occurs in the Center of this Universe. Still, the way the film progressed, with its flashback scenes, gave the Japanese comedy movies a feeling close to watching your own personal daydreams. As the film moved between the past and the present, all the questions asked during the film’s first sequences were gradually answered by the movie. Intelligently finished, without the tackiness that is prevalent in this movie genre.

japanese romantic comedy movie

Plot: While packing her stuff to settle into a new apartment, he uncovers an old cassette tape. She listens to the tape and hears a frail girl’s voice saying, “I’m so scared of tomorrow that I won’t be able to fall asleep.” I think I’m going to be dead shortly.” Soon after that, he leaves her fiance Saku with a sparse note, “I’m working away for some time.

Don’t think about me. -Ritsuko.’ A typhoon is approaching Japan at this time, and Saku is watching the television at his friends’ pub. In the context of a news story at the airport, he spots his fiance walking. He knows that he is Moving to Shikoku, her hometown, and Saku plans to go back to where he turned up, where he initially met Ritsuko and the girl on the line.

5- Waterboys – 2001

Japanese title:  ウォーターボーイズ

Directed by:      Shinobu Yaguchi

Produced by:     Yoshino Sasaki, Daisuke Sekiguchi, Akifumi Takuma

Cast:                 Satoshi Tsumabuki, Hiroshi Tamaki, Akifumi Miura

Release date:   September 15, 2001

Running time:  90 min.

Ratings:           7.2/10  IMDb   &   89%  Rotten Tomatoes

Why:  I liked it!!! It’s so funny Japanese movie. I had to regain my breath from laughing too hard on several occasions. Moreover, I liked him after watching orange days, and Hiroshi Tamaki was good at the diorama; I don’t normally like him, but he was pretty funny here they were both. Their swimsuits were so weird to me, and they were obviously too thin on the side, so I kept laughing at them for it:) One of the funniest Japanese comedy movies I’ve seen.

Plot: Suzuki is a school student who strives to be a great swimmer; however, he is one single person on the school’s swimming team. Soon, in high school, a gorgeous new swimming trainer will start practice. Dozens of boys try to join the swimming team, but Suzuki and four other boys drop out when they learn she teaches synchronized swimming (which is usually a women’s sport).

The teacher is taking maternity leave soon, and the squad is on break for a bit. However, he decides to ask the dolphin teacher to do their mentor while Suzuki is watching a dolphin exhibition.

4- Funky Forest: The First Contact – 2006

Japanese title:  ナイスの森

Directed by:      Katsuhito Ishii, Hajime Ishimine, Shunichiro Miki

Produced by:    Norihisa Harada

Cast:                 Tadanobu Asano, Susumu Terajima , Erika Saimon

Release date:   March 25, 2006

Running time:  150 Min

Ratings:            6.7/10 IMDb   &   20% Rotten Tomatoes

Why: Essentially, a collection of ridiculous short Japanese romantic comedy movies by three different directors assembled into a kind of surrealist SHORTCUTS, sharing some of the same characters. The experiment generates exactly what y’all would demand: a really mixed bag, several parts running on and on and going nowhere, and a sprinkling of enjoyable moments: the musical numbers and the animation, in particular.

japan romantic comedy movies

Plot: Masaichi, Masaru, and Masao, three unpopular siblings, are struggling to become famous among children. Fortunately, enough, with some beautiful young ladies, they actually get a chance to have a co-ed picnic. Funky Forest: The Prime Touch will investigate your mind and melt rationality with 21 free-associative episodes ranging from a nonsense “sci-fi” comedy to a dance-battle daydream, as its unique characters find themselves far beyond our imagination in twisted dimensions.

3- Heroine Disqualified

Japanese title:  ヒロイン失格

Directed by:      Tsutomu Hanabusa

Produced by:    Takuya Ito, Yasushi Udagawa

Cast:                 Mirei Kiritani, Kento Yamazaki, Kentaro Sakaguchi

Release date:   September 19, 2015

Running time:  112 min.

Ratings:            7.7/10 MyDramaList ,  & 6.6/10 IMDb

Why: This film hurt me. The initial time, I cried solidly because of this best Japanese comedy movie. Only Not because this was tragic, but because I just hated the ending. The other man deserved the best!!!! I’m never going to let this go. He ought to have that child. Other than that, I enjoyed the show. Moreover, I have got super bad and debilitating Second male lead syndrome. However, I was furious as if it had really hurt. In addition, I had to throw out a window table. Similarly, I expected my house to be lit on fire. I

Plot: Hatori Matsuzaki is a lively high school freshman who has been profoundly crushed for many years by her childhood neighbor, the distant Rita Terasaka. Initially, she is content with only being Rita’s companion, as she believes no one else is more suited than her to the role of being Rita’s ‘heroine’-but when Rita starts to seek a serious relationship with the spectacular, awkward Miho Adachi, her convictions are shattered. Hatori tries to thwart the burgeoning relationship between the two several times and finally confesses her love to Rita, but is rejected.

2- Too Young To Die! – 2016

Japanese title:   若くして死ぬ

Directed by:      Kankuro Kudo

Produced by:     Mitsuru Uda, Makiko Nagasaka, Hisashi Usui

Cast:                  Tomoya Nagase, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Kenta Kiritani

Release date:    June 25, 2016

Running time:   125 min.

Ratings:            6.8/10 IMDb   &    7.7/10  MyDramaList  &   73%  Rotten Tomatoes

Why: What an enjoyable movie it was! I was truly shocked at how much I really liked it! It’s entertaining, funky, and it’s just an absolute pleasure. Hilarious, weird, and astonishingly touching. Without someone even jumping over each other, the entire cast gets to participate. Not wasting a minute while watching this best Japanese romantic comedy movies. One of the freakiest and fascinating movies I ever had. At the equivalent time, too fabulous entertainment and crazy. Greatly recommended!

japan romantic comedy movie

Plot: The official TOO YOUNG TO DIE trailer! A supernatural comedy is now obtainable online about an unfortunate school student who departs in a bus accident on a school tour only to press-ganged within a satanic rock band into Hell. The trailer explains Daisuke’s plight, who wants to confess his crush to his ambitious girlfriend Hiromi, dying suddenly and being in Hell. Daisuke meets the flamboyant Killer there, the leading guitar and singer of the fiery rock band known as Hells, and together they embark on a hard-rocking Afterlife tour to bring Daisuke back to the Land of the Living and the girl he loves.

1- Love Exposure

Japanese title:   愛のむきだし

Directed by:      Sion Sono

Produced by:     Yutaka Morohashi

Cast:                  Takahiro Nishijima , Hikari Mitsushima, Atsuro Watabe

Release date:    January 31, 2009

Running time:   237 min

Ratings:            8.1/10 IMDb    &    91%   Rotten Tomatoes

Why: Love Exposure is a truly new and uniquely strong combination of a complex collection of influences, something you need to offer a chance with lots of twists and turns, this undefined experience. You can’t even feel how time slips in this best Japanese romance comedy movies. The character’s production is very intriguing and reveals how well the actors have performed in the film to represent their respective characters. Wonderful movie

japanese comedy movies

Plot: A classic story of Love, family, faith, and sex is revealed through ‘Love Disclosure and that’s why it is at no.1 in Japanese comedy movies list. Under the most peculiar of situations, Yu Tsunoda and Yoko cross. He decides to get into the city, pretending to be a woman and kiss the first woman he sees after Yu loses a bet with his friends.

A teenage girl called Yoko, encircled by a crowd of thugs, encounters Yu plus his friends while moving to town. Moreover, Yu still dressed as a woman, then helps Yoko to defeat the thugs’ gang. However, Yu kisses Yoko afterward and runs away. Yu befalls in love with a boy for the initial age, but Yoko befalls in love with a woman in drag, known only as Miss Scorpion.

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