The 12 Best Jackie Chan Movies Review [2022]


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Any discussion about action movies must contain the name Jackie Chan movies. It’s a necessity under the law. Although he is far from the sole action star, his achievements and influence on the genre cannot be denied. While filmmakers tried to turn Chan become the next Bruce Lee in his early Jackie Chan movies, Chan gained his footing in the late 1970s by combining imaginative choreography with comedy. He hasn’t looked back since.

With his most recent feature, Vanguard, due out in 2020, he shows no signs of stopping down. To honor this timeless legend.

We Ranked The Top 12 Jackie Chan Movies:

12- The Foreigner (2017) 

Release date: September 30, 2017 (China)

Director: Martin Campbell

Box office: 145.4 million USD

Based on: The Chinaman; by Stephen Leather

Music by: Cliff Martinez

Distributed by: Netflix, STX Entertainment, Huayi Brothers, Wuzhou Film Distribution

Why: These Jackie Chan movies were brilliant from start to finish. Jackie Chan is very moving he plays a father who loses his daughter to terrorism very well. And also his fight scenes are brilliant. This is packed full of explosions and realistic fights but it isn’t too violent somehow. You empathize with Jackie Chan’s character and enjoy watching him run rings around the baddies!

The Foreigner 2017 - Best Jackie Chan Movies

Plot: The narrative of Quan (Chan), a lowly London businessman whose long-buried history bursts into a revenge-fueled vendetta when his last remaining love, his teenage daughter, is abducted in a senseless act of politically-motivated terrorism. In his never-ending hunt for the terrorists’ identities, Quan finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game with an Irish government officer (Brosnan), whose own background may offer clues to the perpetrators’ identities.

11- Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

Initial release: January 31, 1997

Director: Sammo Hung

Box office: US$31,716,953

Cantonese: Jat1 Go3 Hou2 Jan4

Edited by: Peter Cheung

Distributed by: Orange Sky Golden Harvest, Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, Media Asia Entertainment Group

Why: Filmed in Melbourne, Mr. Nice Guy is one for the ages for sure. It’s fun, full of action, and sure it’s not for everyone, but if you’re into Jane Austin, then please give Mr. Nice Guy a try, please. Jackie Chan has a long connection with Australia (his parents were residents of Down Under for many years).

Mr. Nice Guy 1997 - Jackie Chan Movies

Plot: In Melbourne, the Chinese Chef Jackie has a successful television show. Drug lord Giancarlo and his crew trade cocaine with The Demons gang, but they are at odds with one another. During the filming, snoopy reporter Diana and her coworker are unintentionally exposed, and they depart with a VHS tape containing the negotiating video. She meets Jackie on the street and he assists her in her struggle against the mafia.

Her recording unexpectedly mixes with other videotapes that Jackie keeps in a box in the backseat of his car as they flee in his automobile. While his nephews “steal” the tape to watch, Jackie returns to his apartment and meets his girlfriend Miki. Meanwhile, Giancarlo’s thugs are on the lookout for the recording and plan to kidnap Miki. Jackie’s buddy Romeo, a police investigator, pursues the criminals with other cops, while Diana and his friend Lakisha work together to free Miki from Giancarlo.

10- The Young Master (1980)

Release date: February 9, 1980 (Hong Kong)

Director: Jackie Chan

Box office: US$5.9 million (est.)

Music by: Frankie Chan

Produced by: Raymond Chow; Leonard Ho

Distributed by: Orange Sky Golden Harvest, Media Asia Entertainment Group

Why: True entertainment, as usual, the Jackie Chan Movies. Jackie’s Mickey Mouse Kung Fu technique, combined with Charlie Chaplin’s Martial Arts, results in a hilarious and remarkable display of power and agility. The opposition gang’s leader is superb, with aggressive timing and strength that surpasses Jackie’s. Jackie’s actual strength is her adaptability and perseverance.

The Young Master 1980

Plot: Dragon and his brother, Tiger, attend a school that is competing in a Lion Dance competition against a rival school. The school has to win the prize money to stay open, but their star performer, the Tiger, is wounded after he falls from a ladder, forcing his brother, Dragon, to step in. During the competition, Dragon discovers that his brother pretended to be injured to compete for the other school.

9- Police Story IV: First Strike (1996)

Release date: January 10, 1997 (USA)

Director: Stanley Tong

Distributed by: Orange Sky Golden Harvest, New Line Cinema, Universal Pictures, Gaumont

Why: This is my favorite of all the best Jackie Chan movies released theatrically in America with Jackie Chan. Police Story 4 is my favorite out of the Police Story series and is very fun to watch. Jackie plays Jackie, and he plays this character very well. The ladder battle is one of the best fights I have seen in a long while. You don’t have to watch the Police Story movies in order, as they were released in a random order, like 3, 4, 1, 2. I propose watching them in the following order: 4, 1, 3, 2. This is the finest one, and you should look into it right immediately!

Police Story IV First Strike 1996 - Jackie Chan Movies

Plot: Jackie, a policeman, takes part in an international espionage ring sting operation. When one of them (Tsui) manages to flee, Jackie is tasked with apprehending him. Jackie is led all around the world, beginning with Tsui’s sister in Australia. The plot follows him as he fights to stay alive while tracking down the culprit.

8- Crime Story 1993 (Jackie Chan Movies)

Initial release: June 24, 1993

Directors: Jackie Chan, Kirk Wong

Distributed by: Orange Sky Golden Harvest

Nominations: Hong Kong Film Award for Best Action Choreography, MORE

Why: I thought these best Jackie Chan movies were a refreshing change of pace for a Jackie Chan film, with no jokes and plenty of dark and gritty action. The production qualities are higher than normal (but the dubbing in the US version is terrible!) I was captivated by the narrative. Check to watch this film if you want to witness Jackie Chan’s performance in a more serious light. However, if you’re expecting a lot of kung fu fights, you’ll be disappointed.

crime story 1993

Plot: Inspector Eddie Chan of the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau is tasked with locating abducted businessman Wong Yat-Fei, who is suffering from emotional stress after shooting several individuals in self-defense. His hunt brings him from Hong Kong to Taiwan, where he meets up with a gang of strong mobsters. What makes things much more complicated is that one of the kidnappers is working within the police department, desperate to prevent Chan from escaping. Chan, who is fiercely motivated, is battling his inner issues while also battling the city’s never-ending crime wave.

7- Drunken Master (1978)

Release date: October 5, 1978 (Hong Kong)

Director: Woo-Ping Yuen

Box office: US$15 million (est.)

Language: Cantonese

Music by: Chow Fu-Liang

Distributed by: Destination Films, Seasonal Film

Why: The Jackie Chan movies are deserving of appreciation for their simplicity and lack of pointless sequels. Jackie Chan has a way of stealing people’s hearts. The great kung fu display is effectively depicted in the film. The Director has done exactly what is required to entertain the audience. Jackie Chan’s comedy feats are incredible, and his facial expressions are quite natural. This film emphasizes Kung Fu without being overly serious or dull. This is a true classic.

Drunken Master 1978 - Jackie Chan Movies

Plot: Wong Fei-father hongs has been trying to educate his son in kung-fu but finds him too rebellious to teach and sends him to his uncle, a harsh and painful instructor of the 8-Drunken Genii kung-fu. The son returns after much hardship to save his father from an assassin.

6- Dragons Forever (1988)

Release date: February 11, 1988 (Hong Kong)

Director: Sammo Hung

Music by: James Wong Jim

Box office: US$11 million (HK/Taiwan/Japan); 179,985 tickets (Seoul)

Story by: Gordon Chan; Leung Yiu-ming

Distributed by: Orange Sky Golden Harvest, Media Asia Entertainment Group, Fortune Star

Why: An amazing movie with the three legendary brothers (Jackie chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao), a different best Jackie Chan movies and plot from what we’ve seen from Jackie chan before, perhaps strange or boring at first because it’s not a classic cop movie or Mr. Chan as a cop, but the action scenes are incredible, especially the final fight between Jackie chan and Benny the Jet Urquidez.

Dragons Forever 1988 - Jackie Chan Movies

Plot: A local fishery is pursuing legal action against a chemical plant for poisoning the water. Jackie Lung (Jackie Chan) is hired by a secret chemical business to collect material that would undermine the fisheries. He enlists the help of his arms dealer pal Wong (Sammo Hung) to woo Miss Yip (Deannie Yip), the fishery owner, to try to persuade her to settle out of court.

Tung (Yuen Biao), a funny inventor and professional crook, is also brought in by Lung to bug her flat. Unfortunately, Wong and Tung are oblivious of one other’s positions and quickly clash, despite Lung’s best efforts to keep the peace.

5- Project A (1983)

Release date: December 22, 1983 (Hong Kong)

Directors: Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung

Language: Cantonese

Music by: Michael Lai

Box office: US$17 million (est.)

Distributed by: Orange Sky Golden Harvest, Media Asia Entertainment Group

Why: Boy, that lead-in stinks of a rotting cliche, doesn’t it? But I do enjoy these Jackie Chan movies. Every time it hits cable, I watch it.

Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung play wonderfully off of each other, even in the dubbed version. The action sequences are fantastic, and the tale is realistic enough to be interesting. The fight of the bicycles in the tight back alleyways is my particular favorite.

Mr. Chan’s ability to inject comedy and farce into serious battle scenes has made him my favorite martial arts actor, and Project A, in my opinion, does it better than any of his earlier Jackie Chan movies. It comes highly recommended.

Project A 1983 - Best Jackie Chan Movies

Plot: Sergeant Dragon Ma is part of the Hong Kong Marine Police’s effort to suppress the pirates, who have been raiding ships for months. In a pub, members of the Hong Kong Police Force and the Marine Police, who have a long-standing rivalry, brawl. Captain Chi then delivers all of the sailors to their commanding officers, and two of the Marine Police ships are blown up shortly after.

Chiang and Mr. Chou, two gangsters, meet in a VIP Club to discuss escape to Vietnam. Chiang meets one of the pirates as soon as he departs, and the two of them joke about destroying the Marine Police ships. San-Po, the pirate’s leader, wants 100 police firearms, according to the pirate.

Dragon Ma and his posse are compelled to work as normal cops. They must go through “severe training” with the police, which will be overseen by Captain Chi’s nephew, Hong Tin-tsu. Dragon and Tin-tsu proceed to arrest Chiang when the police learn that he is in the VIP Club and that the attendees are not to be disturbed. A large brawl ensues. Dragon, fed up with the police force’s evident corruption, captures Chiang and urges Tin-tsu to take credit. That is his final official act as a Hong Kong police officer.

4- The Karate Kid (2010)

Release date: June 11, 2010 (USA)

Director: Harald Zwart

Box office: 359.1 million USD

Adapted from: The Karate Kid

Music by: James Horner

Distributed by: Columbia Pictures, China Film Group Corporation, EDKO

Why: Even though I’ve seen these Jackie Chan movies far too many times, I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of them. This film is a fantastic work of art! I adore all of the described scenes, and they’re all fantastic! The characters are great, and the production is fantastic! One of the most highly recommended films that teach us many things, including how to be strong in any circumstance and face it courageously, how to be a genuine sportsman who accepts and understands the deeper meaning of triumph and failure, and how to be enthusiastic! that everything we do is linked to all we need to accomplish in our own life!

The Karate Kid 2010 - Jackie Chan Movies

Plot: Dre Parker, 12, has recently relocated to China and is feeling like a fish out of water. He befriends a student, Mei Ying, only to enlist the help of a competitor, Cheng, who begins to torment and assault Dre. Soon after, Mr. Han, Dre’s apartment maintenance guy, defends Dre from Cheng and his cronies, and signs Dre up to compete in a Kung Fu competition in exchange for the bullies staying away from him. When Mr. Han is shown to be a master of Kung Fu, Dre discovers that he is much more than a maintenance guy, and Dre quickly learns that Kung Fu is about self-defense and peace rather than violence and bloodshed.

3- Rush Hour 1998 (Jackie Chan Movies)

Release date: September 18, 1998 (USA)

Director: Brett Ratner

Music by: Lalo Schifrin

Box office: $244.4 million

Story by: Ross LaManna

Distributed by: New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Pictures, MORE

Why: Rush Hour is a cinematic masterpiece and one of the finest action and comedy pictures I’ve ever watched. The great comedy adds to the film’s quality, in addition to the basic yet enjoyable narrative. A well-crafted Jackie Chan movies that will have you giggling throughout. It needs more attention and respect (even though it is a high-budget picture) because no one ever talks about it. Jackie Chan was a master of martial arts, and Chris Tucker was a hoot. Both of them make an excellent duo, and they should appear in future best Jackie Chan movies together. Furthermore, they both have great acting abilities. Needless to say, their acting was flawless, and they dominated the film with their outstanding performances. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan both performed an excellent job in their roles.

To summarise, I liked and appreciated the film since the battle sequences are incredible, the acting is fantastic, and the primary plot is fantastic. What a fantastic summer blockbuster.

Rush Hour 1998

Plot: Detective Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force leads a raid at the dock on the last day of British sovereignty in Hong Kong in 1997, trying to apprehend the unnamed, faceless criminal lord Juntao. Only Sang, Juntao’s right-hand guy, is found, and he flees on a boat. Lee retrieves several Chinese cultural artifacts taken by Juntao, which he delivers to his leaving bosses, Chinese consul Solon Han and British police commander Thomas Griffin, as a goodbye victory gift.

Sang kidnaps Han’s daughter Soo Yung shortly after he starts his new diplomatic position in LA. He asks Lee to help with the investigation, but the FBI dumps him off on the LAPD, fearful that Lee’s involvement may spark an international problem. As punishment for botching a sting operation, Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) is fooled into “babysitting” Lee; when he finds out, he resolves to solve the crime.

2- Armour of God II (1991)

Release date: February 7, 1991 (Hong Kong)

Director: Jackie Chan

Box office: US$24.1 million

Cantonese: Fei1 jing1 gai3 waak6

Music by: Chris Babida; Stephen Endelman (United States)

Distributed by: Orange Sky Golden Harvest, Toho Co., Ltd., Dimension Films, Media Asia Entertainment Group

Why: This may be the most fun Jackie Chan experience ever. Armor of God 2 is a quick, hilarious, and exhilarating film that was shot all over the world with a large budget and a lot of energy. Despite the apparent Indiana Jones premise, Chan continues to astonish us by risking his life for the sake of two hours of entertainment. In the way he catches the action from spectacular wide angles that highlight the danger of his action, Chan’s directorial talents are almost as great as his athletic skills. One of the most exhilarating chase moments in Jackie Chan movies is when Chan flees the baddies on a motorbike through the congested city streets. Every stunt and action sequence has Chan risking his life, resulting in an exciting picture that must be watched to truly understand Hong Kong action filmmaking.

Armour of God II 1991

Plot: treasure seeker from Hong Kong Duke Scipio summons Jackie, a.k.a. “Asian Hawk,” to his house in Madrid, Spain, where he is informed of a story of a German general called Hans von Ketterling and his regiment buried 240 tonnes of gold at a secret stronghold deep in the Sahara Desert in Africa before World War II ended. The 18 troops who were part of the mission vanished in unclear circumstances. Scipio assigns Jackie an unauthorized mission to locate the location and reclaim the gold at the behest of the United Nations. He is teamed with Ada, an expert in African geography, in addition to obtaining the key to the base. Jackie is guaranteed one percent of the gold when it is discovered.

1- Shanghai Noon 2000 (Jackie Chan Movies)

Release date: May 23, 2000 (USA)

Director: Tom Dey

Box office: $99.3 million

Music by: Randy Edelman

Production companies: Touchstone Pictures; Spyglass Entertainment; Birnbaum/Barber Productions; Jackie Chan Films Limited

Distributed by: Touchstone Pictures, MORE

Why: Shanghai Noon is a fantastic Jackie Chan movies with a well-developed plot and a fantastic comedy ensemble. It’s a highly entertaining picture with numerous parts that had me laugh out loud, as well as several shockingly intense and beautifully choreographed action sequences; it’s a creative blend of both westerns and martial arts flicks, and it’s evident from beginning to end that it’s a one-of-a-kind film.

Shanghai Noon 2000

Plot: A Western from the nineteenth century. Chon Wang is the Emperor of China’s incompetent Imperial Guard. Wang feels personally guilty when Princess Pei Pei is stolen from the Forbidden City and insists on accompanying the guards dispatched to recover the Princess, who has been whisked away to the United States. Wang is separated from the gang while on the hunt for the kidnappers in Nevada, and soon finds himself an odd companion in Roy O’Bannon, a small-time thief with grandiose ideas. Together, the two go on a series of misadventures.

Conclusion: This article is written by Muhammad Hamza Summaries the 12 Best Jackie Chan Movies. Although War Movies interest seemed to have been going down everywhere, even now, Korea is going high. I hope you are amazed and got the best Korean war movies you are looking for, also check my blog on Highest Paid Actors.

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