How To Watch Brazilian Netflix In USA – [Quick Way]


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Netflix has now become a global phenomenon and there is no denying that the world is a bit under its influence. The streaming giant offers a very impressive collection of Brazilian TV shows and movies that you can enjoy no matter where you are located around the world.

But there’s a bummer! Its content libraries are geo-restricted and vary from region to region. That means if you are in the US and want to watch Brazilian Netflix, it may leave you a bit frustrated at the lack of Brazilian content in the Netflix US library.

Luckily, there is a simple location trick that can unblock Netflix Brazil with just a few clicks. What you need is to get a premium VPN app that’ll connect you to a Brazil IP address so you can bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions. That’ll allow you to stream Brazilian content on your usual Netflix account without difficulty.  

A bit confused still? Let’s get into further details in this blog so that you have clarity.

Quick Steps: Watch Brazilian Netflix in USA

Want to watch the Brazilian Netflix content library in the US, but don’t know how? Well, we have the right and easy guide for you to follow, and in just a few clicks, you will be watching Netflix Brazil. 

Follow the step-by-step guide given below: 

  • Get a subscription to a premium VPN. Our recommended app is ExpressVPN.
  • Download the ExpressVPN app on the streaming device of your choice.
  • Launch the app and add your login details and open your account.
  • Connect to a fast Brazilian server.
  • Now, open the Netflix app, and you will automatically get the Brazilian content library.
  • Start streaming your favorite Brazilian TV shows and movies!

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Netflix Brazil?

In recent times, VPNs are becoming increasingly popular as it is the easiest and safest way to reach the streaming content that is otherwise blocked in your country. Accessing any streaming service is just a matter of minutes when using a VPN, and it does not matter if you are living in Brazil or not. 

But why do these services block the content in some countries? 

Well, the geo-restrictions are usually enforced by the marketers, producers, or the owners of the content, and they are the reason you can not access certain content titles from other countries. It is considered a violation of the copyrights of the content, which is why the country or channels that want to air content made in other countries have to get a license first. 

A VPN, discarding the hassle of licensing agreements or copyrights, lets you stream the content without needing any permission. Get a VPN service, connect to a server of your choice of country and that is it! Simply access and stream whichever content you want, regardless of the actual location you are on.

Apart from accessing international geo-blocked content, VPNs can be used from another perspective as well. There are many other reasons that may force a person to use a VPN service. For some people, it is just for their own convenience. 

For instance, if you travel most of the time or you are traveling to some other region or continent, where Netflix does not offer the TV series that you want to watch, VPN can solve your problem. You can easily use the VPN app and stream your comfort show.  

Some may find it vital to mask their location with a VPN so that they can avoid the censorship implemented by the government or simply avoid hackers and being tracked by their ISP.

In the end, it does not matter why you are using a VPN, but it is very important that you choose a top-quality, high-performing, and reputable VPN provider like ExpressVPN.

Why Do We Recommend ExpressVPN?

Our recommended choice is ExpressVPN if you are looking for a reliable and fast VPN with other handy features. Here’s why:

ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers around the globe in 94+ countries, including Brazil. It works perfectly with every Netflix library from anywhere in the world. It offers high-speed servers loaded with Lightway protocol which allows enhanced security and faster speeds required for bufferless streaming in HD quality.

We tested its Brazilian server and successfully managed to unblock Netflix Brazil.

This industry-leading VPN is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux, as well as several popular streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Gaming consoles. With a single subscription, you can enjoy unrestricted Netflix streaming on 5 devices at a time.

ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer function really impressed us with its functionality. It allows you to access geo-restricted content with boosted speeds on devices that don’t support VPNs.

This VPN secures your digital presence with bank-grade AES-256-Bit encryption. Other advanced features include Automated Kill Switch, OpenVPN, DNS leak protection, and a No-logging policy.

You can subscribe to this amazing VPN app for US $6.67 per month, including a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Wrap Up!

This guide was intended for you in order to watch Brazilian Netflix in the USA. Despite the fact that if you are a native Brazilian traveling to some other country or you are just a fan of Brazilian content, following the step-by-step guide above will unblock it for you with the help of a VPN. 

ExpressVPN is one of the top-notch VPN services in the market, which is totally reliable when it comes to your online security. So, don’t miss out and connect to ExpressVPN and stream your favorite TV shows and movies today!

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