An Informational Guide on How To Unlock iPhone Passcode without Computer


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Apple offers 3 ways to protect your device from unauthorized users: Face ID/Touch ID, Screen Password, and iCloud Activation Lock. The screen passcode is used when your device cannot recognize your fingerprint or face, restarts the device, factory resets iPhone, or you have not unlocked iPhone for more than 48 hours. Let us discuss how to unlock iPhone passcode without computer.

If you forget your passcode, your iPhone will be locked. And it’s annoying when you repeatedly enter the wrong passcode multiple times, and iPhone shows “iPhone has been disabled for X minutes.” It’s also frustrating when you don’t have a computer to unlock your locked iPhone.

how to unlock iphone without passcode or face id
how to unlock iphone without passcode or face id

What to do if you forget your iPhone passcode? If you are stuck in the same situation, you can use this post 4 ways to unlock your iPhone passcode with or without a computer. The first two methods will factory reset the iPhone, so make sure you have a backup that you can restore without a computer. The other 2 ways may require a computer but apply to more scenarios and cover more iOS users. Moreover, now you know how to unlock iphone passcode without computer free

how to unlock iPhone passcode without computer Free via Find My iPhone

how to unlock iphone passcode without computer free
how to unlock iphone passcode without computer free

If you have another iOS device, e.g., iPhone or iPad, you can use the Find My iPhone feature to reset your iPhone without a password and computer. Here are the steps to reset your iPhone without a passcode and computer.

Step 1: Download and install the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone device.

Step 2: Sign in with your Apple ID and password. Just enter your Apple account credentials and click Sign In.

Step 3: After the sign-in, you can find all the devices on the map that are connected to the same account.

Step 4: In addition, After that select your locked iPhone by tapping on it.

Now, you will finally be able to unlock your iPhone.

Step 5: Simply tap on Actions and select “Erase iPhone.” It will delete all data from your locked device. You have now unlocked your iPhone passcode.

Step 6: Once you erase your iPhone, you need to set up your iPhone, click “Restore from iCloud Backup,” and enter iCloud details to restore a backup.

how to unlock Iphone without Passcode or face id

If you are looking for a way to Unlock your iPhone Passcode without a Passcode or Face ID, you can use AnyUnlock – iPhone Passcode Unlock Tool to unlock your iPhone without passcode or Face ID 2022. This complete passcode unlocks tool can unlock the passcode on an iPhone screen, even without a Face ID or Touch ID, in 3 easy clicks. Then it will help you to reset your iPhone passcode.

It also provides solutions to remove iTunes backup passwords, Apple ID, Screen Time passwords, iCloud activation lock, and more. Apart from previous iPhone models, you can also use AnyUnlock to unlock iPhone 14. To unlock your iPhone without a passcode or iTunes with AnyUnlock, read on and learn the detailed steps:

Step 1: Download AnyUnlock for free and run it on your computer. Click Unlock Screen Passcode.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer and wait for AnyUnlock to detect your iPhone. Click Start Now.

Step 3: Click the Download button to unlock the password on the screen.

Step 4: When the firmware is downloaded, click on the Unlock Now option. Then AnyUnlock will automatically unlock the screen password.

Step 5: When the recovery process is complete, you will see that the screen password is not available anymore.

How to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode Using Camera

how to unlock iphone without passcode using camera
how to unlock iphone without passcode using camera

If you want to spy on someone’s iPhone, you don’t need to unlock the target iPhone with a passcode or Face ID. You can use KidsGuard Pro for iOS to unlock someone’s iPhone and monitor all iPhone data. To know how to unlock iPhone without passcode using camera, follow the steps in the discussion below. You must connect the target iPhone to the computer and use KidsGuard Pro for iOS to secretly monitor all the data. Here are the steps to sign in to iPhone without a passcode with KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

Step 1. Register An Account

Click the Monitor Now button below to create a KidsGuard Pro account using your email address. Choose the appropriate plan based on your needs.

Step 2. Install and Connect iPhone

Download and install the KidsGuard Pro iOS app on your computer from Then connect the target iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. You can also do this using a USB cable or the same WiFi network you use to connect to the internet. The program will then recognize the iPhone and sync the data with the program.

Step 3. Unlock iPhone without a password

After scanning and synchronizing the data, click the View Now button to enter the dashboard. You can monitor 20+ types from the target iPhone, including deleted data.

Summing Up

Following this guide will teach you how to unlock and reset iPhone passcodes with or without a computer. You can choose the one that suits you best from the mentioned methods. And AnyUnlock has to be the most effective way to unlock iPhone without iTunes or iCloud. It supports resetting screen passcode, Face ID, or fingerprint even if your iPhone is jailbroken.

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