How to Pick a Rental Tuxedo


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If you’re suddenly feeling awkward about being invited to a fancy event and not having a tuxedo, don’t be. They are very uncommon and very few people have them today in the closet. In fact, tuxedos generally went out of a regular style for formal events somewhere in the early 1970s. They are still worn today for special events like weddings, formal dining parties, fancy nightclubs and high-end entertainment venues, but they are not common. In fact, most people wear a business suit to a formal event today instead.

However, that doesn’t mean a tuxedo is not needed occasionally. Maybe you’ve been invited to be the best man or one of the groomsmen at a wedding, or you’re staying at a fine hotel traveling and they only allow special dinner attire. You’re going to need a tuxedo for these events. That’s where a tux rental becomes very useful. And there is quite a selection to choose from with most quality tuxedo rental shops.

Lots to Choose From

Most tuxedo rental shops will have a variety of choices, so it’s best to have an idea up front what kind of event you’re going to. This will help them find selection for you, especially if you’re ordering remote versus in person. Remember, many fine events spell out the kind of wear they are expecting, so pay attention to this. If you’re not sure, call up the event coordinator or venue to find out. If they say they are having a black-tie event, you should know that means a classic black jacket and bow tie tuxedo. You might get away with a white jacket hybrid, but definitely don’t show up in a bright 1970s baby blue wedding tuxedo.

With a good idea what you are going to, make sure to have your body measurements figured out ahead of time. This will help the provider find the right options quickly as well. Otherwise, if in person, you will have to be measured, and if remote, they will have you provide the measurements anyway. If you are a unique size, give yourself time to find a tuxedo. Not every venue will have a lot of options for outliers, whether in height, width or both. It might be a good idea to ask friends who are the same size if they’ve ever rented a tuxedo and where.

Make Sure to Try The Tux Before Renting

With the sizing done, try on the suits at the venue. If remote, you’re going to need to do some guessing and pick one suit to be sent as most venue don’t care to let go of multiple assets in case they don’t get returned. You may want to consider a local or regional venue if remote as you then still have the option of be in-person for a tryout or drop-off. You want a combination of both comfort and appearance. Don’t opt for anything too tight; you will be miserable after an hour or two. Look for flex as well; you’re not going to be standing the whole time and may want to sit down without embarrassment.

Now that a suit is picked from your best tuxedo rental choice, it’s time for rental payment and security. You’re going to need a credit card for a deposit; this is for recovery in case the tuxedo is damaged or not returned timely. With all the payment details squared away, you have your rental. Now it’s time to get ready for your event and big day! Don’t forget to have a new haircut a few days from the event; that way you won’t look like your hair was just chopped hours before putting on the tuxedo.

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