From Niche to Mainstream: The Evolution of Esports and its Growing Popularity


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Over the past few decades, competitive video gaming has been growing rapidly. Esports have become a pretty impressive phenomenon, attracting millions of viewers, and it used to be just a hobby for people willing to get distracted. But nowadays, it’s an industry that generates billions of dollars in revenue.

Speaking of the emergence of interest for esports, it started to gain traction in South Korea. The story of cybersports dates back to the late 90s and early 2000s. The first game to gain the attention of committed players was StarCraft, a real-time strategy game, leading to the foundation of the today’s appearance of the esports industry.

It’s worth mentioning that only in the mid-2010s, this industry started to spread in the West due to the growth of streaming platforms like Twitch. Also, the increasing popularity of CS GO, Overwatch, and other online multiplayer games has a large influence on the blossoming of this industry. The esports industry began to take off because of the rapidly increasing number of people engaging into the competitiveness of video games.

Right now, it’s clear that esports is a massive industry, and it’s expected to be valued at $1.62 billion by 2024. It attracts millions of people worldwide, and such a tendency will continue because of the growing number of esports tournaments and leagues and the increasing popularity of gaming. It’s worth noting that esport betting seems to gain attention as well, and many people turn to parimatch apk download to enhance their experience from watching esport matches.

The accessibility of gaming is one of the main reasons for esports to rise. Thanks to mobile gaming, it’s easier for people to get involved in that field, and literally anyone can play video games nowadays. That’s the difference from traditional sports because they require a significant amount of physical ability and training. In that case, the world of esport has a much larger potential audience than traditional sports.

In addition, the increasing legitimacy of the esports industry is another factor driving its growth. Major companies like Coca-Cola, Intel, Nike, and so on have invested in cyber sports. Moreover, many well-known sport organizations like the NBA and NFL have launched their own esport leagues, helping legitimize esports and make it mainstream.

Finally, streaming platforms like Twitch also had a huge impact on the growth of the esport industry. They allow people to watch professional gamers play in real time, and casual viewers can enjoy esport tournaments and leagues. These platforms broadcast them to a global audience, and such a convenience leads to the growth of the industry as well.

What’s been just a humble niche in South Korea, now is a massive industry, generating billions of dollars and attracting millions of viewers worldwide. Esports has significantly advanced, thanks to the accessibility of gaming, the legitimacy of the industry, and the rise of streaming platforms. People are curious about the next stages of cybersport, but one thing is obvious – the world of esports has a bright future, that’s for sure.

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