Famous Questions People Ask About Antalya


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When you plan to move to a new society, country, or location, the best you can do for your family or yourself (if you are migrating alone) is to gather as much information about the place as possible. Gathering more information will help you in three significant ways:

  1. It will keep you abreast with the ups and downs of the area: This feature allows you to be fully prepared, mentally, and financially equipped with all of the information about how people live their lives there. Knowledge of this kind will enable you to be ready and know what to expect. It also helps you to be wise and blend in easily without falling prey to dubious schemes.
  2. It helps you prepare your finances: Money is a big part of any journey or migration. For example, if you know flats prices in Antalya, you will be able to decide what to come with and how to plan your finances before coming into the town. With ample information, you will also know how much it costs to live in the city and compare that with your proposed income in deciding if the migration is worth it.
  3. It helps you blend into the community faster: There is a proverb that says; he who asks for direction never misses his way. With adequate information and insight into life in your desired city, you will be able to blend in quicker and understand the social gatherings, festivals and cultural occasions, etc.


How much does it cost to live in Antalya for a year?


In the past year, prices have inflated, and the cost of living in Turkey has improved significantly; if you are using old standards to measure the cost of living, then you are setting yourself up for a big surprise. Living in Antalya could be pricy. For example, it will cost you a minimum of 25 000 – 30 000 Turkish Lira to sustain yourself as an individual, and that is often transacted into €1500 – €2000. Kindly be aware that this analysis does not include rentals as housing is a massive investment and expensive factor that everyone must earn properly to afford in Turkey. Lodging is on the higher side and may run into thousands of euros annually.


How much does a flat cost in Antalya 


The prices or costs in the Turkish real estate market are worth some attention because it is no child’s play. A flat may cost you between €50 000 euro and above to rent and to buy. Apartments in Antalya are usually neatly positioned and completed for purchasers or rentals to move in. In such a finished state, renters may have to take responsibility for furniture decoration while the landlord must shoulder repairs and upkeep of the property. Read more on the official website Turk.Estate and explore the available properties and their prices.


Must I use agents when looking for a property to buy?


  1. You do not always have to transact through agents. If you know a house owner who is willing to lend you a property for a reasonable amount of money and with an understanding, you do not need to bring in an agent or agent company. There is no law mandating the use of go-betweens; nevertheless, they are sometimes necessary because they take the burden of property search and already know the market or have vacant properties or know how to get them in an area. If you want a cost-reduced transaction, you can look away from agents, but remember that it will cost you quality time and avoidable stress.


How much can I earn in Antalya?


Earnings depend on the kind of skill you have and the job you are able to secure. People who earn the least make a minimum of 2 000 Turkish Lira, while those who earn very high make 30 000 Turkish Lira every month. Some of the highest paying careers in Ankara and in Turkey as a whole include Surgeons, Lawyers and Judges, college professors, and Pilots – this set of people earn between 11 000 Turkish Lira 30 000 monthly. The lowest income earners are those working in factory and manufacturing companies; these jobs often need low experience levels, and you can learn on the jobs – these workers earn an average of 2 000 Turkish Lira.


These are some of the questions you should keep in mind when migrating to Turkey. You should try and be certified in the highest paying jobs if you want to live more comfortably, so gather as many relevant skills as possible to have an excellent start. Alternatively, you can work in the low-income industry and save up enough money to earn the requisite skills.

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