A Mother Who Killed Her Teenage Daughter: Debra Jeter Story


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Debra Jeter stood out as truly newsworthy toward the beginning of June 2009 because of her scandalous emergency call where she tranquilly told the dispatcher, “I just murdered my youngsters.” Precisely what was the deal? It is around a decade since Debra Jeter made a disturbing 911 phone call confessing to killing her two youngsters. Shockingly, one of her girls, 13-year-old Kiersten, had not kicked the bucket however was battling for her life.

Even though her mom, Debra, was a medical caretaker, she wouldn’t care for her and walked around the house while sitting tight for crisis administrations. The following is the unfurling of that portentous June day. Debra Janelle Jeter is an American mother who rose to notoriety for her unpleasant demonstration of the purpose of killing her two kids, Kiersten and Kelsey Jeter. Tragically, this sad occasion on 5 June 2009 left her 12-year-old Kelsey dead and 13-year-old Kiersten battling for her dear life.

Early Life of Debra Jeter

She was brought into the world on 20 November 1962 at Randolph Co., Georgia and is counting the days to turning 60. When we talk about Debra’s parents are the Late Billy Jeter and Palona Jeter. Janelle was a Program Expert in Scholarly Issues for West Georgia Specialized School.

Debra and Lee Jeter Relationship

Subtleties of when Debra and Lester, also called Lee, turned into a thing are inaccessible. Nonetheless, what’s known is that their romantic tale was not one with a blissful completion, for Lee petitioned for partition in May 2009. A neighbour who lived near the Jeters uncovered that their family was frequently loud, and they needed to call the police at their home several times. Even though it stays indistinct why Lee petitioned for division, the truth is that the news didn’t agree with Debra.

Therefore, she endeavoured suicide on 31 May 2009 before her two youngsters. The upsetting occasion made Lee record a controlling request against Debra, with dread that she would hurt their youngsters. Nonetheless, the court conceded Debra solo appearance under three weeks after the controlling request finished. Sadly, this would be the occasion that would put the two weak little kids in peril’s manner.

Debra Jeter Story

On 5 June 2005, Debra got her two young ladies from their father, professing to have an unexpected treat for them. The two young ladies were glad to see and invest energy with their mum. She took them to a neglected farmhouse off Highway 35, unbeknownst to them of their mom’s dim, curved aims. While inside, Jeter took out a blade and went after Kiersten first, who fearlessly yelled for her sister to run.

However, the mother immediately sought after Kelsey, and keeping in mind that attempting to safeguard her more youthful sister from the horrible assault, Kiersten was betrayed. Tragically, the two little kids were no counterparts to their mom, and Debra sliced Kelsey’s throat barbarously. She then went to injure Kiersten and cut her throat too. However, she was alive and implored her mom to call for help, which she didn’t, despite being authorized to nurture. So now, you know Debra Jeter story.

Where is Debra Jeter now?

Debra was accused of homicide and endeavoured murder. She had an obligation of $ 1.5 million. In May 2010, Debra confessed to the two charges and acknowledged a supplication arrangement of existence without the chance for further appeal, keeping away from capital punishment. Instead, she is committing her life penalty in a Texas Division of Law enforcement jail unit in Gatesville. Debra met with her better half, got through to the kid before she was moved, and apologized for what she had done.

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Personal Life of Debra Jeter

Debra was hitched to Lester Jeter. Nonetheless, in May 2009, Lester petitioned for division from Debra. The specific explanation is obscure. Her suicide endeavour trailed behind. Lester petitioned for legal separation while she was in the psychological wellness office and mentioned complete care of their children.

Is Debra Jeter Dead or Alive?

Even though there are hypotheses she ended her life while serving her term at a Texas Branch of Law enforcement jail unit in Gatesville, there is no legitimate confirmation of her passing. Concerning her ex Lee, he found love once more and remarried.

What was Debra Jeter Cause of Death?

Debra Jeter Obituary has recently been looked through in a vast measure of volume on the web. Besides, individuals are anxious to realize What Was Debra Jeter’s Reason for Death. Debra Jeter’s passing is broadly spreading, and individuals are worried about being familiar with Debra Jeter Obituary and need a genuine update.

Is there a Movie by Debra Jeter on Netflix?

Little data is accessible about the situation from the numerous Debra Jeter’s social media accounts. Watching the Netflix 2022 unique film Case and Endure Little girl Kiersten will give you the full Debra Jeter story. Debra Jeter turned into all the rage after she violently killed one of the little girls and went after the other to kill both. She was watching her two young ladies interestingly since a controlling request against her finished when the lamentable occasions happened. There is expected to be a Debra Jeter documentary.

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