Best Office Shoes For Men


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Due to the fact that men are the ones that go to the office quite often, many manufacturers around the world have focused primarily on men when it comes to office shoes. Lucky for office going men, due to this, there are plenty of options available for them. But if you are relatively new to this concept, you might as well struggle at the beginning to find the right shoe for the right purpose. Thus, to make sure you don’t commit such a mistake and end up wasting money on shoes that you might not even need, we have written this article, making a list of all the best types of office shoes that men can wear, if they want to add a bit of classiness and fashion to their office outfits.

Oxford Shoes

By far the most famous type of formal shoe is the Oxfords. The Oxfords originated in the 1800s among students at Oxford University and since then have been recognized as a formal shoe. Oxford shoes alone come in 4 different styles and designs, each being slightly less formal than the other, making sure these shoes cover all occasions from semi-formal to formal. Additionally, the availability of such options will also help you choose the style of your liking. But if you are looking for varieties, you should also know that only a few reputed online vendors sell such options. One that might interest you is Bruno Marc Shoes. Oxfords from Bruno Marc is known for its quality. These shoes, available at an affordable price, can last you for a really long time, ensuring you never have to worry about accidentally tearing them during your work hours, which can be pretty annoying if you’ve experienced it before.

Derby Boots

The Derby Shoes are very similar to Oxfords in terms of looks. In fact, if you do not have enough knowledge about men’s footwear fashion, you most certainly will not be able to tell the difference. If you really want to know the difference, then let me tell you. These two shoes have 2 major design differences in the lace region that separates them as an Oxford and a Derby. Firstly, Oxford Shoes have no flaps, whereas the Derbys have side flaps near the laces. Secondly, the shoe laces in Oxfords are closed and stitched whereas in Derby shoes they are open and not stitched. Thus, due to these designs, the Derby shoes are considered slightly less formal as compared to the Oxford shoes. Other than that, you can always match the same clothes with Derby as you would with Oxfords.

Penny Loafers

The trend of penny loafers started back in the early 20th century when these shoes were used primarily by men so that they can store a penny in their shoe which can be used as an emergency in coin booths. Even if the coin booths disappeared long ago, the trend and love for these shoes remained and thus have made penny loafers one of the best shoes in recent times. These shoes currently are the best shoe option for semi-formal wear and are a great alternative to Derby Shoes as well. Since most men wear semi-formal clothes to work, penny loafers have become a must-have.


Sneakers for men are one of the best types of office shoes available. Though not many might like sneakers during office hours, if your employer allows you to wear them, then you can definitely, and easily pair them with casual outfits like jeans, cotton pants, and such. Additionally, since sneakers give men a young and youthful look, and also not many men wear them to the office, matching them with outfits for work can easily enhance your fashion sense, and can definitely make you stand out, in a good way.

Monk Strap Boots

By far the most unique looking shoe on this list is the Monk Strap boots. That is because these shoes, unlike all the other shoes on this list, lack the presence of laces. Thus, to compensate for this, Monk Strap Shoes have a buckle strap design on the sides that will help keep your shoe in place. Monk strap shoes are great casual shoes, which can be worn with some semi-formal outfits too. Thus, if you frequently wear casual clothing to the office but need an alternative to sneakers, I recommend you buy the Monk Strap Boots.

Chelsea Boots

If you are a fan of ankle boots, you should definitely buy Chelsea Boots. These are the most famous, and fashionable type of ankle boots available for men in the market. The majority of ankle boots available in the market are made out of quality leather. Thus, these shoes are a wonderful option to be worn during winter as well. In addition, Chelsea Boots are one of the best and few choices that can be worn with almost all clothes ranging from casual to semi-formal.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this article is your one stop solution if you looking for a guide to cover all your office-friendly shoe needs. In addition, always remember that as long as you don’t match these shoes with the right clothing, you will not get the look that you desired. Though finding the right taste in clothing for a particular shoe takes time, don’t give up. In addition, when buying shoes, always find the perfect fit, if you plan on wearing them for an extended period of time, which you probably might if you are working a 9 to 5 job. Read more from wikipedia

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