Best 15 Korean Zombie Movies & Dramas To Watch [2022]


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Top 15 Korean Zombie Movies & Dramas To Binge-watch 2021

If you’re looking to spook up your watch time with zombies and want to consider Korean zombie, keep reading as we have all of the options listed below! Are you a fan of Korean cinema or horror movies? If you answered yes to either of those inquiries, we want you to vote on the best Korean zombie movies from the list below. Some of these films are scary Korean zombie movie while others are funny in tone, but which one is the best?  Train to Busan is an obvious standout as it is trendy among audiences, but is it better than its famous, animated prequel, Seoul Station?

Vote up the top Korean zombie film that you love to watch and vote down any you feel other fans of the genre can skip. Be sure to check back as new and upcoming South Korean zombie movies are released so that you can vote on those too! According to IMDB, with the film continuing to do record-breaking business for a horror film, here are the ten best zombie films from South Korea. how to download movies on iPad

15. FLU 2013

Why: I’ll love the Korean zombie movie. I was shocked that it had a low score of Rotten tomatoes. The cast was excellent, and I fell in love with Soo Ae. Park was so adorable, and I laughed in the first act and cried at the character’s actions. I was a little disappointed that Ma dong didn’t get enough screen time but still. The ending was heartwarming. But the main plot point was the terror that blasts through your screen and just is embedded in your mind. I repeat it, Loved this zombie Korean movie.

FLU 2013

Plot: The greatest disease in human history is sweeping through Bundang, a Seoul suburb. Byung-woo dies from an unknown infection after bringing illegal immigrants into the nation. Following that, dozens more Bundang locals began to experience the same symptoms. People are powerless in the face of airborne sickness, and the number of ill people grows rapidly, wreaking havoc. The metropolis of half a million people, barely 19 kilometers from Seoul, is set to be sealed off as a precaution for the worst-case situation. The government has issued an order for a total shutdown. Meanwhile, In-hye, an infectious disease specialist, and Ji-goo, a rescue worker, enter the closed city in search of the index case’s blood serum, which is necessary for producing the vaccine.

 14. DARK HOLE (2021)

 Why:  If you loved Sweet home, you would love this one too. I loved the plot, and I am curious about what exactly is in the dark hole and what is behind the hole. This show maintains suspense throughout. I loved this show about Korean zombies!

DARK HOLE 2021 Korean zombie

Plot: If you’re a lover of sci-fi horror and appreciate what Korea has been putting out recently (and who doesn’t, given the quality of the entries we’re getting), you’ll like this! For the first episode or two, it’s a little sluggish, but it picks up speed as it begins to find its stride; a few things appear to be going on. It’s unclear why some individuals are infected while others aren’t, but it’s still early in the game, which adds a new twist to what we’re used to in this genre.

I’m glad I stuck with it since it reminds me of a Korean version of “The Mist” with zombies, or “mutants” as they’re called in the program. The plot is enjoyable in and of itself. It has the potential to be a fantastic show. However, I don’t think it’s a good idea for the authors to ignore logic. People’s choices and behavior are just ridiculous. It’s reasonable that folks froze because they were afraid (not everyone is a hero). The remainder, on the other hand, is devoid of common sense. If you really want to appreciate this, turn off your brain.

13. KINGDOM (2019)

Why:  As one of the most anticipated movies of 2019, ” Kingdom ” did not disappoint. Maybe I should start with those things that I didn’t really like about this south Korean zombie movie. First and foremost, there were several sequences in which the picture attempted to be too much of an anime live-action, resulting in over-the-top performances. Also, the finale was not as spectacular as the rest of the film suggested. However, there is still space for development because the tale leaves several questions unanswered. Regardless, the zombie movie Korean was entertaining overall. The acting was good, and the action parts were beautifully coordinated and entertaining. The CGI was also fantastic, and the tale moved at a quick speed that fit the spirit of the film.

KINGDOM 2019 Korean zombie movie

Plot: Two boys are forced into slavery in ancient China and grow up to be brothers. They practice to polish their abilities in the hopes of one day being free. The training nearly pays off, but one of them is abducted by one of the Emperor’s troops before it is finished. When the elder lad returns fatally wounded to extract a vow from his younger companion to visit a site, his fantasy of reconciling with his sibling is crushed. The Emperor has been stripped of his throne and followers as a result of a palace coup.

 12. SWEET HOME (2020)

Why:  Twist to a zombie-like genre; I got to say I like it, so I’m going to give it a positive review. I like that Korean culture twist that I could relate to more and the familiar faces from actors I knew before. I’m not sure if this is true because I didn’t read the webtoon back, but it was a great idea to bring the firefighter girl into the story; she gave a role that felt like that she should be there, and I liked how supposedly she wasn’t in the source but was added and made such a good impact.

SWEET HOME 2020 Korean zombie netflix

Plot: It generates unsettling scenarios reminiscent of Evil Dead with some very horrific aesthetics and rather a poor CGI. However, the tale is horribly marred by a slew of incomprehensible situations, acts, and reactions designed solely to heighten tension. It’s also as if every actor went to the same acting school and developed a gratingly lengthy dead stare as their reaction to everything. I’m not sure what I’m going to have for supper. Seeing your neighbor being consumed by a dreadful monster (stare longingly into neighbors intestines). From beginning to conclusion, it’s all about saving your pals from a terrible death by just closing a door.


Why:  This drama is like any other Korean zombie drama; the only exception is that this zombie is much more evolved than the zombies that you usually see. As he can run faster, has emotions, thinks like a human, can control his appetite (to some extent), talks, etc. I like the story, and the direction of the drama, like you, will observe some keen details in there. The principal leads and side characters have done a great job, and they keep us entertained. Even as an audience, you’ll join the pieces of the cases that our zombie detective is solving with the help of our female lead. I like the female information on this drama; unlike others, she’s not a damsel in distress and knows how to work her way out of problems.


Plot: For the past two years, Kim Moo-Young has been a zombie. He has imitated the mannerisms of people in a village in order to survive. After that, he departs for the city. Kim Moo-Young sets up shop as a private investigator there. He has no recollection of what happened before he turned into a zombie. He is attempting to reclaim his memory and live among people. Kong Sun-Ji, on the other hand, used to be a current affairs complaint program writer. An unidentified individual attacked a witness in a case she was working on. As a result of this, she was obliged to quit. She develops a romantic interest in Kim Moo-Young and begins working part-time for his private detective firm.


 Why: This story of this Korean zombie movie starts with a girl abducted by a man in his 30s, maybe who doesn’t speak. It was a filthy place with girls’ clothes and shoes, which elaborates the fact that the man is a skilled kidnapper or a serial killer maybe. The killer/kidnapper asks the girl to tell him a scary story to make him fall asleep if the story is not complicated, he has to taste blood. This Netflix Korean zombie film consists of 4 stories directed by different directors. I’ll not say there are many ghosts or something; it was slightly disturbing, and yeah, HORROR doesn’t only mean spirits. I was not too fond of the last two stories, but overall it’s good.

HORROR STORIES 2012 netflix Korean zombie

Plot: Ji-won, a high school student with a speech handicap, is kidnapped by a serial killer. The killer can only sleep if he listens to frightening stories. Ji-won began telling him the four most terrifying stories she knows in the hopes of escaping.

  • The Sun and the Moon Plot: Based on a Korean folktale about a tiger who eats the mother of a little boy and his sister and impersonates her. A sister and brother are awaiting the return of their mother. Their mother, on the other hand, is late, and the girl begins to lose herself in her thoughts. The siblings try not to open the door when a strange delivery man knocks. Terror Jet Plot: While the plane is flying at 30,000 meters, a flight attendant is alone with a serial killer.
  • Ambulance Plot: A doctor, a nurse, an unconscious child, and a mother are among the five survivors inside an ambulance fleeing a swarm of berserker zombies at full speed. The young child has an unknown scar on her wrist, and the military doctor believes she was infected by a zombie pandemic. As the nurse must choose between obeying his orders and assisting the child’s anguished mother, the tension and anxiety levels rise.

9. Doomsday Book (2012)

 Why:  In a feature-length format, three short films are presented. Each story is more captivating than the one that came before it. In the beginning, there’s a zombie film; in the middle, there’s a religious robot story; and in the end, there’s a young girl who buys the end of the world online. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. They were all wonderfully shot and intriguing. My favorite story was the second one about the Buddhist Robot. Anyone who enjoys horror and science fiction should read Doomsday Book.

Doomsday Book 2012

Plot: This Korean zombie movie consists of Sci-Fi film in three segments:

  1. “A Brave New World”: the research scientist Yoon Seok-woo stays alone at home while his parents travel for a holiday with his sister. He cleans their residence and disposes of all waste, even a rotting apple, in a garbage disposal recycling system. This apple becomes animal food, and the contaminated cow flesh infects Seoul’s inhabitants, turning them into zombies.
  2. “The Heavenly Creature”: the technician Park Do-wan is summoned to a monastery to fix the Buddhist robot In-Myung, who claims to have attained enlightenment. Because Park is unable to repair the robot, the company’s president chooses to decommission it.
  3.  “Happy Birthday”: A girl breaks an eight ball, so she uses her father’s computer to purchase a replacement. She then throws the ball through the window, hoping that her father will miss it. After an asteroid collides with Earth a few years later, her family seeks refuge in an underground bunker.

 8. TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016)

Why: Get lost in this great zombie thriller adventure and forget about the mundane. If you enjoy thrillers and zombie movies, this one will take you on a wild ride with this Korean zombie Netflix movie. The hero arc, character development, incredible action, relentless tension, drama, tear-jerk humor, fantastic effects, fantastic cinematography, and, most importantly, fantastic pace are all present in this picture. Congratulations to Korean cinema. A fantastic film from the Korean zombie movie list.


Plot: Seok-woo, a divorced father and busy hedge-fund manager, reluctantly boards the ultra-fast KTX bullet train from Seoul to Busan with his estranged little daughter, Su-an, to pay her mother a visit. However, in the face of an unprecedented threat in the form of a rampant zombie epidemic, a monstrous undead stowaway will soon ensnare both passengers and train crew in a furious struggle for survival, as one compartment after another succumbs to the sheer number of newly infected flesh-eaters. Suddenly, hope appears to lay in the train’s final destination, amid this persistent tiny hell on earth; nevertheless, can the few remaining survivors battle to the ultimate end?


Why: The Korean zombie movie perfectly shows relationships between adults and kids and between kids. The performances are all great; the young actors are incredibly awesome. The ending is just perfectly summed the whole movie up, and it left me feeling numb. I highly recommend it, and please do yourself a favor and watch it! 

ZOMBIE SCHOOL 2014 Korean zombie movies

Plot: Although Chil Sung School appears to be in a serene state, no one can foresee the tragic events that are about to unfold. Instructors are bitten by the zombie pigs and turn into zombies themselves, while kids band together to combat the teachers, who were buried alive during the foot-and-mouth illness fear.

6. ALIVE (2020)

Why: I found this Korean zombie Netflix very realistic and relatable, especially with the pandemic we are living in now. The loss of family, depression, suicidal thoughts, complete isolation driving one crazy, shortage of food and value of each drop of water, the need for a human connection, and the need to survive. Despite it all, the action and horror were impressively portrayed in the movie. It was just two people trying to survive. It is a wonderful Korean zombie movie on Netflix!

ALIVE 2020 Korean zombie film

Plot: Jun-u chooses survival as a mystery sickness turns his fellow people into flesh-eating monsters. He promises himself that he will survive from the beginning, and he organizes his food, insulates himself indoors, and even consumes some of his father’s expensive liquor. But his towering self-assurance also means he can fall as severely as anybody else. Yoo documents his emotional journey as circumstances worsen as food runs out and loneliness sets in, resulting in some intense emotional labor from Yoo. Just when he’s about to give up for good, he learns about another renter, Yu-bin, who lives across the street.

 5. RAMPANT (2018)

Why:  This is quite possibly the perfect Korean zombie movie. It’s everything the Kingdom series did right, packed into two hours of great action, compelling characters, and super scary zombies. The protagonist is a handsome, hardcore badass with a satisfying development arc. The antagonist is a scheming, devious maniac who won’t stay dead. And the zombies. Oh my gods, the zombies. Grab some popcorn and a fellow zombie nut, and watch this Korean zombie film, right now.


Plot: King Lee Jo is seen as unduly subservient to China’s Qing dynasty in the Joseon period. Crown Prince Lee Young plots to purchase European arquebuses in order to force the Qing out of China. War Minister Kim Ja-Joon, who has power over the king, uncovers the plot and presents it as a rebellion. When Kim meets the Europeans, she discovers that they have brought zombies with them (called “night demons“). In penance, the crown prince commits death in order to save his servants. Joseon forces smash the European ship and recover the arquebuses, but one of their soldiers is bitten by a zombie. He returns to his community and transmits the sickness there. The zombies are attracted to noise, repellent to sunshine, and can only be halted by decapitation or a piercing of the heart.

For their safety, the crown prince requested that his wife and unborn child be reared by his younger brother Lee Chung in China. Lee Chung had previously been overlooked for Joseon’s succession and grew up in the affluent Qing dynasty. Lee Chung returns to Jemulpo with his companion Hak-Su but is assassinated by Joseon assassins dispatched by Minister Kim and other ministers preparing a coup. The villagers are attacked by zombified locals as a result of the battle’s noise.

4. THE ODD FAMILY: Zombie On Sale (2019)

Why: The Korean zombie movie was perfect for me; to be honest, there aren’t many zombie films out there; this movie pulled off the zombie, comedy, romance, and science fiction genres. The cast was excellent, and they fit just right for their roles; the plot was perfect, too; it’s like two movies in one. Overall I loved it, and with the comments on other SNS, many people loved it too.

THE ODD FAMILY Zombie On Sale 2019

Plot: The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale is a 2019 comedy film. I laughed the whole time because a zombie who only eats cabbage doesn’t hurt a human. This is a variety of zombie films; they create scenes from TRAIN TO BUSAN as a reference. A company’s illegal experiments inadvertently make a zombie; the strange Park family finds it and tries to profit from it.

3. Seoul Station (2016)

Why: Just a pre-sequel of Train to Busan where it all began. Except it was anime-style here. There were some inconsistent and found at the comparison very different from this spin-off, for example. The zombies are way strong and very aggressive overpowering every human quickly, whereas, in the film, it takes a swarm to kill the main to major characters making this kind of retcon. Another thing I want to point out is when you get infected; it takes hours for the person to reanimate while in the film it takes a second for them to turn like how world war z did but here no, it’s just confusing or should we say hilarious to watch now.

Seoul Station 2016 south Korean zombie movie

Plot: A rough-looking homeless person with a bleeding neck wound seeks refuge in bustling Seoul Station amid busy and inattentive passers-by. The weary vagrant, who appears to have been bitten by something, eventually succumbs to his terrible trauma and dies, only to reanimate as a hungry reanimated corpse to assault and spread his virulent illness, ignored by everyone. In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, three lucky survivors—the teen runaway Hye-Sun; her slacker boyfriend Ki-woong; and her frantic father Suk-Gyu—fight tooth and nail to reconcile. But it’s only the first night of the unexpected outbreak, and all hope appears to be lost. Is the zombie apocalypse the only monster?

2. The Wailing (2016)

Why: Another instant mystery thriller horror classic from Korean zombie movies. The story is started in a rural country when some weird unexplainable murders happened. A scary story about black magic surrounds the small village, and a foreign Japanese monk lives inside the forest that rumors giving curse on his town. The pacing is a perfect story told in order and easy to understand; the world buildings and mystery surrounding it presented well. The mystery unfolds one by one, and the surprising effect and twist got me good. Now I recommend everyone that reading this review to watch it.

The Wailing 2016

Plot: Goksung, a small rural hamlet buried deep in a damp mountainous region, is shrouded in legends of demonic activity as a rare spate of horrible murders, along with a flaming outbreak of an inexplicable virulent sickness, bring devastation to the once-peaceful village. No one is spared from this silent but a terrifying curse, not even police sergeant Jong-only goo’s daughter, Hyo-jin, whose frail little body is already showing indications of the illness. The community’s suspicions are increasingly focused on a newly arrived reclusive stranger who lives up in the mountains; nevertheless, is he truly the source of all evil? Are there evil forces at work, at the end of the day?


Why:  It is a fictional film about zombies that had been founded in the Peninsula of South Korea. Many people try to get out of Korea, but the world has isolated the country for four years. The characters’ personalities are hard-working and cheerful. The people never lose their hope and eventually find ways to get out. The movie storyline is also fantastic! The Korean zombie film was more touching and understandable because it reminds me of COVID 19, where no one expected and no one is certain about everything. Even though the zombies are just in fantasy, the acting was highly realistic. Their faces, blood covering their mouth, their sound was so well described. Overall, it definitely worth your time watching this movie, Peninsula.

THE PENINSULA 2020 Korean zombie movie netflix

Plot: It’s been four years since the horrific events of Busanhaeng (2016), and a virulent zombie outbreak has swept South Korea from end to end. Jung-Seok, a guilt-ridden former Marine Captain, embarks on a suicide expedition to discover a truck carrying suitcases stuffed with $20 million in cash, together with a trio of similarly reckless fortune hunters, on the carcass of the leveled city of Incheon. Thousands of ravenous living dead are on the lookout for human flesh amid the endless metropolitan wasteland of debris and death. As if that weren’t bad enough, the gloomy mega-city is also home to the violent mercenaries of wicked Sergeant Hwang’s Unit 631. Is it possible for the condemned quartet of invaders to escape the Korean peninsula’s quarantine and live to tell the tale?


Korean Cinema have become a household name as their Dramas and Movies are now seen everywhere in the world. This article by Zain Mumtaz Summaries the best Korean Zombie Movies. Although top Korean Zombie movies interest seemed to have been going up everywhere, even now, Other countries is also going high.

I hope you are amazed and got the top Korean Zombie movies in 2021 you are looking for, also check my blog on Best Sad Korean Movies That Make You Cry Every Time.


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