Aditya Singh Rajput Bio, Achievements, Death, and Net Worth


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An Indian model, film actor, and television star c is a well-known name. Yet, people know him for his movies like You Me and Hum, Shivani, and Karantiveer (the Revolution). 

Furthermore, in 2016, Aditya participated in MTV’s famous TV show, Splitsvilla Season 9. His participation made him famous. Besides, he died due to a drug overdose on May 2023, in the bathroom. Yet, the police confirmed that actor Aditya’s flat was the location where they found him dead.

To know more about Aditya’s lifestyle, background, and career you should read this article.

Biography of Aditya Singh Rajput:

On 19th August 1990, Delhi-based actor Aditya Singh Rajput was born in India. Besides, the actor was born to a middle-class family. Moreover, Aditya’s mother’s name was Usha Singh and Aditya’s Father’s name was Narendra Singh. Besides, Ekta Chaudhary was his only sibling. 

Aditya Singh Rajput Biography
Aditya Singh Rajput Biography

Furthermore, he got his education through Green Fields Education. Additionally, at the age of 17, he started his modeling career. Yet, Aditya participated in many fashion events and walked on ramps. Furthermore, the company hired him for the TV commercials. He also participated in the Hero screen test.

Besides, he got selected for the ad with famous hero Hrithik Roshan. He also got selected by famous cricketer Saurav Ganguly. In 2005 he got his first debut movie which was “Maine Gandhi Ko Nai Mara”. Additionally, after that, many other TV shows featured him.

Full name  Aditya Singh Rajput
Age  32
Date of birth 19 August 1990
Birthplace  Delhi, India
Parents  Usha Singh and Narendra Singh
Date of Death  22 May 2023
Death cause Drug Overuse

Early life and his education:

Aditya was very consistent in his school days. Additionally, he was a very good student and did his coursework with hard work. Furthermore, he was very good at sports and other extracurricular activities. Moreover, Aditya was very active in his theater plays when he was in college. Besides, TV actor Aditya Singh Rajput has done very well in his education too.

Besides, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Lucknow University. In addition, he also joined an acting studio and holds a diploma in it. Yet, the name of the studio is John Acting Studio.

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Facts about Aditya Singh Rajput Life:

  • He was born in the city of Delhi, India, and performed in various plays during his college


  • Aditya ancestors belonged to Uttarakhand.
  • Actor Aditya has appeared in many advertisements; he has done

more than 300 ads.

  • He appeared in ads with famous heroes like Hrithik Roshan for Hero Honda, Aamir Khan in the Coke ad, and Shahrukh Khan in the Dish TV ad.

Aditya Singh Rajput’s Love Life:

The industry has never highlighted Aditya’s love life. Moreover, he was not married and never committed to a relationship with anyone.

Aditya’s Appearance:

Aditya has a very enchanting personality and has a very attractive body. Furthermore, he is tall and has very good strength and muscularity. Besides, Aditya’s hair was shiny and his eye color was dark brown. Moreover, whenever he wore stylish clothes it made him look 10 times more handsome.

Height  5 feet 9 inches 
Weight  72 kilograms
Eye colour Brown 
Hair Colour Dark brown 

Aditya’s Achievement:

In his young career as an actor, Aditya achieved a lot. Moreover, he was in the Splitsvilla X 2017 and he won this reality show. Besides, Aditya achieved many awards. Yet, he was also nominated for other awards, including the Gold Awards and Indian Awards. In 2020, Zee Rishtey Awards,  he won the Best Actor award.

Aditya Singh Rajput Achievements
Aditya Singh Rajput Biography

Besides, in the Indian television industry, he was a rising star. Yet, he has a long way to go in the upcoming years to rise more in the industry. Unfortunately, the star’s sudden demise has left his fans in pain and trauma.

Actor Aditya Singh Rajput Death:

They found Aditya dead in his 11th-floor flat in the Mumbai Andheri building. Furthermore, they discovered his body in his bathroom in May 2023. Furthermore, Aditya’s close friend found out first that he was dead in the washroom.

Besides, Aditya’s friend and the building’s watchman rushed him to a nearby hospital. The doctors there declared him dead. Besides, the doctor already confirmed that he had passed away long ago due to a drug overdose. Furthermore, a police report also stated that actor Aditya was found dead in his flat from a drug overdose.

Legacy and Net Worth:

There is no confirmed information about Aditya net worth. Yet, through different sources, we got to know about his estimated wage. Moreover, Aditya’s approximate net worth was INR 2,500 crore.

Aditya Singh Rajput Net Worth
Aditya Singh Rajput Net Worth
Occupation Actor and Model
Net Worth INR 2,500 Crore

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What was the estimated height of Aditya Singh Rajput?

A: According to different articles, Aditya’s approximate height was 5 feet 9 inches.

Q: Was Aditya Singh Rajput married?

No, Aditya, the former actor, did not get married. 

Q: What was the religion of Aditya Singh Rajput?

A: His family was Hindu. Besides, Aditya also follows his family’s religion.

Q: What was the birthplace of former actor Aditya Singh Rajput?

A: The super-talented former actor was born and raised in Delhi, India.

Q: How did the Splitsvilla X 2017 winner die?

A: The former actor and Splitsvilla X 2017 winner died due to drug overuse

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