7 Instagram Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know About


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There are plenty of amazing Instagram features & hacks that most people do not use or even aren’t aware of. You can probably get along with just the basics. But, if you aim to make the most out of your presence on Instagram, then you need to know these hacks & features. It can make you really stand out and succeed on the platform.

A better grasp of these hacks & features can make a huge difference. We’ve got it all covered for you so that you don’t miss out on opportunities and stay behind in the cut-throat competition on the platform. Social media platforms are dynamic and always changing, especially if it’s Instagram. So, not knowing these advanced tips & tricks is normal even for experienced users. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or get discouraged about because it’s never too late to learn, implement, improve, and grow.

If you’re already thinking of succeeding on the platform just by buying Instagram followers From list of sites mentioned at denverpost.com, then you are headed in the right direction! Believe it or not, whatever you’re aiming to achieve is not going to happen solely by purchasing followers and other engagements. You need to be posting quality content and implementing some organic tips & tricks.

Here are the 7 Instagram Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know About:

       Archive Posts

Have you ever thought of removing some posts from your feed that are from ages ago? Do you also sometimes wonder how your feed would look if you removed some particular posts? Well, you can do it by simply deleting them. But, it may happen that after deleting a post you might regret it later. So, from now on, opt for archiving your posts instead of deleting them.

Not one, but achieving posts rather than deleting them has several benefits. Not only does the selected post get removed from the feed but also you can restore it whenever you like and still have all the likes and comments on it.

       Experiment With Special Fonts

Instagram has very limited options when it comes to fonts. But, the good news is that just like popular influencers and creators, you can use out-of-the-box fonts in your texts. You must have seen some interesting font on someone else’s story, captions, profile bio, and wondered how it got there. Well, they must have been using an Instagram hack like this. And now, even you can do the same.

Find a special font app for Instagram. There are many free apps available on the internet for this purpose. You need to enter your text in the box of your fonts app, choose a particular font that works best for you, copy, and paste this text into Instagram wherever you want to use it. Voila! your special font will appear.

       Share Previews of Your Posts

Want to get more engagements on your posts? Starting your posts on your story in the form of previews is a great way to do so. Story previews act as a sneak peek or teaser of your content and is a very clever way of building up curiosity. Hence, by doing this, you automatically attract more audiences and get more engagements on your posts.

       Instagram Collections

This new Instagram feature is much similar to that of Pinterest where you get your favorite posts to personal collections. You can save your favorite posts all in one collection or even create a bunch of albums, each dedicated to different topics. Every time you want to save a post, you just need to tap the ‘Bookmark’ icon under the post and save it directly to collections. Yes, it’s that simple!

       Managing Multiple Accounts

It is quite normal to have multiple Instagram accounts, for example, one for personal, one for your loved one, and a few others for businesses. Instagram allows users to maintain multiple accounts simultaneously. You need not log out and log in every time you want to switch your Instagram accounts. control Simultaneously on multiple accounts can help you to use Instagram really fast, save time, minimize efforts, and make everything smooth.

       Delete Unnecessary Comments & Tags

Posts on popular Instagram profiles often have hate comments and you may also have it. It is good to always use hashtags, but there are also some unnecessary tags that act as a turnoff for your audience. Deleting these comments and tags can make your profile look much better, professional, and help you gain more Instagram auto likes.

       Editing Photos & Videos Before Posting

Editing the pictures or posts before actually posting them is very crucial yet everyone misses it.  It is a great way for grabbing the attention of your post viewers. With these edits, your posts can perform well and also get an extra push. You can either choose from the available filters or can do custom edits to your photos & videos, such as highlights, contrast, brightness, blur, etc.



Do let us know which were your favorite ones that you can’t wait to try from all the 7 Instagram hacks & features in this list.

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