5 Secret Chrome Browser Features


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Google Chrome, renowned for its speed and efficiency, is one of the most popular browsers globally. Its wide array of features contributes to a seamless browsing experience for millions of users. While many of its functionalities are readily accessible, some of the most intriguing features lie hidden within Chrome’s experimental features menu. 

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Let’s look at the hidden gems of Chrome, offering a step-by-step approach to enhance your browsing experience.

1. Biometric Protection for Incognito Tabs

Incognito Mode in Chrome is a widely used feature for private browsing, ensuring your activities don’t leave a trace in your browser history. However, closing these tabs to maintain privacy can be inconvenient. Chrome addresses this by introducing fingerprint authentication to lock your incognito sessions. To activate this, type “chrome://flags/#incognito-reauthentication-for-android” in Chrome’s address bar. Enable the ‘Device reauthentication for Incognito’ option, restart Chrome, and activate ‘Lock incognito tabs when you leave Chrome’ under Privacy and Security settings. This feature provides an extra layer of security, ensuring that only you can access your private tabs.

2. Screenshot Capability in Incognito Mode

Traditionally, Chrome restricts the ability to take screenshots in Incognito Mode to protect your privacy. However, Chrome’s experimental feature now permits this functionality. By entering “chrome://flags/#incognito-screenshot” in the address bar and enabling the respective option, you can capture screenshots in Incognito Mode. This change offers flexibility for users needing to save information from private browsing sessions.

3. Enhanced Download Speeds with Parallel Downloads

Chrome’s Parallel Downloads feature accelerates the downloading process, which is especially useful for larger files. It breaks down files into smaller segments, downloading them simultaneously and combining them afterward. To enable this, enter “chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading” in your address bar, switch the toggle to enabled, and relaunch Chrome. This feature can significantly reduce download times, a boon for users with large files or slow internet connections.

4. Live Captions for Online Videos

The Live Captions feature in Chrome is a game-changer for accessibility, offering real-time captions for videos. This is particularly helpful for users on older Android versions or those using iOS/iPadOS. Inputting “chrome://flags/#enable-accessibility-live-caption” in the address bar activates live captions for any video content played in Chrome. This feature underscores Chrome’s commitment to making the web more accessible to everyone.

5. Smoother Web Page Scrolling

A common annoyance during web browsing is jerky or uneven scrolling. Chrome’s solution is an experimental feature that enables smoother scrolling. Activate this by pasting “chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling” into your address bar and turning on the toggle. The result is a more fluid and pleasant scrolling experience, eliminating the distraction and discomfort of jerky movements on the screen.

Exploring Other Experimental Features

Beyond these highlighted features, Chrome houses many other experimental functionalities under the “chrome://flags/” section. These features range from aesthetic tweaks to performance enhancements, catering to a diverse set of user needs. However, it’s important to remember that these are experimental features. They may sometimes lead to instability in your browser, so use them cautiously.


Chrome’s hidden features offer various options to customize and enhance your web browsing experience. From securing private browsing sessions to smoothing out scrolling, these tools cater to privacy concerns and user convenience. As you explore these features, remember to tread carefully, as their experimental nature could occasionally disrupt your browsing experience. By unlocking these capabilities, you can tailor Chrome to fit your specific needs, making your time online more efficient and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Open Chrome Flags?

Type “chrome://flags” in Chrome’s address bar.

How to Disable Chrome Flags?

Visit “chrome://flags,” find the enabled flag, and set it back to ‘Default’ or ‘Disabled.’ You can also use ‘Reset All’ to revert all flags to their default settings.

Changes in Chrome Flags

Google regularly updates Chrome Flags, removing some, like the ‘SameSite by default cookies’ and ‘autoplay policy,’ while adding new ones. For the latest information, visit the Chrome Developers website.

By integrating these features into your daily use, you can transform your Chrome browsing experience, making it more secure, efficient, and tailored to your preferences.

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