10 Tips on Choosing the Best Men’s Jockstraps


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Jockstraps are designed for men participating in sports, athletics, and other vigorous activities. It provides support and protection to the penis, testicles, and scrotum from harm. This type of underwear can also have a pouch for inserting protective cups to protect the penis from direct blows. There are different kinds of jockstraps in the market, but how do you know which is the right one for you?

How To Choose The Right Jockstrap For You

When choosing jockstraps, comfort should be at the top of your mind. However, there are other factors to consider. Here is a guide to selecting the right jockstrap for comfort and protection.

1. Choose Cozy, Not Tight

Tight-fitting jockstraps would hurt your masculinity and cause the muscle head to tingle in the private parts, making it unsafe. A cozy-fitting jockstrap can be either agreeable or tight, but not both. The fit is different in jockstraps compared to boxers or briefs.


The former only covers the genitals and surroundings, while the latter covers both the front and back. A snug fit allows you to keep the jockstraps in place or give you some freedom.

2. Choose A Material That Matches Your Activity

Jockstraps can be worn for daily activities, but choose one made from a comfortable cotton or cotton blend. Rayon, spandex, and other fabrics that wick moisture away from the body and keep it from the skin offer better ventilation if you engage in physical activities.

3. Your Jean Size Is Not Your Waist Size

When choosing the right jockstrap, a key factor is a size and ensuring it fits well. Keep in mind that the size of your jeans is not the same as your jockstrap. To determine your actual size, use a tape measure and wrap it around your waist.


Take note of the measurements that you derive from it. You can also use a string to get measurements. If you make both ends meet, cut the series and use a ruler for the measurements.

4. Know Your Size Range

Remember that the sizes indicated on the jockstrap pertain to the waistband size. The cup is either sold separately or listed separately on the package. In buying cups, make sure that it holds your genitals comfortably, completely, and snugly. The leg straps should not be tight to prevent twisting. The size range may vary depending on the brand, so check it.

5. Consider Breathability

The crotch is one of the body parts prone to profuse sweating, especially when engaging in strenuous physical activities. Look for a material that you are comfortable wearing. In buying premium mens jockstraps, look for one that uses breathable fabric like nylon, cotton, or mesh.

6. Cup Or Protector

Certain activities may require additional cups or protectors. The former may cause a chafe or build-up of heat than usual and can be uncomfortably bulky. The latter is best for track and field, rollerblading, basketball, and other activities. Wear cups for projectile and ball activities.

7. Add Layers To Your Undergarments

Additional layers of undergarments mean more protection. Athletes often wear more than one pair of undergarments for this purpose. For example, wearing compression shorts or trunks underneath jockstraps. The more undergarments, the more support in the genital area you will get.

8. Pay Attention to Where You Will Use It

When buying jockstraps, consider where you will use them and your purpose. This type of underwear is either used for fashion or sports activities. Certain sports require specialized designs of jockstraps.  For example, swim jocks for swimming or windproof jocks for winter sports. The former have narrower waistbands to keep it in place.

9. Pick By Style

Jockstraps come in different styles, like boxers and briefs. Shop around for color, texture, fabric, and style to give you inspiration on what to buy. Also, determine first what you want the jockstrap for. For example, the type of a sports jockstrap will be different from that of a fashion jockstrap. This is an important consideration when shopping for a jockstrap.

10. Consider Climate Conditions

Considering the climate in your area is also important when buying jockstraps. You could get rashes, diseases, and discomfort when the jockstrap is inappropriate for the environment. Choose cotton jocks for the summer, lycra, or fleece for the winter. Nylon, polyamide, or polyester are also climate-appropriate, so you can choose them.

Look for Jockstraps That Are Best for You

Finding the right jockstraps is all about comfort and support. Look for the one that suits your needs. Don’t just settle for the first and cheapest you find online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Take your time and research when shopping for a jockstrap for your activities.

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